Malicious the goth unicorn

One of my favourite pictures?

Sadly, I didn’t get any full-length photos.

Small score at the DAP (dollar a pound, from here on out):

will work well with my cloak, if I get it finished up in time (ha ha ha ha ha, c’mon, you know what I mean! “What do you mean, in time? You have almost a year!” Yeah. Obviously said by a non-burner). Or perhaps as some sort of shoulder accoutrement. BRC needs more pickled okra.

This is from around the corner from my house. I’ll be stopping there after work today to fill a bag with sweet potatos. Dinner last night was gooooooooooooodddddduh.

Salmon filet with some sort of tomato glaze, smoked (like, pulled off the smoker in the backyard right before I ate it smoked). Shrimp, sausage, okra, garlic, ___ gumbo over grits. Grits! I love grits. Fuck rice. YOU TOO, QUINOA!

…just kidding, quinoa. Don’t leave me, I love my gluten-free tabbuleh. Speaking of FU’s to food products that can’t hear me,

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE! …stupid crust chunks. Bailey’s and chocolate ice cream! Stupid cookie bits. I love carrot cake! Too bad it has cake in it.

Anybody want to buy a harp?

Or I’ll take a ticket to Burning Man, in trade. I guess I could keep it and just charge admission to the Musuem of Instruments I Bought and Never Learned to Play.

Step right up! Is it EM, C or A? I can play it on my guitar! Otherwise…that’s about it.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I wanted to tell a great reason to shop “indie.” I ordered a skirt. Long story short, it took FOREVER to get. But, it came with a gift package:

Autographed DVD, tee, tattoos, pins…I will also trade that shirt for a Burning Man ticket.

And then just an old picture of me, my first cabaret zombie.

Christmas season over, yet? Wake me when it is. With a tray of crepes, bacon and gin in bed, please.

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