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NatX’s Alchemy pics

October 23, 2009

Are great. No suffering through 20 pics of somebody you don’t know doing something uninteresting to see something amazing.

I wish I could do fancy colory stuff, too. He was the shirtless wonder in this post. 

I made it in, even!

Wednesday night

October 14, 2009


Right-o. So, here’s some more pictures from Alchemy 2009:


Wednesday morning. The “critical infrastructure.” (Ha.). Center Camp and Lamplighters Camp – and “First Camp,” there on the rightest side. The blue and white bus I drove to Burning Man in. It is a far cry from the first year, when Thursday morning was just the stage – that you can’t see in this picture, for all the finery and doo-dahs. Nary a tent.

Lamplighters really came together this year, with a big ol’ tent, lovely robes, flaggery and really beautiful graphic work, courtesy of NatX.



I helped too! Screwin’ and nailin’  – and then I helped APW build stuff!


We are all The Man.


Welcome to Alchemy! Now get out.

The Effigy had minions:



They were well supervised, of course:


These kids really worked hard –


who knew teenagers had the capacity to not be self-serving little shits (aside from any parents who might be reading this…your kids are sooo great!)?


Wednesday night was the mini burn. Leftover effigy scraps reattached into a mini effigy, courtesy of one Mr. Tunna Kerosene.


It was also drag night, but I was the only one who got the memo.


Or who had time to comply, at least. Wearing warm clothes with pockets was pretty great! Down the road, in LaFayette, there’s a lost and found baggage store. It is way over-priced, but chock-full of randomness. You can totally tell when one person lost a suitcase, there’s a rack of similiar stuff – like at a thrift store, you can tell when someone died and the family donated everything…back to fire.

One of the DSB mainstays built a great couch:



NatX, when not lighting lamps and making flags, had his face in a camera all week:


Chesire is to his ___ as NatX is to his camera…


I actually went to bed fairly early…my last chance for a full night’s sleep!