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The most awesomest magnets EVER.

June 27, 2011

Incredibly great gifts because they show you know what the person likes and they’re cheap. So buy them and every last darn penny goes to buying me a plane ticket to Reno and surprises for the Booby Bar. Only $3 each except group sets, and that includes shipping.  Also, they WORK. I’ve seen shitty DIY magnets that barely held themselves up. My will hold shit to your fridge/locker/desk, etc.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland set

Bret and Jemaine! “If that’s what you’re into…”

These I am most proud of. Can you name them all? Diamanda, Peaches, Cramps…


Christian Death – I mean really, when was the last time you could give your New Wave goth friends good treats? Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s in there, too.


Lady Gaga (yes, that’s her with the long brown hair, back when she was just Stefanie)

the Sexy Time set (you DO know Sue, don’t you?)

Also for sale:

Star Wars Micro Machine action head…scene…things…

They seem to be going for about 15-30 bucks each on Ebay, so I was thinking ten. I also have action figures

and bobblehead moving things (you wind them up)

I love Ewoks.

Some of those figures are going for hundreds of dollars on Ebay…but I’m pretty much open to offers. Speaking of goths, Wax Trax videos are essential viewing.

I found it for $25-$60. How about $12 (includes shipping)?

and lastly, some vintage patterns from my Grandmother’s collection:

Help send cheer up a sad rainbow and get her to BRC!