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Kaweka Foods

October 14, 2009

I just ate some Kaweka beef chili with beans. It is from New Zealand. It was pretty tasty, for food in a pouch.
“New Zealand beef, plum tomatoes and red kidney beans wtih authentic seasoning.” I was curious, what “authentic” New Zealand chili encompassed.  It proudly says “GLUTEN FREE” on the front, which always makes me happy.

The ingredients are: ground beef, tomatoes, vegetable stock (water, onions, carrots, celery, leeks, mushrooms, tomato paste, herbs, spices), red kidney beans, onions, tomato paste, garlic, rice bran oil, spices, paprika, chili powder.

What? …that is all actual food. Unless NZ isn’t required to list every single ingredient, and there are hidden -ites and -mites, etc. Having looked at other similiar food in a pouch options, I’ve not found one so simple.

I’ll just have to pick some up on my next trip to New Zealand. (I don’t have a next trip to New Zealand).

I think I’m going to buy a cooler.

June 21, 2009

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t really mess with coolers.  Heavy, it’s just gonna melt, don’t want to risk food spoiling, etc.  I think I’m changing my mind.

Is that too big? Seems like wheels would be nice (them things gets heavy!!), but only the larger ones have them. And, I read not to bother with anything but a 5-day cooler.


On a side note, Target had solar lights on sale, so I picked up a few decorative stakes, string lights and lanterns (hooray new job!).

If I was going to cook

June 19, 2009

This seems pretty cool:

Fifty bucks for (allegedly) 70 servingsish of foods.

In which I reply to commenters!

June 18, 2009

Woo-hoo! I exist! First, from Mr. Chris:

*scribbles furiously on a piece of scrap paper*

Wait..wait…it’ll be my first time too….let me get all this down…”eye drops”..damn you’d think something like that would be so obvious, yet it never occurred to me…

Ha! I know, right? I am determined to be fully and most radically self-reliant, hence googling the stuff out of “burning man tips” and such.  I recommend you do the same – and join tribe and read eplaya.

Though this is my first time at Burning Man, it isn’t my first burn. And, a few years ago, when I plunged into Burnerland, I read everything I could find. So, there’s a lot I won’t cover in this blog, because I’m prepared for it.

Like ear plugs. Just get a bag of them from wherever, the foam kind. Roll them up between your fingers. Pull up on your ear, so you can fit them better into the ear canal. Sleep. 

I have a bed, I like – get a nice piece of polar fleece, to put on top of an air mattress. It will keep you much warmer (some sort of science something…I forget).


Next, from Monsieur  Tiberious:

To cover your rebar stakes, buy some foam swim noodles at Wal-Mart  Cut them to fit the above-ground rebar.  Try to find them with smaller holes for a snug fit. They’re tough, light, brightly colored, can be cut to fit, and cheap. If someone does trip on them, it can then be funny instead of tragic.

Yep, just got to figure out what to camp in, first…I finally heard of someone who camps in an EZ Up, my standard abode, but I’m still worried it’ll get broke and all blown up and away.

My Taj Mahal

My Taj Mahal

But yeah, noodles and solar lights are the plan – I think I’ll be camping with my friends in Big Puffy Yellow, so there’ll be a nice little cluster of us.

And lastly, from Randall – repeat commenter!:

I brought three weeks of food my first year, not really knowing how much I’d eat or what I’d be hungry for.  I had lots of leftovers, and lots of stuff to share.

What I mostly found was that I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on food.  I was pretty happy to just make something fast and get back to the festival.

Breakfast was usually the “big meal” since it was quieter and there were fewer things I’d be missing while I ate.

I drank a gallon each of apple juice and grape juice, which not only broke up the monotony of all the water but provided a boatload of vitamins.

I had a lot of granola bars, mostly because I could carry them around all the time.  Luna is my favorite brand, and again, it has oodles of vitamins

If you are going to at least be able to heat water, there’s lots of “pouch” foods in the grocery store – rice and noodle products, mostly.  Even though I brought my backpacking stove and some jet fuel, we only used it twice… once for a potluck dinner and other time to heat up someone’s branding iron.

I don’t think I started eating “real food” again until mid-September.

If you don’t do a cooler, pretty much everything you eat will be “astronaut” food.

I’m gluten-free, so  a lot of bar stuff is out of the question. Plus, they’re kinda expensive. I did snag some on sale, that I’m saving.

I love cooking, but not washing dishes on the playa. I probably will get a cooler (another thing I have to research), so that at least for the first few days I can have cold water. The places we’re stopping for food, I don’t have one here in town, so that’ll be a pain, wandering around looking for stuff.

I know I want some Tasty Bites, that is an easy, no fridge, no cooking treat.

Gluten-free bread stuffs suck, too, unless they’re toasted. I’ll have to see what, exactly, Big Puffy will have lying around…I”m a natural grazer, so I do just fine without “meals.”

And, I’ve never been to a burn and not returned with most of the food I took!

Now, likker, that’s another story…


May 17, 2009

Food is the worst part, often, for my trips.  Most staples (crackers, granola, bagels, sandwich bread anything, noodles anything) I can’t eat.  Every time, I pack too much. Usually, that’s not really a problem-problem, since I just bring it home, and eat it eventually.

However, we’re going grocery shopping when we get there. I don’t do coolers. I have no idea what to bring to eat.  I’m not really into junk food, like chips and such. I like to cook, but don’t do all the lugging of stuff, dishwashing, etc.

My main concern on the playa is staying healthy, with my food, not just preventing hunger.  I’m eyeballing some


Mountain House Western Style Scrambled Eggs and Ham For One


type stuff, but I want to think I can do something for cheaper. But maybe ease would be worth the money.

I juuuuust doooonnn’t knoooooow.