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The Holy GRAIL!?

August 8, 2016


Bring Your Own Cup!!!

Not just for bars and booze, you could find yourself being offered a fresh fruit smoothie, some homemade ice cream, curry or any number of things you will want a vessel for.

A lot of people just use a water bottle. I try to keep things minimal. Carabiner cups have been my go-to burn cup most all these years. Until now, having stumbled upon the Hydaway. 

Whoa.Packs up small AND doesn’t spill? No more getting a fresh drink only to hop on my bike and spill it everywhere?! Nah, it can’t be that great…can it?

It’s heavier than I thought, but a decent size.


I got the 21 oz, vs the 12 oz, thinking it’d be good to also keep on hand for water (can’t get enough of the stuff out there). Plus, the 12 oz is just the 21’s upper half. Here’s the 21, not pulled out all the way, aka the 12 oz


vs the full size 21 oz


It’s weird, for sure. It’s also surprisingly difficult to pull out all the way. Works best with the lid off, so you can grab down into the bottle while you pull on the tab thingy on the bottom. Also ended up not really saving any more space than my cup


BUT it’s spill-proof. I filled it with water and shook it around. Will still use my Platypus on the plane, weighs less, takes up more room, but excited to see how this works out for misc. usage on the playa.


Last minute tips and reminders

August 22, 2011

– Pay all your bills. My first year, I forgot to pay my car insurance. Got home and continued to forget for several months. Luckily, Safe Auto reminded me before a cop did. 

– Take out ALL the trash.

– Clean out the fridge!

– I unplug stuff and turn off stuff to save on electricity drain. I also set the temp to …I’m thinking 86.

– Set away messages on emails as needed.

– Leave contact info with somebody! My camp leader has forms for each of us listing camp contacts, other playa contacts, emergency people, allergies, medications we’re taking, etc. I gave one to her, and I will prob. leave one in my tent. Having had to forage through someone’s tent, desperately seeking any form of identity (and I was only in the tent because he happened to be camped across from me – huge stroke of luck) for someone being airlifted to a burn unit…yeah. Have some ID and contact info in your tent. But the point of this was to leave contact info with someone – I give camp mates numbers and my travel itinerary to my mom.

Here’s the longest list I’ve seen! Good stuff. Crunchy Mama’s list is a classic, especially the tips after the intial list. My first year I read every last list I could find and copied and pasted things I needed – be sure to pack a notebook and pen for, if nothing else, making notes on what you didn’t use, wish you’d had, could do better, want to do different next year, etc. I find nearly-daily I have something to put on this list (“more Goathead and Ygmir” “sparkly lipgloss” “moisturize more!!”).

I am looking up TSA carry-on regulations, again. I’ll have to leave my sabre and snow globe at home, le sigh. I also just saw that gel inserts aren’t allowed…luckily I’m too cheap to buy those! Mine are just foam.

The TSA website states that you can carry on:

  • Beverages brought from home or purchased before reaching the security checkpoint in a 3 oz. or smaller container and in your quart-size, zip-top plastic bag.
  • Canned or jarred goods such as soup, sauces, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables and jellies – 3 oz. or smaller
  • Cheese in pressurized containers, Jell-O’s, pudding, whipping cream, yogurt or gel like food substances – 3 oz. or smaller

3 oz. pretty much counts off anything I’d bring. Last year I had my travel treat, curry cashews, and some raw balls. I certainly don’t have the room for this fanciness but I’d sure like to sit next to them. I have a Bumble Bar (I only buy them on sale for .99 or less – I have no Tasty Bits this year!! I never found them on sale. Makes me sad.) so far and the little bags of granola. I’ll probably make coffee Tuesday night to reheat Wed. morning, to drink on the way to the airport…I need food for pretty much all day Wednesday. Hm. I need to get on that. Filling, nutritious foods that take up little room won’t crush.

Back to learning.


We, the Blukis Camp, a group of Lithuania Burners, artists, and performers invite you to participate in the filming of our documentary! We’ll be carrying out a  Pagan ritual from Lithuania and other Indo-European countries of dragging a Blukis—a huge tree stump, symbolic of underworld spirits–through the various communities of Black Rock City in a symbolic gesture to free the sun. We’ll then burn the Blukis stump at the end of Burning Man. We hope to drag the huge (one passenger seated) tree stump (on wheels) through the Playa and various theme camps, role-playing in the spirit of the ritual, sharing its magic with others, while filming participants who would agree to take part in our performance. We also welcome you to join us at Blukis – Burning Stump camp (located on 7:00&Coming Out).

By dragging the stump, participants symbolically welcome the new light, burn their fears and emotional baggage, and are, in a sense, reborn through this ritual. If you and your theme camp would like to participate in the ritual and in the creation of our documentary, please complete this short survey so we know how to find you on the playa:

Blukis – Burning Stump Camp Team

Fairly interesting, the parallel between dragging the stump through town as a means for cleansing and forgiveness (that’d be Jesus, I’m talking about). Not as interesting if, like me, you’re aware of the rituals and traditions that cross faiths and cultures and centuries, but still. Neat. Lithuanian burners! I’ve always wanted to go to Lithuania.

They have a Kickstarter with very reasonable prices. I think I’m going to go for a patch.

$8 – I mean, a freakin’ airport bag of chips would cost that much! I’d rather go a little hungry and encourage people to create (man, Kickstarter could be so addicting!). People have been so kind to me, yet again this year, I really can’t keep it all for myself. The hand-knit shorts are…somethin’.

Oh! And look! Math and pretty things!! They’re so close to their goal, with only ten hours to go.

Back to learnin’. I’m not finding much on this alleged ritual but I am learning about Lithuanianm mythology. Similar, of course, to every other one!

Ethnological legends present a rather peculiar version of thc fall: after the creation of man, his body was covered with a shell-like coat. People did not experience any disasters or illnesses and lived forever. Later, however, when they transgressed (usually through laziness or neglect, although the reasons are not always indicated), Dievas took away this coat, leaving as a memento, only the nails on fingers and toes.
Lithuanian ethnological legends abound in number, but in many of them it is difficult to distinguish between Christian and archaic contents. The legends mentioned above seem to be sufficiently original and reflect the elements of ancient mythology.
Also, don’t forget about having $10 cash handy, so the hillbillies can take care of your trash for you!

QotD and Playa Provisions

August 18, 2011

“I shall go on shining as a brilliantly meaningless figure in a meaningless world.” 
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned 

Got a spammy comment, but the product’s pertinent (my penis is plenty big, my prescriptions are covered by insurance and I know how to meet Russian single ladies, da?)

Hard not to like someone with a cartoon, Star Wars menu and an innovative idea – not to mention, to my surprise, the prices are COMPLETELY reasonable.

Pork Posole – $55.00 (Five 12 oz. Portions)
Pork Braised in a thick rich smokey tomato broth with hominy and onions – Cabbage lime and radish on the side

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo – $45.00 (Five 12 oz. Portions)
Chicken thighs with andouille sausage cooked with herbs, spices onions, celery and green bell peppers

They should deliver me some granola (they don’t deliver) to review, moo hoo ha ha.

Quinoa Granola – $25.00 (Five 4 oz. Portions)
Quinoa flakes, almonds, sugar, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, grapeseed oil, maple syrup, vanilla (Gluten Free!)

They have packages that come prepacked in an ice chest you keep, and list/sell everything you need to heat the meals up. Pretty darn nifty if you ask me.

As someone who has totally, completely lucked out with a wonderful camp chef who goes beyond out of his way to include and accomodate her, I haven’t experienced the hassle of meal planning, prep and execution but it seems Playa Provisions would def be worth it for other travellers like me, who need a simple, compact way of eating well while in BRC. Man, that was a long sentence. But you know what I mean, not everybody can travel with a full kitchen set-up. Pot. Heat source. Water (melted ice). Spork – eat it out of the bag. Done. Pretty cool.

August 13, 2011

Mod Mischief asks,

I’m currently looking for recipes for making booze at home on the cheap. While not totally Burning Man related, it seems like the sort of thing you might know about (or at least support in concept).

PS: We’re keeping it legal, so no distilling, but otherwise we’re open to any and all suggestions for delicious home-brew concoctions (and associated cocktails).

PPS: Bonus points if you can point me in the right direction for awesome bottles or containers to store it in

I’m guessing you mean like, flavored booze recipes? Not from-scratch? The only thing I’ve really done (besides sangria) is bacon vodka. It’s pretty simple. Fry some bacon, put it in a jar with vodka, freeze. Freeze so the fat will become solid. Then, filter. Filter and filter some more. Otherwise, you’ll have bacon vodka with mushy fat balls in it.

I had planned to make several varieties: wasabi, ginger, peach, pepper…I have local peaches and hot peppers. Though I could add some wasabi powder and grated ginger…but since I’m not driving, none of that will happen. I might still try the peach and pepper…my plan is just to get a bottle of vodka and add sliced peaches/the whole pepper.

I do have a recipe for apple jack…mmm, apple jack! It’s Everclear + apple juice (I would use cider) + cinnamon sticks…delicious. Not Martha has been experimenting with “grapefruit tarragon infused” vodka.

 I love grapefruit, and it’s pretty. Strawberry is right up my alley, I LOVE strawberries. As you can see, it’s pretty simple to infuse vodka – I’m thinking, as I type this, about fig vodka. Make the water/sugar simple syrup + figs + vodka…that’s my kind of kitchen witchery!

I have a mead recipe at home I’ve yet to try, and a friend who makes all sorts of delicious wines – he has the implements, the big glass jugs, the curly thing, etc. I’m not so fancy, so the infusions work for me.

As far as containers, I’ve been hoarding misc. bottles that I bought, but you might also want to post on Craigslist/freecycle, and keep an eye out at thrift stores. Me being me, though, mason jars suit me just fine! If I had a vaccum sealer thingie, like those boys with the pre-made Manhattans, that could be super fun. Attach a little straw and hand out grown-up Capri Suns!

It’s Vitalyte time…

July 28, 2011

Do a search here (little white box on the upper right, fun for a lot of word searches)  for “vitalyte” and read the many, many reasons it’s the only electrolyte replenisher I would use and recommend (I”ve got the converts to prove it!).

Today I realized d’oh! Time to buy the Vitalyte (way easier than making donuts…)

I did the math again on tub v. packet v. stick. Tub’s still the cheapest option (and the least moopiest).

Vitalyte site – $23.37

Ebay – $24.99

Amazon – Varies. Oddly, one seller has my lemonade at $19.00 free shipping, but other flavors at $25.95 free shipping. I’m hesitant to skimp the few dollars and get it from Amazon rather than Vitalyte, but…that’s four dollars that could buy me an indian taco. If I could eat the darn glutinous things.

Vitalyte has a new product, Tri-Phase Endurance, “… formulated to provide sustained energy and focus, fight free radicals, replenish electrolytes and accelerate recovery.”

* Stage 1 provides mental focus and sustained energy through the use of vitamins B6 and B12 combined with fast- and slow-acting carbohydrates
* Palatinose™, a patented endurance carbohydrate, provides sustained energy to keep you going strong

* Stage 2 features amino acids leucine, isoleucine, valine and CarnoSyn™ Beta-Alanine to speed recovery and buffer lactic acid

* Stage 3 uses an electrolyte blend to replace electrolytes lost through sweating; selenium boosts glutathione, which scavenges free radicals in the body to keep you strong


The best dishes…

July 15, 2011

Y’all know I love my Orikaso dishes, REI has the other brand’s kids set on sale for only 9 bucks. Great gift if you know a new camper.

Yet another coffee making system, seems fairly french-pressy? But stylin’ in the silver.

I’d like to see this strobe light in action. Could be a good bike accessory.

I posted a while back about Fenix flashlights, here’s one for half off.

Size DOES matter!

July 15, 2011

How to get the most crap into the smallest spaces…esp. coats and crinolines. My silver crinoline, just alone, would fill up my carry-on suitcase. SpaceBags as I’ve posted about suck. Assuming they hold the compression, which they rarely do, there’s no way to re-suck it to repack. While looking for river stuff at REI I found this compression dry sack. Several of the reviews highlight how well it smashes down stuff.

“It takes in my sleeping bag, warm clothes and socks and compresses down to the size of a big cantaloupe.”

“Oh yeah, I take one in my suitcase when traveling. Put all the compressable stuff in socks, underwear, towels, fleece, etc. then just sit on it and pull the straps tight. It saves a ton of space. And when you are going home do the same thing with all your dirty clothes and presto – you have enough room for all the new stuff you just bought! Its a vacuum Space Bag without the vacuum!!!”

 I find your ideas interesting…but don’t know if I can afford to subscribe to your newsletter. It’s got a perfect rating on both Amazon and REI. REI is doing free shipping on orders over $50 (until October). I’m also looking at this towel. So much space saving! The one thing I really like to keep clean is my face, otherwise it’s break-out city. I had one of the cheap-o ones

It worked well enough for the price but was too small for showering (too small for just my hair alone). The REI one comes in a pouch with a pocket, too, so I could stick everything in this compact little bag. It’s the smallest one for it’s size that I’m finding.

This tent is also intriguing. No poles.

“When properly inflated, NEMO’s airbeams are considerably stronger than traditional aluminum tent poles. In one test, the Morpho airbeam withstood more than twice the downward force of a standard tent pole. In addition, the airbeam springs back into shape even after you bend it all the way to the ground. More significantly from a backpacker’s perspective, NEMO’s AST is capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures. At its recommended inflation pressure of 7 psi, the Morpho AR withstands dramatic temperature swings between freezing (32 degrees F) and searing heat (120 degrees F), with only a minor change in air pressure (up to 8.2 psi)–not even close to the 20 psi minimum burst pressure. If you start in intense heat (120 degrees F) and drop to the freezing point, the pressure drops to 5.9 psi, a small enough difference that you probably won’t even notice.”

If you have $500 to spare on a tiny tent. They have some pretty neat ones, this one could work as a small shade area. I like this barn.

Camping, community area, play space.

Perusing CampSaver’s outlet…pretty sweet deals. Camelbak from $150 to $90. Mostly serious hiking and rocking climbing stuff, $500 parkas down to $200, $265 women’s hoodie down to $155…here’s a Kelty shadehouse I haven’t seen before, from $225 to $135. And check this out,

Toothpaste tablets. Not much of a space saver over a small tub of regular paste (unless you just tossed in a few).

These coffee slings are kinda fun. I can imagine in a small tent situation that it’d be very handy. Even just to store an empty cup up and out of the way, or your water bottle. This ultralite towel boasts you can filter your coffee through it.

Still thinking about the compression bag and towel. It’s my birthday soon, treat myself, right? I did get some

SPF 30. I knew a guy, on our mission trip to Africa, who sunburned his lips. They were swollen and he had to slather zinc oxide on them. Poor guy, he was already unpopular and mocked without the creamy white clown mouth. I also paused at the small little travel umbrellas, thinking, “Hey….maybe I should get one of these for adventuring…”

It sucks to be stuck out at temple or wherever in the sun sun sun…stick a little umbrella on my belt and I could have shade whenever I needed it. I like this metallic one.


Y’all know I love Vitalyte

July 13, 2011

Here’s an article in Wired about the hows and why of Gatorade sucks. Long before I did the actual research it was just common sense to me that Gatorade claims, based on its ingredients, sounded far-fetched. But it’s always nice when science backs me up.

I have a phone interview for a job with BMORG. I am terrified of getting it and actually having to make changes. Especially 100% drastic, topsy-turvy, move literally across the country for a 100% new life changes. Whatever will be, will be.

Schrute Facts

I’m getting all that “what if everybody hates me and I’m stupid and fat and ugly” anxiety. What am I going to wear?? What can I pack up weeks ahead of time so that it ships in time? I hate not being entirely self-reliant. I’m testing out some pickled eggs. I want to do local boiled peanuts and pork rinds.

Regular, tamari + wasabi paste, curry


That’s better. I’d rather serve pimento cheese sandwiches and deviled eggs and sweet tea, sigh.

I turned this


into some pretty cute skirts, if I say so myself. Hopefully the buyer will like the colors. It’s nerve-wracking, sewing up stuff for people you don’t know! Penny lent a hand, of course


Something awesome happened, remember Stitch?

She came to visit me!! We spent the 4th watching Lost & Found, sitting in the river drinking beer and watching Mr. Show.

I know, I know.

I can’t help it.

She’s so cute.

And helpful.

Yet another project for someone – I ain’t done shit for myself this year!

Audrey, my usual helper (sitting right the behind the sewing machine so I can’t sew is helping, right?), got in on the hot craft action

Sewing’s very dangerous, you know.

Sunday I went tubing. It was crazy fun. Hours of lazily floating down the river, punctuated with “rapids.” Me, the don’tcallmeafratboy boyfriend, my radical faery couple and their brother, a…well, homeless guy. With a tattoo of a pegasus carrying a nekkid lady tattoo’d on his back shoulder, lines blurred by age and sun. Supplies were go

Water – frozen overnight, sunscreen and Bloody Mary. I can’t wait to go again.


Light My Fire products

June 28, 2011

Y’all know I love my spork

It’s the only eating utensil I’ve used for…over five years, now. Randomly searching today I found some more LMF products:

Like a larger spork!

That would be fun just to carry around. With my 64oz flask. Their “spill-proof” cup

Product Features

  • Holds over 300ml (1.25 cups) and includes measuring lines for 100ml, 200ml, and 300ml.
  • Made from environmentally friendly polypropylene plastic.
  • Microwave safe. Floats.
  • Weighs just 65g (2.3 oz).
  • Design by Joachim Nordwall, J. Nordwall Design, Sweden.

A spill-free cup with a lid to keep hot beverages warm and make it easy to drink even under difficult conditions such as aboard a boat. As practical in the city as in the great outdoors. The spill-free cup is big enough for soup, has measuring lines and floats.

It seems to have a hole in the lid, presumably for a straw. I wonder how the lid stays on? Screws? Clicks? I have the Dusty Swan mug, no lid and totally spills everywhere. Then I might use a sippy cup with a straw, but it leaks through the straw and is a pain to clean. I’m sorely tempted to buy one, but need to put every spare penny towards the stupid plane ticket.

For normal camping (you know, with trees and shit) their FireForks are nifty:

At first I thought it was a flint striker firestarter thingie, but you take that colored bit off and you’ve got a…well, stick holder.

Yeah, “FireFork” sounds better. But for those squeamish about sticking stuff on the end of a “dirty” stick, this is a great solution. This survival bandana is pretty funny (fun gift)

A review: “My major gripe is that some of the “Survival” instructions printed on this tell you what you should do BEFORE you plan a hike/camping trip/ect., not what to do if you are already in survival mode. I can just see myself getting unnecessarily aggro in a survival situation when I go to get some wisdom from my survival bandana and it’s telling my what I “should” have done. ”

Back to LMF stuff.

You can get the cup and spork plus  two plates, a combined colander and cutting board,  and a small waterproof box. If I wasn’t enamored of my Orikaso (that I’m really glad didn’t sell when I tried to get rid of it) I’d probably get it. I just like the sporks that much! Lick ’em right clean  – the LMF spork and the dishes. No grey water. No paper towels.

Speaking of, the penultimate:

“Light My Fire is introducing a new annual collector’s series of Sporks. First out is the Limited Edition Spork 2010/2011: the Glowing Spork, a Spork made with phosphorus properties that give it unusual glow-in-the-dark properties. Each Limited Edition Spork comes in a black box with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. Also included is one of the most unusual tabloids you’ve ever seen: “The Glowing News”, a miniature gossip rag that answers the age-old question: what does the Spork do at Night?”

Ha! Want! Ask me what my favorite color is! Do it! It’s glow-in-the-dark when it’s glowing! And glitter. Double ha! Here’s a review

Just kidding. Man, I want a gitd spork!

“Hey dude! I’m not sure if this thing needs a review since it’s a very simple item. It looks and feels like a regular spork except that it glows.” 

Here’s a six-minute spork review for you diehard sporkheads – warning, spork abuse. Sporkians? Sporkkies? Ooooh, you like spork torture, you naughty thing?

” I think maybe you take this stuff too seriously. Theres nothing very survivalish about this. If your surviving you would use anyhing from a stick to your fingers to eat.”

Man, I just spent waaaay too much time looking at sp0rk videos on youtube. But in this one I got a better look at that cup, confirm the hole and officializing my “how can it be spill-proof when there’s a hole in the lid?” ponderance.

Dear lord I seriously need companies to send me products to review because some of these videos are just awful (ok…the uniform and accent help)!

Sherpa tips

May 20, 2011

LNT isn’t a burn-only thing.

From Gizmodo:

Last week, Apa Sherpa made it to the summit of Mount Everest for a record-breaking 21st time. This “Super Sherpa”, who now lives in Utah, has climbed for the past several years with the Eco Everest Expedition, a team with a “leave no trace” outdoor ethic dedicated to cleaning up Everest. The group has brought down over 12 tons of garbage for disposal and four human bodies for burial over the past three years.

Bodies. Human ones. The article wasn’t quite as enlightening as I’d hoped for (solar power is good!) but it links to a plethora of Plans for Solar Cookers. In 2009 I had a neighbor who used one. I was unimpressed. When I want a grilled cheese sandwich I want it NOW, not in two days. Here’s a broke-ass method for vacuum sealing. The most interesting part to me was the Clean Mountain Can.

Clean climbing practices (aka ‘Leave No Trace Mountaineering’) on Mt. McKinley have evolved over the past thirty years. A successfully enforced “pack in-pack out” policy began in the late 1970’s, with climbers removing all their garbage from the Alaska Range. Today we take this program one step further by mandating the removal of human waste from historically contaminated areas such as the West Buttress high camp at 17,200-feet. These problem locations have not only been unsightly, but often the source of polluted snow linked to gastrointestinal illness.

More specs and background info from the National Park Service site here.

I’ve been happily using the 5-gallon bucket system for years, now. Anybody who might need a loo during Exodus or just hates the JOTS as much as I do might be interested in this lighter-weight, litter-free, sealable version.

MOOP: A definition

MOOP, noun – Matter Out Of Place; especially as it applies to Black Rock City and its Citizens. Can be anything: cigarette butts, bottle caps, glowsticks, fireworks, but is often disguised as debris, i.e., broken bits of wood, plastic, metal, glass and plants. Can also be a condition: burn scars, grey water, dunes, etc.

moop, verb – to pick up Matter Out Of Place.

Some of the most common MOOP includes:

Burning Man Blog (read it! read it!)

Let’s forget about Mother Earth and LNT and MOOP and all that jazz, for now. I’m a bad hippie. I spit on the ground, after brushing my teeth*. Let me tell you what the best part about livin’ the LNT Principle is: in 5+ years and…20+ burns (not including camping and other events) I can’t recall ever leaving with more trash than fits in a shopping bag (aka a Walmart bag).

Here’s how I do it:

First: I don’t take shit with a high probability for becoming moop. Actually, first I camp alone. Ha ha!

Glowsticks? What in the world for? Walk around with your headlamp on. Expand your mind and check out the myriad of rad light-up stuff they make for bikes and trick-or-treating kids and walking dogs. Get some EL wire – it’s fun and looks so much cooler.

No feathers. No sequins. People claim “Oh no, you just have to adhere them right.” Sure that’ll lessen the odds, if you supplement the shitty factory sewing on your generic coin and bead-laden bellydance scarf, but it doesn’t eliminate the problem. Feathers might not come lose, out of the glop of epoxy you added, but they will break. The fluff will fly off in the wind, or onto the ground when you’re making out with that guy or gal or ___ you just met. Same with sequins. They break. I know this, because I’m a seamstress and I’ve tried.

Besides that, they’re called principles for a reason. It’s not a law or a rule, it’s a principle. A way of life, a mindfulness. It’s not necessarily about making sure your peanut shells don’t touch the ground. It’s about being aware of the space you’re in, for this brief time, and the people around you. It’s thoughtfulness (which is why I suspect a lot of ‘Mericans have such a hard time with this particular principle. Everybody loves expression and inclusion to the fullest, but want to nit-pick about LNT because it’s a lot more work…) and being responsible and accountable for your actions.

Anyways. Back to practicalities:

Remove ALL packaging. Take off all the shrink wrap. Take the crackers out of the box. Take the batteries out of the cardboard and plastic. Pour your booze into a flask or thermos. Empty that can of beans into a Ziploc bag. Make hummus and chicken salad and salsa. Ziploc bags are your friends. As is Tupperware.

Saves space packing to get in, and in the amount of trash you pack out. Plus, you can use any Ziploc bags and Tupperware to store trash and treasures (ie, gifts and presents!).

Ziploc bag ice cubes last longer than small cubes of ice from a big plastic bag. And, when it’s melted, you have cold drinking water.

Freeze stuff you won’t need right away. It’ll reduce your dependence on ice. This is also a money saver, making your own ice and freezing food.

Note: I don’t drink beer or smoke, so the issues of cans and butts won’t be addressed here.

Stuff I’m going to eat and gift, I pack in cardboard boxes or paper bags I can burn, when they’re empty. Less crap to take home! Or, you can use the bag and box for your burnables or to pack out your trash and gifts.

Starting to see how this works…? A minute bit of effort before the event saves you trash and space and effort once-there. That five minutes you just spent opening batteries could have been spent dancing or getting dressed for Lamplighters or swimming or eating bacon!

At camp: I hang the aforementioned grocery bag in a corner of tent, right with the burnable bag (I also back a small paper bag, usually from a booze purchase).

Water: For years I got a few of the disposable 2-gallon thingies, I liked having the spigot. Made life easier – oh, so you know what? I did have more than a small bag of trash, I had empty and half-empty water containers. Try one of the many, many alternatives instead – no spending money on water, no dealing with the trash and getting your foot stuck when you squash it.

The collapsible ones will save you space,

since you can fill it up after you get there and collapse it when you’re done. I didn’t like it, and after using them at Burning Man, I switched to

Takes up more space, and then you have to hang onto it, but you can transport grey water out and use it for a shelf. $13 for a one-time purchase, or $10+ several times a year to buy the disposable ones…I also dumpster dived one of these

That’s the same size as the disposable 2G. So, it fits perfectly onto my shelf, just like they did.

I highly, highly recommend all Platypus products. I haven’t used their water tanks, but their 1L water bottles are all I use for “on-the-go!”

Every time you leave your tent or walk to your tent, you should be MOOPing – looking around for trash and bits you missed. Every time when I get to CF, I have to pre-moop the area. Usually beer bottle caps and cigarette butts. The occasional tampon applicator and empty condom wrapper. If those people had been out there living by the principle of LNT…it’d sure be nicer for me. Anyways, pre-moop the area, then just keep up with it the during the week/end.

That’s just me, though. I’d rather walk around when I drink my coffee in the morning for a minute, or check things out while I’m waiting for dinner to be served than spend an hour Monday LNTing the site.

So, to recap:Leave No Trace is pretty self-explanatory. The goal is to leave the space you temporarily occupy just like you found it (or better, in the case of CF and some of the pre-mooping you might have to do). Don’t leave a trace of all the debauchery and tomfoolery you just indulged in! MOOP is matter out of place. If it wasn’t there when you got there, it shouldn’t be there when you leave. Simple enough, no?

Leave anything with dangly bits that could snag/break/fall off/get pulled off at home. Unpackage everything before you pack it. Avoid packaging by making what you can. Repackage it into a Ziploc bag or Tupperware when you can. Have a trash bag and a burnables bag. Keep up with your trash and spend a few minutes a day making sure you didn’t accidentally drop something. Or maybe you intentionally did it because you were drunk and promised to get it tomorrow. Either way, MOOPing each day keeps the leave date more free for hanging out and saying good-byes.

Also, if you’re still like, “screw that…” I suggest signing up for an LNT shift. Spent a few hours walking around and really see why LNT is one of the Almighty High Holy Principles – they exist for a reason, you know! LNT is no less important than RSE or Decommodification. Plus, you might find cash, furry leg warmers or a big vial of cocaine (all true stories)

and you’ll meet hot chicks with moo-stashes.



*I did it knowing it was bad but hey, the rain will wash it away so who cares? Well, the plants care. After a particularly rainy Transformus, and watching my white pile of spit water stick right to the plants and NOT wash off, I realized I had to change my attitude on that one…

The official word, from the aforementioned Burning Man blog:

The Burner’s Guide to Leaving No Trace

The Burner’s Guide to Leaving No Trace is a series of thoughtful actions you can take, from the moment you start packing your car to the moment you hose the last playa mud off its undercarriage. Over the next several months, we’ll dive into all these issues in depth. Here’s the overview to get you started:

  • PRECYCLE – Buy less stuff in bulky packaging, or recycle and get rid of the packaging before you come to the playa. You’re gonna need the extra room on the back end!
  • BRING LESS – Bring less stuff! Less is less! Save gas, save yourself a Tetris headache and save the playa from litter by leaving out that extra, non-sturdy shade structure and seven or eight pillows you don’t NEED need.
  • DON’T LET IT HIT THE GROUND – Cigarette butts, wood chips, nails, screws, specifically. Also single-use water bottles (don’t bring ‘em!), feathers (don’t wear ‘em!) and belly dance coins from your blinged-out hips (don’t shake ‘em!).
  • MANAGE YER TRASH – Icky, yet necessary. Do it. Water, too. Separate your cans from your hams and let that soapy water evaporate instead of pouring it on the ground.
  • RECYCLE THOSE CANS – Cans = cash for local schools! Cart ‘em to Recycle Camp and take a ride on the can crusher.
  • PLAN TO MOOP YOUR CAMP – Don’t let anybody hit the road until you’ve conducted an all-camp line sweep. Make an exit plan that includes time to pick up any MOOP in your area, even if you don’t think it’s yours.