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I made my first sale!!

July 27, 2011

They bought skrait away. I’m pretty sure it was my Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret reference that clinched the sale. I’m more excited than necessary. 😛

Public Service Announcement

July 27, 2011

 – Sir Mitchell

AND my kitteh wants to be just like mama, wear flouncy things

and go to work

I made fig preserves – mom is a jam-making machine. She’s got strawberry, peach, peach pie, grape, habanero, four-pepper, her own fig…raspberry habanero…I did fig.

Still going through books…just in case I get to move far away soon.

“It’s like killing off my children,” I told Jet. Most of the philosophy books in the bathroom (Emma Goldman essays, Johnny Rotten bio, Either/Or, Bertrand Russell, etc.) are in the sell box, so here’s the new bathroom reading:

Had women’s history, feminist theory, poetry all together, now it’s split up. 


But I got the bookshelf nearly clear…

Even the one shelf that’s just journals going back to the third grade

I consolidated the Burning Man museum/altar on top, opened the savings bank

A dollar here, a dollar there, loose change in the pocket = $196 for travel money (cab, food, drinks at the bar while I wait two days for a flight that actually leaves…). It’s a good system, you really can save a lot just setting aside the loose bits.

Got some bites on my CL ads, and listed more on Ebay – not getting rich yet, but…hopefully it’ll be something. Even without BM I still have massive student loanage and an old, old house with two working outlets and original wiring from 1942…still no idea what to wear.  Or now, how to get to and from the airport and who I can trust to take care of my cats!!  I have LESS THAN A MONTH. I still need to buy a suitcase, for pete’s sake…let’s go back to kitteh.

My friends are taking me to Harry Potter tonight, and I’m pretty darn excited and looking forward to two solid hours of pure fantastical escapism.

Happy Birthday to me

July 26, 2011

Every couple every argument has ever. If only they were really this short-lived. Thanks to Lazerfox, I got myself a little something today:

Kitteh. Kittehs are nature’s Prozac.

Kittens and poetry for a broken, shattered heart.

People are bidding on one of my auctions, it’s exciting!

CFM? The F is for FASHION!

July 21, 2011

Well, I finally did it. I finally put something on Ebay!

I have LOADS more to list…cross your fingers for me!!

Last year was a whirlwind of sewing for me me me me me. So far this year, I ain’t made shit for myself. And I’m OK with that! After last year’s 82 pound suitcase debacle, wearing normal clothes is ever more appealing. Howevah, two lovely Eplayans and blog readers took faith in me and asked me to make them some outfits. Just whatever I wanted…and I did! First on the runway,


His camp mascots include Superman and a pink flamingos. What we see here is a black slip with pink flamingo appliques on the front and “retro” in t-shirt ransom note letters on the rear. He likes slips, sarongs, and little Polynesian-style loin clothes.

A little loincloth with hand-braided hair belt and matching beauty queen sash. Lazerfox requested some cute little skirts to hoop in, so we have a flouncy one

and one I really like, sort of woodland fairy-y – with a pocket!

I can’t wait to hopefully see that one shimmer in the hot hot sun. Funds will go to acquiring Vitalyte, perhaps that aforementioned towel, two Platypus water bottles, my favorite travel toothbrush

Y’all know I collect free samples

 year round; why buy “travel-sized” stuff when you can get free samples? One catch can be the de-mooping.

Oops, I forgot to crop and adjust the levels before posting. C’est la vie! Last night I actually half-heartedly started something for me to wear. A bustier from the $1Goodwill with the black ruffles removed and the tie up I cut off some other something…

I chose it for the Regency-style cups. I’ve got some shiny fabric to cover it with

and I’ll call it done. So much of what I spend so much time on just isn’t comfortable out in BRC. I might lengthen the back (in addition to widening it) and add a train/bustle…

I did etch some of the shot glasses for Raiders Night! I can’t even stand how much that’s going to be – what to wear?? I’m thinking maybe my Waffle House shirt

Now, back to add more stuff to Ebay!

The most awesomest magnets EVER.

June 27, 2011

Incredibly great gifts because they show you know what the person likes and they’re cheap. So buy them and every last darn penny goes to buying me a plane ticket to Reno and surprises for the Booby Bar. Only $3 each except group sets, and that includes shipping.  Also, they WORK. I’ve seen shitty DIY magnets that barely held themselves up. My will hold shit to your fridge/locker/desk, etc.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland set

Bret and Jemaine! “If that’s what you’re into…”

These I am most proud of. Can you name them all? Diamanda, Peaches, Cramps…


Christian Death – I mean really, when was the last time you could give your New Wave goth friends good treats? Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s in there, too.


Lady Gaga (yes, that’s her with the long brown hair, back when she was just Stefanie)

the Sexy Time set (you DO know Sue, don’t you?)

Also for sale:

Star Wars Micro Machine action head…scene…things…

They seem to be going for about 15-30 bucks each on Ebay, so I was thinking ten. I also have action figures

and bobblehead moving things (you wind them up)

I love Ewoks.

Some of those figures are going for hundreds of dollars on Ebay…but I’m pretty much open to offers. Speaking of goths, Wax Trax videos are essential viewing.

I found it for $25-$60. How about $12 (includes shipping)?

and lastly, some vintage patterns from my Grandmother’s collection:

Help send cheer up a sad rainbow and get her to BRC!

Sew it begins!

April 19, 2011

GET IT? I’m SEWING???? What, you hadn’t thawed about it…yesterday I got my Dusty Swan mug (get yours) AND something I forgot I bought! The mug is great, of course.

I’d forgotten how light they are – stainless steel, the clip weighs more than the mug! Clip on, clip off – the only thing I don’t like is how cold it keeps my drinks. Makes it cold to hold! Just like my heart. Nah, there’s nothing I don’t like about it.

Finally having a night alone (it’s so hard to be productive when you have someone madly in love with you who wants to spend every breathing moment with you, feeding you sandwiches and making you delirious with pleasure) meant time to get sewing. Been ideaizing and gathering materials, time to get crackin’!

Gin, check! Whatever else is going on…sure, check. Oh, hi ChaCha

If you could just…over there…I’m trying to…can’t you see….oh, ok

I’ll just start something else…

My job is very boring and I have spells where I exhaust the internet, including Ebay. “Shemale” is a very disappointing search term, FYI. I scored

Rubber cone armor bra…thing…to add to my collection. It needs more….well, coverage, obviously.

Straps. Etc.

I’m going to be listed a brand new corset when I get my Ebay store going…it’s gorgeous.

Black and black rose brocade striped,

steel-boned, of course. Sadly, my stupid short torso means “underbust” = half bust.

Grr. It’s also a little large for me – I’m a 14-18ish (fuck women’s clothes, for reals) and it laces closed on me. Just too small=chested to really make it work.

“Black Synthetic Silk with Floral Brocade and Solid Black Satin Trim made up of 26 flexible spiral steel stays, steel busk, 4 steel bars supporting the back grommets, and 2 steel bars adjacent to the front busk. The corset is made from three layers of fabric. The two inner layers are heavy cotton twill which is laminated to the outer for extra strength and durability.”

And it has garter loops. Retails $100, so make me an offer if you’re interested.
ETA: Just found a better photo of the armor I already have.

I’m really annoyed at the world so this won’t be that great of a post.

January 25, 2011

Camp Reality has been worse than usual. So bad. I don’t even feel like talking. So here’s some pictures, you can make up your own stories.

(I got a ticket)

Help me not be so bored!

January 24, 2011

 – give me ideas for tutorials to write about. And then buy whatever I make!

 – want your tutorial video’d? Pay me $5. Or more. All proceeds solely benefit paying for a ticket, transportation and sundries!

Not stupid stuff like my student loan or mortgage!

– need decor or costumey stuff for a particular theme? I’ll be your personal shopper and scour the interwebs for you.


 – I’ll still do the portrait thing, too.

 Good luck to everybody else, trying to make it happen…!

Poetry? Oh noetry!

January 7, 2011

Plastic never changes shape.

The glare of rotundity

I hit without thinking

Blind, not blinking

Rolling back over away from the fight.

(an ode to my alarm clock)


The stickers stick on the door


Unlike your grimace (half-grin?) as you walk out. I have the perfect lines, slid across the desk from my cribbing stereo. But I’m too proud, to share. Knowing we’ll both fail. Stubborn over substance, silence over style.

Here’s notes on a movie that’ll never get made: Storm Thurmond is a bat zombie. There are mulatto cocoon babies crawling all over, rapidly growing into zombie-like women. Waterboarding with blood.

Strom zombie: Ah hate the negrahs.


Strom zombie: Ah lahk yo’ wimmin folk.


Then they eat him. And scene.

Script obviously an utter, utter failure, we decided to be in a band instead.


So many legs

So many toes

Where did it come from?


Human centipede!

Crawling on your face

Human centipede!


Lives in your basement under the stairs

Waiting to feed, to catch you unawares

The human centipede will die 100 times

You can never escape its 1000 tines

NOTE: this was before the movie came out

Maybe all our songs should be about drugs?

When everybody’s turned their backs

And shrugged off in dismay

I know that you’ll be there for me

No matter what I say

No matter what I say

Or do

No matter if I drink

Vicodin, Adderol, Herion Chic!

Flying like Atreyu on a big white dragon

I got some pills, you got your bong, let’s torch the fucking wagon

People suck and people lie

They’ll leave you in a ditch

I’d rather let you fuck me up

If I’m gonna be somebody’s bitch

LSD XTC 2CB and me

…at which point we couldn’t think of any more drugs.

HEY! Do YOU need a poem or song written for a special someone? A special day? I’ll do it! Look at how good I am at poeming! Let’s put THAT on the evergrowing list of fundraisers (that aren’t actually raising any funds).

Malicious the goth unicorn

December 17, 2010

One of my favourite pictures?

Sadly, I didn’t get any full-length photos.

Small score at the DAP (dollar a pound, from here on out):

will work well with my cloak, if I get it finished up in time (ha ha ha ha ha, c’mon, you know what I mean! “What do you mean, in time? You have almost a year!” Yeah. Obviously said by a non-burner). Or perhaps as some sort of shoulder accoutrement. BRC needs more pickled okra.

This is from around the corner from my house. I’ll be stopping there after work today to fill a bag with sweet potatos. Dinner last night was gooooooooooooodddddduh.

Salmon filet with some sort of tomato glaze, smoked (like, pulled off the smoker in the backyard right before I ate it smoked). Shrimp, sausage, okra, garlic, ___ gumbo over grits. Grits! I love grits. Fuck rice. YOU TOO, QUINOA!

…just kidding, quinoa. Don’t leave me, I love my gluten-free tabbuleh. Speaking of FU’s to food products that can’t hear me,

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE! …stupid crust chunks. Bailey’s and chocolate ice cream! Stupid cookie bits. I love carrot cake! Too bad it has cake in it.

Anybody want to buy a harp?

Or I’ll take a ticket to Burning Man, in trade. I guess I could keep it and just charge admission to the Musuem of Instruments I Bought and Never Learned to Play.

Step right up! Is it EM, C or A? I can play it on my guitar! Otherwise…that’s about it.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I wanted to tell a great reason to shop “indie.” I ordered a skirt. Long story short, it took FOREVER to get. But, it came with a gift package:

Autographed DVD, tee, tattoos, pins…I will also trade that shirt for a Burning Man ticket.

And then just an old picture of me, my first cabaret zombie.

Christmas season over, yet? Wake me when it is. With a tray of crepes, bacon and gin in bed, please.