Help me not be so bored!

 – give me ideas for tutorials to write about. And then buy whatever I make!

 – want your tutorial video’d? Pay me $5. Or more. All proceeds solely benefit paying for a ticket, transportation and sundries!

Not stupid stuff like my student loan or mortgage!

– need decor or costumey stuff for a particular theme? I’ll be your personal shopper and scour the interwebs for you.


 – I’ll still do the portrait thing, too.

 Good luck to everybody else, trying to make it happen…!

3 Responses to “Help me not be so bored!”

  1. N Says:

    What do I need this year? a flag? a tail? American science and surplus has a kangaroo tail that I think could be dragon-ed up perhaps. help.

  2. N Says:

    o.k. be bored

  3. N Says:

    just kidding

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