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Clothes Clothes Clothes – Tried and True + One Moneysaver

August 15, 2019

It took a few years of over-packing, but I think I’ve finally got a good handle on packing clothes. Comfort, comfort, comfort. No more wasting time getting into Prom Princess Hitler on Roller Skates.


No more struggling with too long, over-full skirts (WHY DID I TAKE A HOOP SKIRT?? AN ACTUAL HOOP SKIRT.). I want to be comfortable and able to move as I please, from hopping on and off a bike to climbing a wild rotating boar. I have the same amount of fun if I’m wearing a Lewk or a wifebeater. So, from head-to-toe, here’s my musts:

Underwire can be a bit much, but I want some support and prettiness. This bralette is my absolute new favorite. I wasn’t expecting to like it, figured the cups would be too small and the support laughable. The cups are just big enough to cover and leave some cleavage. The support is surprisingly good. Not supportive, per se, but definitely provides perk.

Bralette with a little more coverage. I especially like the softness of the lining. You want to be nice to your skin out there.

Silk is great to go from day to night (layering is boss). Check out your local thrift store, it’s hard to find at reasonable prices – real, actual silk. I have a couple of tank tops I live in. It’s soft, dries fast from a cooler water soaking, stays fairly clean compared to other fabrics.

Underwear is important, cuz sometimes it’s all I’m wearing. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to find women’s underwear in black, 100% cotton, and for big butts. Enter these. They’re on the granny side, but don’t come over my belly button AND COVER MY ENTER ASS.

I bike more than walk, but sun and playa dust can wreak havoc on inner thighs. I got a pair of these for a trip last fall and was satisfied. Thick enough to preserve your modesty but thin enough to be comfortable. Way less hot than I expected, I didn’t notice I had them. They didn’t totally stay put around the knee but they didn’t ride up-ride up.

I need more than one pair for 2.5 weeks, though! These are SOFT AF, just the right length, comfortable waistband, looked fine under cut-offs and dresses.

If you’re not into black, get an assortment of patterns.

Nighttime, I don’t have many links because I have a motley assortment of wool and cashmere. Maybe if I could afford fancy new-fangled, cold-weather clothes I’d like them, but old-school wool and natural fabrics have served me well.

I will say: it’s all about layers. You’ll be freezing in camp, and pile on the clothes, but after a bike ride or a jaunt to the other side of Esplanade, you’re sweating.

These arm warmers are perfect for the dusk transitional period, especially as warm as it’s been the past few years. I’ve had mine for…at least six years.

Balaclavas are a hat, dust mask, and scarf in one. The one I have is WARM, though, so you might want to try a lighter option.

If you gotta have something shiny, don’t fall for the first FB ad you see (I’m looking at you, Dolls Kill). For example, you could pay $60 for this,


Or you could pay $10 for this.


Or $24 for a lammie pocket, so you don’t have to keep up with lanyard, and zippered pockets.

Somewhere In Between (a mild review)

June 15, 2011

Just finished the previously mentioned documentary “Somewhere In Between.”

“Everybody struggles to define what Burning Man is. It’s impossible to describe because it is what you want it to be.”

 My take, and it’s an obvious one: Burning Man is a big deal to people because it’s the one place they can be themselves. Maybe that means sitting around camp all day with a few close friends. Maybe it means sitting behind a glory hole all day. Doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want. It’s the security of the freedom, the relief from the anxiety of social conformity that appeals to people. It’s what life should be like. That’s the appeal. Regardless of what your personal interests are, we as humans share that one need to have fun and feel accepted and vital (both to ourselves and as a member of a community).

 Somewhere In Between is as much just about the clothes as any social/gender theories. Interviews hop around from philosophical musings on identity and transformation to how larger shoulder profiles will make a man look bigger; a hippie wearing plain cotton skirts (and trying not to look like a cross-dresser) onto  the inventor of the furkini musing on the sicence of darts and CET (crotch-enhancing technology).

“I would like to embody the greater spirit of humanity, not what an American male is.”

I did enjoy when the hippie worried about looking like a cross-dresser relayed his discovery that women love a guy in women’s clothing. It simply portrays confidence, a quality appealing across all genders and sexual preferences.

I probably enjoyed it most for seeing how such little things as a plain cotton baby-doll tee can change someone’s life. Last night I went to the $1 a lb to stock up for the Sparklepony Lounge. My priorities were:

  1. Awesome stuff
  2. Large stuff

I go out of my way to get stuff at least a size 14. I ended up with about 20 pounds. One year, for BootyTique, I had like 60lbs! I could hardly get it in my trunk. I want some SparkleClydesdales, man!

In one of those little tricks of providence, I had the Spacebags I’d gotten for BM last year and planned to return because they suck but I didn’t because I a) procrastinate b) have trouble leaving my house sometimes. So I managed to get the 20lbs+décor into some reasonable little airless bricks. Sure, I’d love to be able to make every person something heart-felt and individualized but hey, I can’t have you all running around looking as fabulous as I do!!

I’m taking some waterless shampoo/body washes to hopefully test. Some BM costumery to test out. Highs are going to be in the mid-upper 90s (we’ve been in the 100s already) so it’ll be just like Home.

Except for all the beautiful lush mountain greenery and shade.

Any picture requests?

Random – and kitten free

June 14, 2011

This morning I”ve been enjoying Worn Through: Apparel from an Academic Perspective.  Some of the more academic and fashion-specific articles might not be of interest to the average reader, but in between are pertinent news bits. I was looking for “burning man man” images to make a little sign for Skip And Get Naked, one of Sparklepony Lounge’s signature beverages. It led me to

Denise Green and the Men of Burning Man

Under the guise of serious research she attended Burning Man to study men and fashion.

“I found that the experience of experimenting with alternative styles and fashions, and then wearing these outfits publicly, had a significant impact on men. When men returned to their everyday lives after the festival, many actively changed their wardrobes. For some, these changes were immense, but for most the changes were subtle. Some men would start wearing brighter colours, occasionally don a necklace or other jewelry, while other men might start wearing skirts or make-up publicly…Many men told me that Burning Man was their first opportunity to experiment with such a wide-range of fashions and that once they had a taste it was hard to go back to slacks and a polo shirt. I found that the Burning Man experience was transformative, and men returned home after the festival feeling very differently about their bodies and appearances.”

Same goes for women, too – but I understand that from a mainstream socio-gender perspective, a man feeling better about their body is more noteworthy.

(“…that was sarcasm.”)

I’ve got to hustle today to do a week’s worth of school work in an afternoon, but I will watch Somewhere in Between, the documentary that evolved from her BRC trip.

“Through the interwoven stories of five men, this short documentary reveals how experimentation with dress and bodily modification at the festal gathering may facilitate re-conceptualizations of masculine appearance style in more plural or open-ended terms. The act of styling and experimenting with the body becomes a way of thinking through and performing cultural anxieties about identity, and gender in particular.”

Unrelated, here’s two different kinds of sweet potatos:

Some wine I really wish I could buy cases and cases of:

And one of the hats I made to give away in SP:

I just had those little mini cowboy hats lying around in the pile of “I can totally use this”! chaos that was my sewing room. I sewed on some gift wrapping bows (also in the chaos) and some hair clippy barrette thingies (chaos!). Crazy easy. Sadly I only had three of them.

I have some hilarious costumes planned…involving vikings and mohawks and rainbows….mwa ha ha…!


April 11, 2011

Movie prop and costume auction! Ends 4/12.

A helmet from Heroes

Tim’s PJs from HGTTG

Doll from Halloween Resurrection

Armor from Demolition Man

Mimi’s outfits from Drew Carey! Rubber cleavers! Cloth chain mail! a helmet from the Last Starfighter! This is amazing. I’m only on page 5, there’s 40+ pages so I’ll see y’all later…

Post Script:

Wow…that was pretty fun. I could spend a LOT of money in there on medieval clothes, odd weapons, kimonos, bodies…

Just put these in random places to flash in the darkness that is Black Rock City

and I really want these

for Raiders’ Night at the Booby Bar!! Get in line, suckas!

Shit I like on Etsy

January 23, 2011

I am so, so, soooooooooooooooooooooooo borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred at work. I can’t watch Netflix any more, so now I really, literally, have nothing to do.

Pocket belts appear to be all the rage I WAS THERE FIRST! Some kids at Alchemy even had the same design as the one gifted me by a former? reader…I love that thing. I love the one I made even more, of course, since it’s just for me and what I need. Sandalmoon has some pretty cute designs, some truly lovely; can’t speak for the practicality but she has 100% positive reviews.

Still like the bones tails. And their banner:

I think if you use “burning man” as your search word on Etsy, you get a pretty good idea of everything that’s wrong with it: furry leg warmers, light-up goggles and tutus. And a lot of shit with feathers, that shouldn’t be taken to the playa because feathers, sequins, etcetcetc = MOOP. “Tribal” crap and goddess dresses. Cheap-ass goggles you can get anywhere for like, ten bucks. Slap some paint and the word “steampunk” on it and sell for sixty bucks. This is a cute idea, however

Keeping your bum warm IS important. Nighttime is all about layers. What’s good for a two-mile walk from camp to Root Society is not good for dancing in a sweaty crowd of 2,000 people. What’s keeping you cozy at Midnight Popcorn Palace near a burn barrel will not help as you cruise deep playa, the night breeze (aka frigid air) in your face. So make sure to keep your butt warm.

Let me go ahead and tell you what I hate. You’ll have to click, I’m not even going to put a picture on my blog. The good thing about those stupid hats, though, is that I can completely avoid anybody wearing one, no questions asked.  Arm warmers crack me up. Buy some socks. Cut the toes off. Cut a hole for your thumb. Done. I like using toe socks, just snip the tips off. One last thing I like:

I know hip kids like the holster look (especially DPW) but you can’t really carry much. Until now

Six pockets, total (snack, chapstick, sunscreen, pen, contact info cards, pee funnel, ___). D rings to clip on everything else (goggles, mug, maybe a lighter or chapstick, etc.). Want. The only problem for me with that would be how to carry water.

Say, in another description she lists exactly what you can do!

“Fill this belt’s 4 pockets with everything you need for your burning man adventure! Small flashlight, lighter, stash, stickers, candy, compass, program, jewelry, condoms, you name it. Also D-rings and clips for more places to attach things and stuff.

Pockets have the >'< burning man logo subtly set on the lids (with cowhide fur accent). People who know will recognize, and those that don’t know yet, will still think it looks fly.

Not only does the buckle ensure a comfortable fit… The lacing and eyelets allows for maximum adjustability. When ordering, be sure to tell me your hip size! Each is made custom fit.

Starbust design is standard, ask for a different configuration of studs if you feel inspired. Keeping each one unique is part of the appeal.

Go take a dust bath!”

We like her. Him. Them. You REALLY can tell who’s been and knows what’s needed, and who just glues spikes onto goggles.

And the penultimate:

Clippity-pockety-linkyadeedoo EXTRAVAGANZA! I could clip my water bottles to the back

Bearing in mind I mean my Platypus bottles, not Sigs or metal clanky things. Remember what I said about the difference between people who KNOW how to roll in BRC, and those just trying to profit from us? (also, Regretsy’s Compare and Save is great, showing you how low the standards of Etsy have fallen)

“Are you a fire spinner? Do you feel safer having an extra pair of quick links? Upon request, the lower pocket pulls can come equipped with exactly this.” Also, THIS:

Excellent for crushed cans, no doubt. I’m surprised there’s not a built-in grill for bacon on-the-fly; this best actually is, as claimed, BAD-ASS. Ok, she just needs to quit. I can’t afford an engagement ring to offer, right now. I have a BM ticket to pay for!

Let’s do some tutorials. What do you want, but can’t afford, that I could show you how to do cheaper?

EXTREME! costuming…

August 10, 2010

I love this lady.

“what is Extreme Costuming, you ask? 

It’s a slightly silly sounding name.  But aside from that, it’s a total immersion approach to costume and material culture. 
From a costuming standpoint, it’s the crazy projects that take hundreds of hours to complete.  It’s creating the things that make people say “I could never do that!”.  It’s the hand-sewn, the deeply researched, the complicated, the time-consuming.  The correct materials, the correct sewing techniques, and an understanding of the complicated tapestry of politics, trades, occupations, and fashion that surround every single garment. 

I love costume, but I want more – I want clothes.  I want to bury myself in the details that slipped past me when I was newer to costuming.  I want the challenge.  And if I do it wrong, I want to know how.  It’s costume research as a conscious choice.

I’m not the world’s greatest seamstress or embroiderer, but I love what I do – it makes me happy.”

I think I’ve shrunk about three inches since I start this latest flurry of sewing, and my fingers feel gnarled and stiff, I stay up too late and ignore invitations for brunch…(ok, I don’t get invited anywhere) and for what?  “I will never wear this goth piece of crap.” – me on the black back piece

…but I can’t help myself. I cut the dress in half,

to use the sleeves for a shrug and immediately start fooling around with the skirt.


I need to finish the cloak and hip belt before I start on this AFP wanna-be skirt. Yes, I did just spend an hour moving one little cup (as in, for my breast) half a centimeter left and right, trying to get it just so.

It’s done! Now, what to wear on the bottom…

How dandy are you?

The thing I got for the big zippered pouch does fit the water

And oh! I thought, that bottle holder thingie would be fine for the pee funnel…

So I pinned it to the belt

and walked around, wearing it. Sat down on the floor/couch, chair, did some quick movements, danced, etc. It’s pretty cumbersome.

Tough call…what feels fine after two days might not feel so fine after seven. It struck me that 2 one litre water bottles wouldn’t be any more cumbersome…and if I get the Platypus kind, they’ll be awfully light weight and easy to carry…so I might just do that. What do y’all think? I’d been going with the bladder because it seemed more efficient for carrying assloads (no pun intended, there, a-hahahahaha!) of water around, but…I’m no longer sure.

Remember those awful Tripp pants? (of COURSE you do!, devoted reader whom I adore!)

They’re cut up to hell,

but I’m going to turn them into the aforementioned AFP and me skirt.

At the Pig I spied

Smoked gouda bacon pimento cheese! WHAT?! Hell yeah.

It’s pretty disappointing…tastes pretty much like what it is. Smoked gouda and bacon, all creamed up with some pimentos tossed in. Nothing like my Palmetto soul pimento, nooooo sirrrrr. That shit’ll make you dig your grandmother up and slap her.  I need a sugar daddy to fund my DSB on-playa camp, so I can serve pimento cheese and pinders and moonshine and listen to Merle and tell all the ravers to fuck right off.

I know you guys also know I love to make CDs. I’m trying to come up with something to make for PWR…going for that end of the world, waste-land vibe.

Starting with a little Fight Club mix, going into some Agent Orange and Mission to Burma…maybe some DBT and Eddie Spaghetti…do I go full-on fuck your face punk rock, or make it moodier…or do a funny one, about fuckin’ and drinkin’…something in between the first two. Any song suggestions?

Let’s go shopping…

July 31, 2010

I might seriously buy this.

It’s a chamber pot. No fumbling for a pee funnel and pee jug. Or squatting over a large coffee can.

OH! Listen, I want to do a proper post with pictures and comparisons, but I haven’t had a chance, yet. The Pstyle is the best pee funnel EVER. If you are into pee funnels (…./sigh, somebody probably is…) you have to get one. It looks like their site is down…but I am considering getting a second one, in case I lose the first one. It exceeded my expectations. It’s fantastic. Get one for the ladies in your life.

Back to me.

Remember how I did a post about how fun it’d be to have a completely retro campsite? I don’t feel like looking for it…so go find it. In continuing with my love of all things old,

I could run this back and forth all over the ground:

Floggers? So passe. BDSM is so cliche.

I would beat your “rug” with one of these, however. I would love to be able to gift this to Retrofrolic:

We had a violet wand kit at the Castle…it’s pretty to play with.

Anybody know what this is? If money wasn’t tight I’d bid on it, just to get it and find out.

Heh. Megaphone up for bid. I’ve purposefully not bought one. Steali – I mean, having someone loan me their’s is just so much more…organic. Like, if I’m meant to tell people YOU’LL NEVER GET LAID IN THAT, a megaphone will find me.

I’d like to wander around in head-to-toe scuba gear, as I mentioned before, but some sherpa thing would be fun

And equally as hot and awful!

More parasols – oh! At Tmus I was walking across Broke-ass Bridge with my parasol I bought to give away. I was, seriously, thinking, “Man, I bought these parasols to give away, and nobody wants one.” I came through the clearing and was side-stepping the mud when someone called out, “I like your parasol!” So I walked up and handed it to her. Not even five minutes from my thought to her exclamation.

All together, there’s several hundred of these coveralls up for auction…

That could be creepy. I mean useful.

Hm. Should I go the extra mile and cost to do some costume donating?? I’m not sure I’d be able to get the bins of pirate shoes and fetish belts to Atlanta in time. Hrmph. My sparkling, positive personality will just have to do as a gift.

These I just like.

But not as “Snow Boots!”

Anybody a size 8?

I really like both of those…

Or a 70s hooker?


…Wookie…*insert Wookie growl*

There’s so much fur on the site. Heads on, tails on, white, grey, black, brown…last year’s bikini outfit was made entirely from a short fur jacket I got at the Goodwill.  You could sew a bunch of coats together for a blanket/throw, make a large cape…etc.

Still bored. And 5.5 hours of sitting to go…

November 11, 2009

CarnEvil pics from Gizmo (CampCamper)!

(Big Puffy Yellow/Charlotte burners)

If you’re into the furry hot chick look

July 7, 2009

(Which I am not. Ladies, be forewarned, no matter how cool in idea, intricately created, mind-blowingly unique your costume is, one skinny chick in a fur bikini with a hoop walks by, nobody cares about you.)


Bunny Warez has featherless playa boas and animal costumes that could be pretty warm at night.