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2011 Playa Conditions

June 9, 2011

“Greetings Silicon Villagers !! A bunch of us just received this, but I thought that everyone could be interested. Of course passing the BLM inspection is huge, but we all have grown to expect that. The really great news is that the water sat long enough to smooth out all the sand dunes etc. For you Virgins, and even for those of you that have only been to BM in the past couple years, this is Huge news: It means that the Playa will be smooth and wonderful and the dust level will be lower than it has been for the past several years. Color me excited! Wristy

Greetings all! > >Anybody notice changeable weather lately? It’s that global cooling. >I’m sure you all remember that we were chased off the playa last >year just two days before the annual BLM Playa inspection by a >torrential rain storm leaving a massive lake that remained through >the winter and most of the spring, resulting in the extended >postponement of this inspection. > >

This last Sunday of June 5th was when the Playa inspection was >rescheduled, and again we passed it by a large and comfortable >margin! So congratulations to the DPW Playa Restoration crew, all >the staff and various crews of our growing community, and really to >all of the participants who picked their camps clean and forever >keep one of our vital principals forefront in their minds and >actions. >

That is the one of leaving no trace. It is instrumental in the >survival of the very event itself. > >

Equally good news is that the lake that has been washing around >since last October has literally scrubbed the playa flat again, and >it is like driving on pavement. It’s the best conditions I have >seen in my sixteen years. It will never stop astounding me out >there! > >Thanks again to all of you. > >Tony “Coyote” Perez >City Superintendent >DPW / BRC

A post for Amy

February 26, 2011

I couldn’t find my mask on Amazon, either. I’m pretty sure it was a woodworkers respirator mask, the fact that it was made for the tiny sawdust particles was part of why I bought it. These two are similar as far as looks

Yeah, I picked that one for the colors! And it’s the most similar but a bit more ($13 v. $18).

“The Toxic Dust Respirator traps over 99.97 of toxic dust including lead, asbestos, Hantavirus and meets the latest US government respirator standards (P100 Class), OSHA and NIOSH requirements.”

This one’s the cheapest but from what I read, disposable

I liked the points made in the description for this one

– The low inhalation and exhalation resistance of the 7700 Series makes breathing easier to reduce worker fatigue.

– Silicone facepiece material conforms to facial features and doesn’t harden with age. Silicone is easy to clean, durable and resists distortion.

– Contoured sealing flange and cradle suspension system eliminates discomfort caused by pressure points on facial nerves.

 – The most comfortable and durable half mask available.

Good reviews, too. And then I found mine!

Aw, I love my little mask! I remember now it was the reviews that cinched it:

-This is the first “woodworker’s” or nuisance dust mask that I’ve been able to wear for more than 5 minutes without wanting to tear it off, throw it to the ground, stomp on it, douse it with gasoline, and set a match to it.

Looks like they no longer make it, though.

Now, as you know because you are such DEVOTED readers, I really loved wearing my full face mask I brought as a prop. Goggles + breathing in one. I got stuck out at the trash fence in a storm one afternoon and it sucked. I actually went and hid in a toilet to try and give my eyes a break.


So you can be a bad-ass all you want with your bandanna and no goggles, but I like the freedom of seeing and breathing in otherwise unseeable and breathable conditions.

3M 6800 Full Facepiece Respirator - Facepiece Only - Medium Size, Requires Filters or Cartridges

So I’m keeping an eye for another full-face mask, just not a military issue one with loads of rubber and heavy stuff/material.

7000 Series Full Facepiece Respirators Full Face Respirator Large

I have GOT to remember to bring my pictures to work, so I can use them when I post!

Gentler reader: (unpublished from July)

December 18, 2009

Yes, actually, a small broom and dustpan is a good idea for your tent, unless you’re going to lay down rugs (or carpet squares, etc).

Best thing ever: bring a giant sheet to put over your bed. When you get up in the mornings, tuck it over everything (pillows etc). That way, your bed is clean when you climb into it eventually. Nothing worse than a bedful of playa. But seriously, it gets everywhere, and you get used to it really fast.

Seems rugs would just collect more sand! I will add broom to the packing list. However, I need to, at some point, consolidate with the people I’m camping with…definitely bringing a sheet. My bed is one thing I always try to do nicely, sleep is SO important at a burn for me – and I’ve never done the burn life for so freakin’ long.  I think five or six days is my max (because I go early and leave late). So big-azz sheet, check. Broom, check.

I know several of those people. They’re awesome. Yes, you do want to camp there…although they’re gunning for Center Camp ring placement, and camping around Center Camp can be pretty overwhelming.

As opposed to the rest of it, hm? Ha! I am also working on a confession worthy of entrance into Sinister Minister. A few years ago I was watching footage of burn night, and theme camp names were scrolling across the bottom of the screen. It was more interesting than the burn! I laughed out loud and thought “Man, I could never pick just one!”

And here I am, 12 years after I first heard of it, doing just that.

These pics are great:


Really gave me a good idea, visually, of all the crap I’ll have to lug around all day.

I don’t know if the link will work (being the coding neophyte I am), so check out .

And last, but not least,

Rumour has it that trying to meet up with someone you had planned to can be difficult. The sand storms are only one blockade…there’s also the ability of a Burner to take your attention away from your planned activity and whisk you away to something else.

So with that “danger”, I’ve been told that walkie-talkies are the answer.

Don’t suppose you’ve shopped for those yet…?

I looked at them briefly, on, to get an idea of prices. However, I don’t really have anyone to give one to. I’m a rogue burner, dontchaknow!

And I’m pretty much expecting to have, well, no expectation at any given time, of where I should be, or what I should be doing.  It would be really fun to have a bunch of them, to just give to random people I met and like, so we can hook up later (by either intent of the phrase).

Playa foot

July 31, 2009

I think I touched on it back in the beginning (in between creating man and naming stars), but it can be – or is – an issue.

I haven’t thought too much about it, as so far burners seem to be heat-scared yella bellied sissies!

Me, I run barefoot over rocks, grass and riverstreams yearlong in hundreds of degrees weather, so I ain’t skeered!

Well, except the “sand” there is a whole other cthulu. Here’s some more specific info:

Playa powder is a base, the opposite of an acid, and it burns your skin just like an acid. To treat your skin (feet, hands, whatever), first remove the powder. When the powder mixes with a liquid (sweat, tears, saliva, mucous, sun tan lotion), it can cause burns on whatever it’s on. So remove it. To reverse the action, add an acid (to reverse a flame burn, add cool water, to reverse an acid burn, add a base) – he suggests 1 part plain white vinegar to 3 parts water. Dry the skin. Assuming it’s not a bad burn (and it’s likely not), add moisturizer at night and sleep in it. Adding moisturizer before you head out may cause playa powder to stick to your skin and become moist, so use your judgment.

The evidence of a base burn on the playa is a crack in the skin that’s black and doesn’t bleed – the burn cauterized the wound. That’s what I get in my feet if I don’t wear shoes and sock – your mileage will vary; some people are not affected at all – lucky devils.

The instructor recommends washing, adding the vinegar solution, and drying at least once a day; moisturizing at night when you’ve hit the sack.

Ew! Crazy! Black cracks in my skin! Because it instantly cauterizes?? Yowsa.

If sweat makes it worse, and I’m walking around in all this dust, sweating because it is hot, with my hands exposed and whatnot…hm. Eck.

Going in the Buff…

June 30, 2009

 The reviews claim they’re great for dust/sand storms.  And I like this pattern:

But like another reviewer said, I’d feel sheepish paying like, ten bucks for half a yard of fabric sewn up one side…but they’re so pretty!

I can’t see myself wearing it around my neck, though, or on my head. Even this one:

That’s a pretty good flame fabric, the best I’ve seen (I think).