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Ride of Passage – support Camp Stella and maybe win a bike!

June 13, 2011

Camp Stella will personally deliver this magical Playa Bike to one lucky Burner – on the playa!

“Celebrated San Francisco artist Ube Urban was commissioned to paint this delux comfort cruiser. This masterpiece includes a subtle swirl of sparkling sea foam and desert sky blue dusted with glittering gold. Hand lettered details tie into the candy red rims and grips.

Other accessories include a bell, a removable basket (big enough for two bags of ice), a deluxe kickstand, and LED light tubes.

Camp Stella is a Burning Man theme camp of clean and sober queer and queer-friendly folks. Some of us are active in AA and other 12 step programs. Others are not. Camp Stella hosts 5 open AA meetings during the week. All are welcome to attend.”

 A bike is on my list of problems. Right after how the heck I’m going to get there.

Bikes & Bottles

May 11, 2011

Trying to figure out how to get a bike to BRC is tough – mine’s still out in the front yard, poor thing, pedal-less adn twisted around from being tied to the back of a van in 2009. A basket might have to be a seperately-packed thing so this flat one, a la my Orikasa dishware, could be really handy for someone flying or trying to go light.

From this flat-packed


It’s ‘spensive, $75 at MIO. I’ve been re-using jars for years, now, as travel mugs. Coffee, soup, smoothies, etc.  I look like a crazy old lady because I am a crazy old lady with all the empty jars of various shapes and sizes I have in the kitchen. Carissa has taken my cheap-ass green travel mug and made it classy:

Full tutorial at her blog, Carissa’s Creativity Space.

So talking about bikes…

January 14, 2011

My bike in 2010 from the Kinetic Cab Co. was just perfect. I wanted to label it MINE and keep it forever. I’m hoping to find somebody in town to help me with my bike…it’s been leaning against the same tree since I unpacked it off the car in 2009. Until then, let’s talk accessories. Mmm….gadgets.

 This one seems like it might offer a modicum of dust-freedom for it’s contents (if you covered it, of course). I like the panniers, this wire one has a kinda retro feel. Sing some Newsies and shit. I think they’d be crazy easy to make. Go to the thrift store, buy a couple of messenger bags, sew’ em together and throw it on your bike.

Here’s some lights for $300 freakin’ dollars.

This thing creates a “sphere of eye-catching movements,” but they need to show it on a bike. Doing whatever it does. Onto Etsy:

Show some love for the Death Guild

I don’t take bike tools, because I wouldn’t know what to do with them if I had them. However, I would certainly want one of these to keep them in


I don’t use a bell, either (that’s what megaphones are for) but these are snazzy

Bike Bells

And this is just cute.


Soak up some butt sweat!

Playa bike…

August 16, 2009

There’s a plethora of lighting options out there, if you have the money. Which I don’t.

The backside of CDs would work as reflectors during the day. Some sort of plastic rave toy could be easily duct-taped on.

I’m torn…there’s so many things I’d like to do. Like get a bunch of these

Different body parts, and wrapping the bike in them. Zombie bike!

Or making a unicorn bike.

It is a black bike, and I am thinking simple silver stars with some sort of other accoutrement…and a Day of the Deadish something, per my forte. Hmmmm…will have to see what I have fabric and shit-to-glue-on-wise around the house.

A hookah would be fun, a mini-hookah on the back.

I really hope it doesn’t get stolen. That would mega bum me out. This is the first bike I’ve owned! (As opposed to borrowed, yes, I have ridden a bike before.)

Most go the craft store route (fur, flowers, etc.) but I saw some today that were really something:


Do jellyfish bikes pay rent? NO.

Playaflies look beautiful in pictures, so I’m sure it is spectacular in person. Here is the how-to.

I wish to god (and it isn’t the first time) I knew people in town who were into such things. I have so many ideas and desires for learning.  And a lack of mechanical inclination/hand-eye coordination. And welding tools. Etc.