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Goodwill finds

February 4, 2011

So that mask I got as a prop, that I ended up wearing several times in storms, got me thinking about getting a lighter one…like this one.

 This thing goes for over 200 bucks retail, and the bid with 8 hours left is $6. Firefighters use it:

” My AV2000 just endured a 4th alarm fire with temps well into the 1000s range.”

Quite tempting. As is it’s older brother

Adding a helmet would be stifling

but hilarious to ride around in.

This could be a nice travel bar

Slimmer than most. Swap out those utensils for some snacks. Salt shaker = margarita salt. Or do coffee, slip it on your back and ride out to deep playa for a little coffee klatsch.

There’s a discussion on how to keep warm going on, if you’re thinking “playa coat” don’t. If you’re still thinking “big and bulky,” shopgoodwillorg has a never-ending supply of fur coats of varying lengths, colors, styles – starting at a dollar. You just saved $899!!


would make a great “gift.” Love is a rite of passage, non? “First love?” And you can strap it to stuff with that little loop. Not a beaner, but a lanyard, mebbe. I’m not sure what you’d chain the end of


Speaking of gifting and practical things, when people gift you food because hey man, the playa provides, you can thank them by using this spoon

This is like a anti-drug commercial’s dream,

LET’S GET HIGH AND STAB EACH OTHER!!! It’s going for $102, whatever it is. I truly prefer this one

“I want to go back to the Shire!”

It’s broken, but this

hand-crank sewing machine could be fun. Set up a little table and offer repairs. In all my many years of antiquing, junking, costuming, etc. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a ladies fez

Hm…several hundred of these discretely rebarred into the playa all over…especially a few leaning against The Man.

“2 Hand Saws for the Home Meat Butcher”

I’m totally going to keep an eye on this auction

(it’s a flask)

If you’re not trying to hide the boozin’, then fuck yeah go for this

Often, perusing auctions is entertaining just for the auction descriptions. I learned a new word today, “mantique” (Manly antiques) and “Pro Action Poncho!”  I mean, who wants a poncho that is anti-action?

Just for Gary:

Bersted’s Eskimo 2 Speed Vibrator Model 750

For bust enhancement! Constipation! Men after shaving!

for the front of your bike. This is pretty creepy but you could get it and take the head off.

Ladies and gentlemen, thus completes our tour of today’s finds.

Mask ideas…

January 17, 2011

It seems like a more technically-detailed cyberpunk might be the next fad after steampunk. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

He doesn’t list materials, so I’m not sure if this is wearable or just wall art…

but as a variation on this one I’d guess it’s for wearing.

A long, rambling, scattered post

August 6, 2010

I had 12 messages in my inbox this morning, all me drunk-texting myself stuff to remember to blog about.

“Neil hamb tony clifton hot”

“Tallahassee lassie chassis”

Let’s go back to Wednesday night. I’m trying to create a wasteland, raider-y wardrobe, right? So I got some brown hues of misc. linen…using my Lip Service thingie

as a pattern/idea

I cut a lining out of the nice red jersey. Soft and cool and dries quickly. Cut off the waistbands of the skirts and shorts

(intentionally leaving the book in the shot so I’d remember to recommend the Outlander series)

and set to pinning

I do want it to be nice and fitted, showing up my hourglass (more time on the bottom…) figure off, but comfortable and wearable. It was going smashingly until I broke my FAVORITE SEAM RIPPER 😦 😦 😦

I swear, I can go through some seam rippers…it unscrewed and you could put thread/needles/pins, etc. right innit. I found it on clearance at Joanne’s one day, a whole bunch of Generation T accoutrements. I also enjoy the magnetic pin box. It’s a nice combo between a wrist one and a pin cushion.

Anyways. Pinning and sewing, strip by strip…

Right now I’m trying to finish up the back. Debating suspenders. Onto the next project, this dress

(google is not being my friend today, I couldn’t find links to the seam ripper or the needle box or the look in my head for this dress)

Sort of an overcoat/duster thing, buttoned @ the waist, open and flared at the bottom. As you can see, though, it’s teeny – I used to be Molly’s size, and if it’s too small for her, it’s WAY too small for me.

Solution (it’s handmade and easy to do this with): add panels to the skirt, increasing waist size and giving it fullness and that swoopy look I want

I love my table, I totally splurged on it last year with the intent that if I had a dining room table, I’d have dinner parties (wrong) and it’d be a nice, large flat surface for getting all these damn projects done (mostly right). It can also be handy as a cutting guide

The green fabric there is a triangle insert to go under the arm, because the bodice part is too tight – it doesn’t need to fit over my chest, since I’m only buttoning at the waist, but it needs to look right

Not all wonky and puckered across the chest.

That leaves us with three unfinished but started projects: cloak, belt, corselet, overcoat – FOUR! NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!

Here’s the view from my front door:

This weekend I am going to clean up a bit, before I continue with any sewings!!

Last night I went over to the aforementioned awesome friend who kayaks and is loaning me stuff’s house for dinner/a looksee. He’s the reason I had an inbox full of drunk texts to me.

While he worked on dinner,

(I don’t mind snappings beans at all, but shelling crowder peas = noes!)

I started drinking.

I’d tried that beer (it’s gluten-free) back when it came out, and it was so bad I actually tried to return it to the beer store. I must have gotten a bad batch, though, because it’s actually pretty good (for a non-stout/porter).

Really good.

“Counter bottles comforting”

There’s something comforting about waking up to a counter full of empty beer bottles.

Dinner was smoked pork chops, green beans and cheater’s jambalya (Zataran’s with shrimp and vegetables added):

Was it good?

A-no duh.

We watched Greenberg while we ate. I was very much looking forward to this movie, and I very much didn’t care for it. It reminded me of Seinfeld. A bunch of unlikable characters I don’t care about at all…but still kinda watchable. Ben Stiller as a carpenter was laughable. The like, TWO scenes where they showed him doing carpentery stuff (carrying wood, measuring a wall to hang a little picture) were stupid. I like Rhys Ifan, though…the leading alternagirl was just pathetic, “Oh, I am so awkward and shy but so full of love for the right person! I’m lonely, would you like see my new thrift store tee shirt?? I just didn’t find anything likeable about her. Whiny and pathetic. Just like Ben Stiller’s main character. And every other character he’s done…anyways.

K loaned me some bags!

There’s another Army bag, a large rubber kayaking bag, a nifty black canvas backpack…the red thing is an air pad (that you can turn into a chair), the blue thing is a water bag, and the yellow thing is basically a thick space blanket.

I think the kayaking bag is bag #1, now,

because it’s lighter than the  Army canvas one. I’d really like to use the smaller Army one as my carry-on, but I think it’s too big

I measured my suitcase, too

but I’m not sure what 14 inches long, 9 inches wide, 2 inches deep means. And I know I can take a carry-on, like a small suitcase, and some sort of personal bag. I mean,  women today have purses bigger than what I pack for a whole weekend+…

And I was so drunk and excited about the bags and the progress I packed my first bag

Underwear! Knickers! Oh my stripes and garters!

Oh, after Greenberg was over he popped in some Midnight Special. It was AWESOME. The Andy Kaufman episode. His guests were Slim Whitman and Freddie Cannon (the Tallahassee guy).  You can watch the whole episode in parts, on youtube. He’s a genius.

Slim Whitman sang “I Remember YOOOOOOUUUUUUU” (not the real title) and I knew it was a movie’s theme song…and I was right, it was in House of 1,000 Corpses.

I love everything I’ve seen Andy Kaufman do. It struck me last night the similarity between Tony Clifton

and Neil Hamburger

Who is probably my favourite current, living comedian (now that Zach G is a big ol’ movie star).

He’s the only non-friend I followed on Twitter.

Aaafter the Andy Kaufman, it just happened that Mad Max was on the teevee. That movie’s pretty bad-ass. I’m not sure I’ve seen it.

Me: “There’s motorcycles and crazy people and a lot of leather, right?”

K: Yup.

Me: “Why do they kill his wife and children?”

K:  Thats what they do, thyre one-percenters.

So maybe I haven’t seen Mad Max? BAD BURNER!!

It did make me want to figure out how to get my armor there, though…!!

The end.

Furries and the pope…

June 15, 2010

Thriftin’ was mildly bountiful. Bountiful in a way that I’m like, “Oooo…but I will never wear this.”

It’s oddly shaped, and I’m thinking of using it as a hood for my playa cloak. My imaginary playa cloak…

It’s hard to stem a boot problem (as in, I have too many of them) when they’re like….fifty cents (dollar a pound Goodwill). Barbarella Queen of the Arctic Tundra…

Paintball mask?

Playa googles.

Creepy weird something else…

Now I just gotta figure out how to accumulate $600 or so in the next month or so…

I bought these things to make some pasties:

I tried to throw a dinner party, and finally framed my zombie/unicorn print.

It’s fairly ghetto and uneven (thanks, gin!) but the purple’s ok, and the diaphonous trim is stupid. I mean, awesome.

Whatever. I like it.

Back to thriftin’. I was SO sad this box was empty:

Oh, speaking of my ghetto-ass craftiness (and I use the term craftiness loosely…) I made my friend a bookmark. I super love making people stuff.

I won a crappy  Ebay auction of what I thought were nice Dresden Dolls prints. He mailed them late and threw in other stuff, like that Tori cut-out. She likes Tori, I make obituary bookmarks,

There was some shiny red stuff by the laminating machine and this faux-Oriental dangle in my car. Voila! And I am stealing this make-up idea:

The end.

Shop Smart,

May 31, 2010

I won my first auction! I use parasols, to avoid sunscreen (greasy icky) and sunburn. I won a lot of three of them. One for me, two to give away!

They’re fairly unusual (as someone who has been a fan for, well…all my life. I keep an eye out on Amazon and Ebay…) – and fragile. Untreated paper,

nice red handles…!

Today’s fun find is another gas mask

The kicker (what does that mean, anyways?)? The description:

“This is a used instrument and has not been serviced, cleaned or tested for playability.”

Buy shit.

April 28, 2010

all prices include shipping

Why yes, those are furry, blue argyle pillows. $20

Cheers! $10

This guy knows what I’m talking about. $15

Bright yet somehow not obnoxious and kinda pretty pink

nightgown and matching robe, bust up to 38″, waist up to 42″

Ties in front, eyelet trim, $20

Orange. Orange! The latest! And NOT polyester! All cotton, I’m pretty sure. Cuffed sleeves, scallop detail…

(underarm-underarm) Bust up to 40″, waist up to 50″



You heard me.

He’s watching you. 100% silk. $40


NIB Demonia shoes…mmmm…platforms…never worn. Size 9. $50

 Hamburger Helper clock $10

I have that in a white, and a painted black with some laces painted purple one…up to a 30″ waist…maybe 31 or 31. It’s a medical brace corset, and it looks crazy awesome. $60 – and they go for a lot more on Ebay. I really, really hate to let these go. 😦

Hooks up the front

Hissy cat! Belt buckle $15

Pewter celtic cat belt buckle


Ten dollar vintage:

Totally Donna Reed – looks much more elegant in person.  Quilted detail on collar and pockets, pearl buttons…pinkish coral collar

More orange than red orange-red terry cloth jumper…thing! Super cozy.

I like this one for the larger size. More booze!

So yeah…buy stuff. Cuz you know I’ll also throw in little surprises and such, too. I guess paypal…checks work, too. And if this idea appeals to you, I added a “Marketplace bizarre!”  (Bizarre Bazaar, et al) category, so you can click on it and see what all I’ll be putting up.

Goodwill round 2

April 16, 2010

To be clear, if you click on the photos it should take you to the item’s auction @ – ok, it will take you to the photo of the time, but you can figure it out from there, right?

Nine old keys…24 bids, over a hundred dollars.

I’d love to attach this mic to a megaphone:

Classiest pee jar EVAH!

Makes me want to smoke:

Suspended from a wrist strap, it has pockets for change, as well as clip for holding cigarettes. Has flip up mirror, and what appears to be a space for that special picture of loved one.

For those days when you’re tired of dry rations, stare at this like Bugs Bunny adrift with a hot dog:

Here’s a size 28 white gown!

Camp lounging, light and breezy but shading your delicate skin from the sun:

I might think about these boots:

At night, I’m definitely going to go for warmth and comfort, more than fashion (like last year – my boots were also comfortable, but didn’t fit by the end of the week). Speaking of staying warm:


These could go with the epees, or be made into some wicked scary masks

I wonder if anybody’s ever walked around in full-on scuba gear? Be hot as hell, during the day, but funny.

Thunderdome costume base:


Except I can’t find anything about it online…but it looks alright.

I’d get this for my pirate ship!:

In which I go shopping for you

April 8, 2010

Playa coat

That hip and happening band leader military lookish

funky-ass hard backpack

(so, you can link on the pics to get to the item)

Seems a bit meshy to work against whiteouts, but pretty

’nuff said:

size 10 comfy shoes! (I have several friends w/ 10 & 11 feet, so I’m always on the lookout)

Steampunks love their props

Collapsible top hat is good for packing

A rug for the yurt I wish I could camp in

Smokers are a moop catastrophe. At least do it in style.

Whores! The lot of you.

I would need to wear this on my head somehow…