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Ordering Vitalyte is cheapest through Ebay

July 31, 2010 = $22.55 = $23.60

Ebay = $20.91

Not by much, but that 3-4 dollars = a meal, or a pack of batteries for a flashlight.


April 14, 2010


Brody recommends Vitalyte,

 “…enjoyed VitaLyte powder to add to my water last year– worked super well. I used it when I ran a marathon, too. Good stuff. Between that and bringing basically a case of coconut water (seriously good rehydration, natural too), I had the best year I’ve ever had in terms of not getting dehydrated or cranky or having to piss every 5 minutes from just drinking straight water.”

I’m fairly amused by their website – What Vitalyte Are You? Whether you’re playing with your shark, piercing your nose with a safety pin or humping a horse,

” With its perfect sodium and potassium balance, electrolytes and Vitamin C, Vitalyte™ keeps you and your loved ones hydrated and healthy. So whether your family is small, large or a little on the dysfunctional side, drink Vitalyte as you grow together. From our family to yours: Live, Laugh, Love, Drink Vitalyte!”

Also, check out their future. Looking at the ingredients, there’s nowhere near as much potassium or sodium as the products I was eye-balling in the last post – but I have no idea what I actually need to look for, in an electrolyte supplement, soooooo…but I feel like these people get me.

“Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior or outdoor enthusiast; sick, pregnant, traveling or just hung-over”

Brody also suggested North Face tents. They all look pretty much the same – lightweight, it seems, is one of their things. I like this “double-headed toad:”

Their “compare” feature is fantastic, but ultimately, I still need to just be able to give the damn things a test run myself! The Ocotillo tent does look good, but like you said, Ellorum, isn’t made anymore.