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Jaded Veteran’s Guide to What You Need: Wake Me Up Before I FOMO

August 2, 2019


Wake up in the morning feelin’ like…you just slept for one hour, consumed gods-know-what all night long, and FOMO is kicking you out of bed. Or even better, you’ve got a volunteer shift to show up for.

  1. Hydrate: I fill up my camp bottle* when I go to bed so it’s ready to chug when I wake up. This OXO bottle rules because you can scoop powder into it without looking like Scarface afterwards. And, ICE! oxo-strive-advance-bottle-0What powder? Vitalyte, of course. My first year I was miserably, physically thirsty until Thursday. I was drinking anything I could find – IRL I mostly drink water, coffee, and booze. Out there I was drinking Coke and other sodas (huge deal, I don’t drink them ever, never have in my life), flavored milks, ANYTHING I could get to try and stop being thirsty.

“Have you been taking electrolytes?”

…d’oh. This is a MUST. That first bottle of water of the day has a scoop, I take a scoop before bed, and whatever in-between. Vitalyte’s lemon is my favorite, but it’s hard to find these days.

Why Vitalyte and not one of the others? It’s only-what-you-need ingredients, invented by a chemist, mild flavor, instant dissolution (even in champagne), and the fact that it absorbs directly into your stomach lining.

If you’re going to mess with your keto diet during the burn, this is where to do it.

2. Morning Pills:

  • Ibuprofen for inflammation aches, preventative measures, and handing out to people who will now owe you a favor.
  • Naproxen Sodium for headaches, especially those induced by alcohol.
  • Probiotics for pooping.
  • Poop pills if you’re horribly clogged and have to do SOMETHING. Take two in the morning. Within 8 hours, relief. Trust me on this one. This is my miracle pill year-round (yay celiac’s). Can also take one before bed, to try and keep things flowing.

I used to take multi-vitamins, Emergen-C, B-12, etc. but I don’t take them in real life, so I don’t take them out there. If you plan on really…”partying,” then start your 5HTP prior to the event, it’s not a miracle day-after cure. It needs to build up. I really like this brand, and I’m almost positive their melatonin actually helps me get to sleep.

I have a pillbox like this one, organized by pain/sleep/energy/emergency. For bigger stuff like the probiotics me and Reggie Watts swear by, I just take the bottle and use it for whatever other vitamins/supplements. Can be a pain shaking it all out to get to what you need, but saves space/trash bottles.

If you need to travel with pills, these cookies are totes adorbz and super great gifts. 


Also, Plan B. 

Eyeballs: Ok, now that you’ve chugged some Vitalyte water, taken your meds, moisten them eyeballs. Perfect time to lay back down and question your life choices.

Theoretically, single-use is best; remains the most sterilized. Also great to have on you as you go about your day. PRO TIP: DON’T USE THEM IN A DUST STORM IN A PORTOJOHN. I’ll explain later. (I’m not going to explain later, just trust me.)

I’m vain so I like to do Visine for redness (also works if you have blooming pimples, to lessen the redness of your skin) then moisture stuff. Post-LASIK we tried EVERYthing, and this was our favorite.  I used to try the overnight stuff, it’s basically just vasoline.  If you’ve already got dry eyes IRL, you might want to try it. Everyone is different, of course, and there’s a lot of variables determining how your skin, nasal passages, nail beds, and eyes will react to the desert. Better safe than sorry applies no where more than it does at Burning Man.

3. Face: Everyone has a thing that just makes them feel better. For me, it’s washing my face. Water and soap. This routine probably isn’t for people with dry skin and/or who don’t have to worry about acne.

  1. My holy grail face soap
  2. Korean scrubbie
  3. towel to keep soapy water from hitting the dust, a must-have when I did contacts, to catch the saline
  4. towel to dry my face – If you haven’t used these “camp towels” before, it’s weird. Trick is you don’t use it like a normal towel, rubbing and buffing. You wipe yourself dry. Also useful for catching spills, but not as thick as the Sham Wow. Hang INSIDE your tent to dry or it will be useless!
  5. Face sunscreen – Yeah, it’s expensive. But crying in my tent because I have a big zit on the way costs more. For years I used Elta MD. I switched to Nia 24. I think it might make my skin look better…not quite as greasy as the Elta (which would be a downside, for some).
  6. Tattoo sunscreen – The tube I’ve got is almost gone. I’ll probably switch to a straight-up zinc stick, maybe?
  7. Rest of me sunscreen – Natural, poisonous, cream, spray, stick: I’ve tried them all (except expensive fancy ones, like Super Goop, which I’m dying to try!). This keeps being my favorite.  Neutrogena gets second place, too. Sunscreen is difficult for me because I don’t like lotion and feeling greasy. But hoo-boy, you think you burn easily…wait til you get to the desert. After the first grease-up of the day, keep a smaller size on you to touch up as needed. 
  8. Weleda Skin Food for any spots that still feel dry, after slathering on the lotions. I was using Nivea and whatever other thick creams I could find on sale. Then I found Skin Food on sale. Insanely worth the cost. Pat it under my eyes several times a day/night and apply as needed elsewhere.

Now that you’ve taken care of your flesh and bones, it’s time to eat!

And of course by eat, I mean drink coffee until you vibrate.

  1. Boil water – this Jetboil is all we take, no more stove.
  2. Add instant coffee – I am a coffee snob, die-hard French presser, but eff that noise out there
  3. Or instant Thai tea

Or add the Thai tea packet to your coffee! Works like creamer and sugar in one. Half/half is one of my cooler items, if you know a powdered/non-cooler creamer that’s GOOD (not Coffee Mate, not powdered milk), please let me know!

Y’all know I love my collapsible drinking vessels. Nalgenes are stupid. Camelbaks are stupid. One exception:



Why? Spill-proof. Keeps hot hot and cold cold without burning your hand or dripping condensation anywhere. Cork-lined handle is comfortable and fits a carabiner. Ooooooooooooh snap, now they have purple!!

Until recently I just wanted hot coffee in the morning, no matter how hot the air was. I don’t know. Just did. Thankfully a camp mate brought a bottle of Stok’s, and I learned how amazing iced coffee can be.  I can go through one bottle myself while I get ready.

Another awesome cold treat, any time of day, is espresso coconut water.

NOT THIS ONE. Though try them all, see which one you like best. Me, Coco Cafe is the best. Coming back to camp after riding around or volunteering all day, one of these cold out the cooler is just….just a real treat. They’re often on-sale at the grocery store, and I’d buy whenever they were and save them up.

Lastly, brush your teeth. MOOP-free with these toothpaste “nuts” and a box you can burn. Spitting into a water bottle/mason jar can get gross. Spit out onto these, and burn them.

Side note, I was super anti-Wisps, the disposable travel toothbrushes until a surprise vomit incident. The people I was visiting handed me one and it was the most amazing feeling in the worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlduh. So, if you’re prone to vomit or away from your toothbrush, consider killing the planet a little more with these things. Give it a second to activate the toothpaste/soften the bristles.

So, to sum up my morning routine: hydrate, medicate, moisturize, clean and sunscreen, caffeinate.


Jaded Veteran’s Guide to What You Need to Survive Burning Man, and Maybe Even Have Some Fun: Personal Care

Jaded Veteran’s Guide to What You Need to Survive Burning Man, and Maybe Even Have Some Fun: Personal Care

May 13, 2019

Note: Amazon is evil and must be punished. However, before their amoral employee practices were brought to light, they were my go-to for burn supplies. The embedded links are “affiliate” links, so if you end up buying something from my link, I might make like, $00.005! YEET! (note: still not sure what yeet means.)

In the 10+ years I’ve been going to Burning Man and regionals I’ve acquired extensive experience with gear. I know what I thought I needed, what I need, and what I don’t need. My suggestions, over the years, have been embraced by virgins and veterans alike.

Number one recommend of ALL TIME: Pstyle. If you are someone who needs to pee standing up, you need a Pstyle. Not a She-Wee. Not a GoGirl. You need and want a Pstyle.


You want at least two, really. One to keep on you at all times, and one to keep in the tent for when you lose the other one. It’s the easiest to use, the most discrete, it’s a women-owned and run company and as you can see, not just marketed to cis women.

pstyle 3

It shakes clean and dries instantly (except for if there’s a lot of thicker blood). Stick it in your pocket. Stick it in one of their cute-azz Pstyle carrying cases.

pstyle case

It’s a game-changer, a life-changer, and great for dive bars with no toilet seats, road trips, and just about anything you do that involves emptying your bladder. I’ve been using it for almost 10 years!

pstyle 4

My search for a way to pee that didn’t involve sitting was inspired by the L Word and, thanks to Pstyle, didn’t end up involving catheters.  Sadly it looks like the Pstyle song isn’t online anymore! It was riot grrl realness.

Runner-up: Freshette. Freshette was my first pee funnel and it does have advantages. First, the way it forms a seal and does more to prevent over-flowing (which I’ve only done twice, with a Pstyle, because I wasn’t paying attention). Second, the tubing is nice for directing the stream away, but then you have a second piece to deal with and it’s not as easy to clean as the Pstyle. I lost the tube, but keep the pink part in my tent; it’s perfect for the pee jug. Speaking of, learn from my mistakes and pee-covered tent floor. Get a big container with a handle for your pee jug!

I recommend this water, or an Arizona tea jug.


Not a little Gatorade bottle, not a coffee can, something with a lid for when it’s not in use (again, please learn from my mistakes!) and a handle to make it easy to carry and empty. If the idea of being seen with a bottle of pee is keeping you from using one, or emptying it properly, decorate it.

Now, onto the rest! I’m going to go in order of your day, from waking up to going to sleep.

Ah, eyeballs. To use mine properly I needed contacts. Which meant clean hands and saline, all liquidy and drippy-droppy. I came up with a little contacts corner, where I kept wipes to initially clean my fingers and a bottle of saline to rinse again, before touching my eyeballs. Sham Wow made it easy. It absorbed the saline instantly, keeping the tent floor dry. It dried quickly, no damp cloths lying around, caking up with playa dust. This also meant I could keep the contacts case nice and clean, rinsing and adding fresh saline every time (just dumping the used saline onto the Sham Wow).

Sham Wows ended up being fairly handy for things like the aforementioned pee jug incident (ok, ok, incidentS, lessons learned and re-learned). I’ve had the same two or three for years, now (I don’t know where they came from). They wash clean and are good to go again and again.

Baby Wipes: For my first two or three years, I didn’t use baby wipes. So MOOPy. Smelly. Don’t they leave a sticky film/gross feeling?

Also, I’m not a baby.  Please click on that; I can’t embed Tweets.

Then one year, my campmate offered me one from his cooler. It was magical. So get you some wipes. Use them to clean yourself, your gear, blow your nose, clean the inside of your nose, etc.

I go barefoot indiscriminately. Again, around year 2 or 3, I learned me some lessons. Playa dust will do things to your skin you didn’t know possible. It’s a point of pride to look as dusted as possible. If you look clean, you clearly aren’t doing it right.

However. After a particularly bad year of skin so dry it’d beat Norm McDonald in a stand-up competition, I began a skin care routine that has served me well.

  1. Moisturize. Non-stop. Cuticles and inside your nose, especially. Swipe a Q-tip through some Vasoline and get up in there. I’ve found the new cocoa butter flavor to be pleasant.

Listen, people joke about playa dust, it’s considered that thing you just have to learn to love, but it is not good for your body. It is not good for the inside or the outside.

dustWhy Do We Act As If Playa Dust is Safe?

It’s not sand, it’s not dust, it’s a bunch of chemicals that will, scientifically speaking, fuck your shit up. 

After being in sandals all day, I thoroughly clean and moisturize my feet before putting on boots and socks. I also clean any skin that’s going into tighter clothing. Most days, especially as warm as nights have been the past several years, I don’t change into warmer clothes. If I do swap from shorts into leggings, I clean the skin to prevent chemical burns. Nivea cream, or anything with all the heavy moisturizing ingredients, works well. When I take boots and socks off for bed, I probably clean again, depending on how uh…”tired” I am, slather on more cream, and sleep in cheap little socks. 

Sleeping in socks – sleeping in anything – is gross. Not as gross as sitting in a hotel room, crying, because your feet and hands are splintered, red, bleeding, and burnt.

I try to do a pretty good wipe down, before bed, to keep the bed cleaner. For….at least five years I’ve had the same queen-sized air mattress from ALPS.  It’s comfortable, holds air well, the rechargeable pump has never died on me, during the event. The reverse air-sucking means it will fold up tight. Sleep is SO important to me. I can’t nap, so when I’m down, I want to stay down and sleep well. Having a foam top the last few years has been bougie and beautiful. My burn bed is so comfortable it’s hard to leave.



Contacts in, skin wiped and slathered, sunscreen time!

The sun at Burning Man is RELENTLESS. Put it on, and never take it off. If you pass a table with sunscreen, spray some on. I don’t care if you just left camp. Spray, squirt, rubbidy dub. This is the one time of year I splurge on fancy sunscreen, both by Neutrogena.

Usually I hate scented stuff, but I like this one. 


Yes, I’m aware that it’s putting on enough and putting it on often that does the trick, SPF numbers are fairly meaningless. I don’t care. The desert is trying to kill me and I’ve never gotten a sunburn when I use this.

To super protect my tattoos I keep the 100 on me.


They both go on evenly, dry quickly, and don’t leave me feeling like a greased pig.


Boobs, sweat, Burning Man

August 15, 2016

A dear readers asks: “Gonna get personal here. Did you ever go topless at Burning Man? Did you have problems from boob sweat + playa?”

I couldn’t recall any sort of issue, so I asked friends. Overwhelming consensus is that since it’s so dry out there, boob sweat isn’t an issue. Here in the South, most of the year we’re getting hugged by a REALLY sweaty person who won’t let go. You can sit still under the shade with a fan, and you’re still gonna be wet from the  humidity.

Second overwhelming response is to use deodorant, to prevent sweating and chafing under the breasts, in the groin area, etc.  Pretty much the same ingredients as Monistat and other anti-chafing products, just without the targeted marketing and pink tax.

I’m basically a Pstyle missionary.  I keep one on me, one in my tent next to the peejug. I consider it a “must-have” for Burning Man, other burns, gross music venues with no toilet seats, outfits that I don’t want to remove completely so I can pee, etc.

She asks, “What do you do with pstyle while it’s in your bag? Put it in a ziplock? Does it get gross?”

The belt I made has a zipper pocket just for the Pstyle. Many women keep it in a ziplock bag with wet wipes. I don’t, just shake after use, it dries instantly, the end. It’s never gotten gross – when I’m menstruating the blood might need to get wiped off, doesn’t always shake right off like urine, but that’s about it. Doesn’t smell, doesn’t make the fabric of the pockets it’s in smell. The most likely thing to end up smelling is your peejug.

I have overflowed the Pstyle when I didn’t have it placed correctly and/or wasn’t paying attention. Practice in the shower, over your toilet at home, off your back deck, until you figure out where it needs to go against your body and how you need to stand. I have also definitely overflowed my peejug, so keep it empty. I’ve also  knocked it over, so keep the lid screwed on at all times!!

I recommend this water bottle for a peejug:


The paper handle is very nice for the emptying trips. I also like to paint it, cover it with duct tape, etc. so it’s not like, totally obvious you’re carrying around a bunch of pee.


Today in Shopping

August 5, 2016

One of the best and worst things about this trip is buying stuff. Yay new toys! Ugh I need this money for “car insurance.” Here’s an Amazon list I put together with a few “must-haves.” I should figure out how to do that thing where if you buy from the link from my page I make money. Because I need this.


  1. It’s Saturday. I go to pull my boots on for some wandering and they will not go on my foot. Like they shrunk 2 sizes overnight. They *will* not fit. Not like, they feel tight. I couldn’t pull them on. My friends suggested my feet were swollen from all the walking. Huh. Ok.
  2. Leather ruined. Zippers broken. Took a shitty pair of cheap boots with insoles in them and voila, perfect playa feet costume. Rainboots included, at my regionals. This year I needed day shoes and found, for the first time, some Ranger shoes (aka brown, a color I do not wear) AND some awesome boots. Found these for cheap at TJ Maxx. f20160805_161344[1]$3 motorcyle boots that make me feel cool, new boots; not pictures: the black vans I got for daytime because they have DISAPPEARED. I want to maybe paint the toes, no clue what would be “me.”

Skin Food is an amazing moisturizer. With Weleda prices. I found a tube at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for $3. I use it mostly around my eyes, because I am a freak about looking all old and gross (remember this my blog, where I write whatever I want, and not a public forum to lecture me on body pride and how beautiful life lines are). I’m excited to have it in the desert this year. Scored a 241 for $8 today.

Totally splurged on some bike lights, $5. It looks like I’m bringing my own bike, this year. I need a basket, too, if anyone has a cheap recommendation. I haven’t had great success with bungee cords and a milk crate. They are SO handy, when you’re riding around. Especially at night in my coat, which is difficult to bike in (due to length).

Check-out lane whim, space bags. Which I’ve repeatedly posted my dislike for. But I’m flying again, so anything I can do to cram shit in my bag…these you roll up, you don’t vacuum. However, I got back to the car and looked at them and thought, “These are pointless.” I put every single outfit into a ziploc bag. Clothes, socks, underwear, jewelry, all of into one bag. Keeps things dust-free (until you wear them) and organized. I’ll fill one back with socks/knickers/black leggings/hosiery. The clunkiest thing, my coat, doesn’t really get smaller. I kinda want a down one, down compresses VERY Well. Anyways. I’ll be posting about these later.

Re-upped on my favorite face wipes (I’m a freak about keeping my face clean, I break out very, very quickly, all over, and it makes me so self-conscious I won’t leave the house). I’m a big exfoliater, every day, I don’t care if They say it microtears your skin. It keeps my skin clear. These have a really scrubby side that I like. One pack of these ($3) lasted me…3 burns? Also got a pack of these to try. I suppose I should put photos here…I don’t feel like the hassle right now.

I probably brought…god, 20 costumes my first year. Prom gowns and all. I would go back in time and pat myself on the head, “No.” Over the years I have minimalized *so much.* It makes me kind of sad, when I see old posts with all the stuff I made. Does not make me sad when I have half as much stuff to lug around, and my bag isn’t full of stuff I never even touched to wear. Comfort is priority. Mobility (riding a bike) is a must. I get sad because I don’t feel as pretty or interesting as everyone else (Burning Man is terrible on  what little self-esteem I have) but it cuts down on luggage (leaving room for food) and is realistic.

Tights (I think my knees are fat and ugly) and something lightweight and mobile. Swimsuits are my new favorite burn outfit. Got a couple of boyshorts ($7) to wear under dressed and with tank tops. A-line white tank tops, because I try not to say “wifebeater” anymore.

They also had a wide variety of Batiste dry shampoo for $5. I bought the brunette spray for Transformus last year, and it totally turned my hair white and ashy. Did not like. I do like this stuff a lot – and no aerosol. The big trick is to brush it through your hair! So it can absorb the oil. I haven’t used the spray since that one time, because it looked SO bad, but I suspect not brushing it was part of the problem. I did notice after several uses that it was leaving grit in my hair.

This is the first year I’m camping without a shower. I don’t really like baby wipes, they wipe stuff off, sure. But I don’t feel clean. Sticky and film-y. Plus so wasteful. And the kind with no fragrances and BS cost more. A friend gifted me one of these to try, claiming he was pleased with how they work. Meh. They’re squares, fairly thin, and really soft.



You wet them and use like a washcloth/wipe. I hadn’t showered in four days and just gotten home from running errands in triple-digit weather and no air conditioning. Figured it was the perfect chance for a test run.

Pros: thicker than baby wipes, zero fragrance, nice lather like you’re showering, dries fast, totally got rid of my b.o.

Cons: no good to wash hair, still didn’t feel “clean.” Wasn’t like…sticky but skin felt….really light film. Face didn’t feel clean at all. Biggest con, price. $14 for 25 vs. $14 for 384. Still kinda fun and a nice treat though, to get that shower feeling (with the later) feeling. I have a second one I’m saving for a dirty day in the desert, see how it attacks playa dust.


Accidentally found while looking for “wipes,” a-ha ha ha ha ha.


Wow. What? I’m guessing “fuck off” but what?


If I had the money and knew they’d be a great fit, I would need me a few of those gems.

Last minute tips and reminders

August 22, 2011

– Pay all your bills. My first year, I forgot to pay my car insurance. Got home and continued to forget for several months. Luckily, Safe Auto reminded me before a cop did. 

– Take out ALL the trash.

– Clean out the fridge!

– I unplug stuff and turn off stuff to save on electricity drain. I also set the temp to …I’m thinking 86.

– Set away messages on emails as needed.

– Leave contact info with somebody! My camp leader has forms for each of us listing camp contacts, other playa contacts, emergency people, allergies, medications we’re taking, etc. I gave one to her, and I will prob. leave one in my tent. Having had to forage through someone’s tent, desperately seeking any form of identity (and I was only in the tent because he happened to be camped across from me – huge stroke of luck) for someone being airlifted to a burn unit…yeah. Have some ID and contact info in your tent. But the point of this was to leave contact info with someone – I give camp mates numbers and my travel itinerary to my mom.

Here’s the longest list I’ve seen! Good stuff. Crunchy Mama’s list is a classic, especially the tips after the intial list. My first year I read every last list I could find and copied and pasted things I needed – be sure to pack a notebook and pen for, if nothing else, making notes on what you didn’t use, wish you’d had, could do better, want to do different next year, etc. I find nearly-daily I have something to put on this list (“more Goathead and Ygmir” “sparkly lipgloss” “moisturize more!!”).

I am looking up TSA carry-on regulations, again. I’ll have to leave my sabre and snow globe at home, le sigh. I also just saw that gel inserts aren’t allowed…luckily I’m too cheap to buy those! Mine are just foam.

The TSA website states that you can carry on:

  • Beverages brought from home or purchased before reaching the security checkpoint in a 3 oz. or smaller container and in your quart-size, zip-top plastic bag.
  • Canned or jarred goods such as soup, sauces, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables and jellies – 3 oz. or smaller
  • Cheese in pressurized containers, Jell-O’s, pudding, whipping cream, yogurt or gel like food substances – 3 oz. or smaller

3 oz. pretty much counts off anything I’d bring. Last year I had my travel treat, curry cashews, and some raw balls. I certainly don’t have the room for this fanciness but I’d sure like to sit next to them. I have a Bumble Bar (I only buy them on sale for .99 or less – I have no Tasty Bits this year!! I never found them on sale. Makes me sad.) so far and the little bags of granola. I’ll probably make coffee Tuesday night to reheat Wed. morning, to drink on the way to the airport…I need food for pretty much all day Wednesday. Hm. I need to get on that. Filling, nutritious foods that take up little room won’t crush.

Back to learning.


We, the Blukis Camp, a group of Lithuania Burners, artists, and performers invite you to participate in the filming of our documentary! We’ll be carrying out a  Pagan ritual from Lithuania and other Indo-European countries of dragging a Blukis—a huge tree stump, symbolic of underworld spirits–through the various communities of Black Rock City in a symbolic gesture to free the sun. We’ll then burn the Blukis stump at the end of Burning Man. We hope to drag the huge (one passenger seated) tree stump (on wheels) through the Playa and various theme camps, role-playing in the spirit of the ritual, sharing its magic with others, while filming participants who would agree to take part in our performance. We also welcome you to join us at Blukis – Burning Stump camp (located on 7:00&Coming Out).

By dragging the stump, participants symbolically welcome the new light, burn their fears and emotional baggage, and are, in a sense, reborn through this ritual. If you and your theme camp would like to participate in the ritual and in the creation of our documentary, please complete this short survey so we know how to find you on the playa:

Blukis – Burning Stump Camp Team

Fairly interesting, the parallel between dragging the stump through town as a means for cleansing and forgiveness (that’d be Jesus, I’m talking about). Not as interesting if, like me, you’re aware of the rituals and traditions that cross faiths and cultures and centuries, but still. Neat. Lithuanian burners! I’ve always wanted to go to Lithuania.

They have a Kickstarter with very reasonable prices. I think I’m going to go for a patch.

$8 – I mean, a freakin’ airport bag of chips would cost that much! I’d rather go a little hungry and encourage people to create (man, Kickstarter could be so addicting!). People have been so kind to me, yet again this year, I really can’t keep it all for myself. The hand-knit shorts are…somethin’.

Oh! And look! Math and pretty things!! They’re so close to their goal, with only ten hours to go.

Back to learnin’. I’m not finding much on this alleged ritual but I am learning about Lithuanianm mythology. Similar, of course, to every other one!

Ethnological legends present a rather peculiar version of thc fall: after the creation of man, his body was covered with a shell-like coat. People did not experience any disasters or illnesses and lived forever. Later, however, when they transgressed (usually through laziness or neglect, although the reasons are not always indicated), Dievas took away this coat, leaving as a memento, only the nails on fingers and toes.
Lithuanian ethnological legends abound in number, but in many of them it is difficult to distinguish between Christian and archaic contents. The legends mentioned above seem to be sufficiently original and reflect the elements of ancient mythology.
Also, don’t forget about having $10 cash handy, so the hillbillies can take care of your trash for you!

Trash service!

August 21, 2011

Sadly, I lost all my photos yesterday but my friend Kristal Light, she of the Kentucky Hillbilly Burn (which sadly, apparently, is getting renamed), she and her compadres are offering a fantastic trash service to everybody.

We are offering to take your bag of trash away for $10 and your grey water (sealed bucket with lid only) for $15. Your bucket will get recycled into our Potty program at Reclaimation, the KY burn.

It’s to fund their CORE Project, which as you all know will be a stupendous display of effigys from regional burns. Theirs (…their’s?) is a barrel.

It’s first come, first serve, they have a 26-foot truck and water containers MUST BE SEALED. No sitting in Exodus staring at bags of trash (or smelling them). Schlepping it  from BRC to…wherever you’re going. For $10 bucks. Now, I’d just give Kristal $10 if she asked for it. She is that person with the heart to volunteer the worst EMS and Sanctuary shifts, doing the right thing when nobody else will step up. They’re a small, fiercely devoted group, these Kentucky burners, so seriously, take them your trash!

Ha! “These guys are great, give them your garbage and dirty nasty water!”

Deliver to Schizofrenzy, 4:30 & C. Pay ahead via PP or hand over cash there. Leave a comment and I’ll provide her email/PP info.


One more thing…

August 10, 2011

I’m bummed the shoes won’t work.

My calves are too big. They usually are. If these are left totally untied at the top, they’ll work,

but I paid too much for half-assery like that. So who wants to buy a pair of boots! $50, includes shipping! Size 9.

So now I have to find a pair of boots (or just take the Docs I got last year. I used to buy a new dress for Easter every year, now I get a new pair of boots for Burning Man every year…). I went with two different compression sacks from DepartmentofGoods (I also spent a lot of time looking around there at everything, it’s so cheap!). I’d been looking at REI, since that’s the one I have that amazed me so much. However, these are waaaaay cheaper, as much as ten bucks less – and, they come in smaller sizes. I just need to squash clothes, not a whole tent or fat sleeping bag. I’m looking forward to the cyclone bag, as it squashes things cylindrically. IE, it’ll take up even less room in the suitcase (I’m hoping) because it is long and thing, rather than round and fat. The other one is more traditional/like the first one I used.

Unfortunately, this means I have to stave off finishing packing. Which means I need to just go ahead and decide what to get in the mail…if anything. So far it’s really just my fan, for my tent. I could just get another one when we stop at WalMart. I really like it, I got it for ’09. Pretty much slept with it next to my face! Makes a nice quiet white noise and you can suspend it from the top of the tent or prop it up next to you. In…two years and three burns, I’ve not yet had to change the batteries, either.

Now, the decision of today is: should I buy a fancy towel? Mostly to save space. Well, all to save space. The reviews are stellar and address some of my concerns, like paying thirty bucks for a towel (the two I usually use are…I have no idea where I got them from, but I didn’t pay for them).

There’s no way on Earth I’d ever consider spending this kind of money on a towel for my home, but for camping it’s an absolute Godsend. I was skeptical as to how well it would work to really dry off after a shower, but was not disappointed. 

I really, truly need to leave this job (before I run out screaming or get fired) so purchases like that aren’t exactly high on my list of priorities. But…it’d be so convienent! Take up SO much less space! I don’t dig the whole chamois feel of those sorts of towels, but the space saving and quick drying would be great.

CFM? The F is for FASHION!

July 21, 2011

Well, I finally did it. I finally put something on Ebay!

I have LOADS more to list…cross your fingers for me!!

Last year was a whirlwind of sewing for me me me me me. So far this year, I ain’t made shit for myself. And I’m OK with that! After last year’s 82 pound suitcase debacle, wearing normal clothes is ever more appealing. Howevah, two lovely Eplayans and blog readers took faith in me and asked me to make them some outfits. Just whatever I wanted…and I did! First on the runway,


His camp mascots include Superman and a pink flamingos. What we see here is a black slip with pink flamingo appliques on the front and “retro” in t-shirt ransom note letters on the rear. He likes slips, sarongs, and little Polynesian-style loin clothes.

A little loincloth with hand-braided hair belt and matching beauty queen sash. Lazerfox requested some cute little skirts to hoop in, so we have a flouncy one

and one I really like, sort of woodland fairy-y – with a pocket!

I can’t wait to hopefully see that one shimmer in the hot hot sun. Funds will go to acquiring Vitalyte, perhaps that aforementioned towel, two Platypus water bottles, my favorite travel toothbrush

Y’all know I collect free samples

 year round; why buy “travel-sized” stuff when you can get free samples? One catch can be the de-mooping.

Oops, I forgot to crop and adjust the levels before posting. C’est la vie! Last night I actually half-heartedly started something for me to wear. A bustier from the $1Goodwill with the black ruffles removed and the tie up I cut off some other something…

I chose it for the Regency-style cups. I’ve got some shiny fabric to cover it with

and I’ll call it done. So much of what I spend so much time on just isn’t comfortable out in BRC. I might lengthen the back (in addition to widening it) and add a train/bustle…

I did etch some of the shot glasses for Raiders Night! I can’t even stand how much that’s going to be – what to wear?? I’m thinking maybe my Waffle House shirt

Now, back to add more stuff to Ebay!

Size DOES matter!

July 15, 2011

How to get the most crap into the smallest spaces…esp. coats and crinolines. My silver crinoline, just alone, would fill up my carry-on suitcase. SpaceBags as I’ve posted about suck. Assuming they hold the compression, which they rarely do, there’s no way to re-suck it to repack. While looking for river stuff at REI I found this compression dry sack. Several of the reviews highlight how well it smashes down stuff.

“It takes in my sleeping bag, warm clothes and socks and compresses down to the size of a big cantaloupe.”

“Oh yeah, I take one in my suitcase when traveling. Put all the compressable stuff in socks, underwear, towels, fleece, etc. then just sit on it and pull the straps tight. It saves a ton of space. And when you are going home do the same thing with all your dirty clothes and presto – you have enough room for all the new stuff you just bought! Its a vacuum Space Bag without the vacuum!!!”

 I find your ideas interesting…but don’t know if I can afford to subscribe to your newsletter. It’s got a perfect rating on both Amazon and REI. REI is doing free shipping on orders over $50 (until October). I’m also looking at this towel. So much space saving! The one thing I really like to keep clean is my face, otherwise it’s break-out city. I had one of the cheap-o ones

It worked well enough for the price but was too small for showering (too small for just my hair alone). The REI one comes in a pouch with a pocket, too, so I could stick everything in this compact little bag. It’s the smallest one for it’s size that I’m finding.

This tent is also intriguing. No poles.

“When properly inflated, NEMO’s airbeams are considerably stronger than traditional aluminum tent poles. In one test, the Morpho airbeam withstood more than twice the downward force of a standard tent pole. In addition, the airbeam springs back into shape even after you bend it all the way to the ground. More significantly from a backpacker’s perspective, NEMO’s AST is capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures. At its recommended inflation pressure of 7 psi, the Morpho AR withstands dramatic temperature swings between freezing (32 degrees F) and searing heat (120 degrees F), with only a minor change in air pressure (up to 8.2 psi)–not even close to the 20 psi minimum burst pressure. If you start in intense heat (120 degrees F) and drop to the freezing point, the pressure drops to 5.9 psi, a small enough difference that you probably won’t even notice.”

If you have $500 to spare on a tiny tent. They have some pretty neat ones, this one could work as a small shade area. I like this barn.

Camping, community area, play space.

Perusing CampSaver’s outlet…pretty sweet deals. Camelbak from $150 to $90. Mostly serious hiking and rocking climbing stuff, $500 parkas down to $200, $265 women’s hoodie down to $155…here’s a Kelty shadehouse I haven’t seen before, from $225 to $135. And check this out,

Toothpaste tablets. Not much of a space saver over a small tub of regular paste (unless you just tossed in a few).

These coffee slings are kinda fun. I can imagine in a small tent situation that it’d be very handy. Even just to store an empty cup up and out of the way, or your water bottle. This ultralite towel boasts you can filter your coffee through it.

Still thinking about the compression bag and towel. It’s my birthday soon, treat myself, right? I did get some

SPF 30. I knew a guy, on our mission trip to Africa, who sunburned his lips. They were swollen and he had to slather zinc oxide on them. Poor guy, he was already unpopular and mocked without the creamy white clown mouth. I also paused at the small little travel umbrellas, thinking, “Hey….maybe I should get one of these for adventuring…”

It sucks to be stuck out at temple or wherever in the sun sun sun…stick a little umbrella on my belt and I could have shade whenever I needed it. I like this metallic one.


January 17, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand another reason to love the internet.

I like this idea…stand around Center Camp with it.

A lot of my wantstodos, for camp, are simply impractical. Pickled shrimp. Grits casserole. So, what CAN I do? I’ve volunteered to be MOOP mistress of PWR. Seeing as how I go on cleaning binges when I’m drunk, and have no problem yelling at people to pick up after themselves (a skill honed from life in a 3-story house with six boys, all their bands, and house show after house show) I think I’ll do a pretty good job.

I hope to pimp out our toilets, if we get some.

Nice, homey touches to de-JOT the claustrophobic…nastiness. I found this gem of a glass-topped coffee table at an antique store yesterday:

Did I mention Black Swan is a total bore (script, acting, visually)? Natalie Portman has got to be one of the most over-rated actresses of the current generation.