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QotD and Playa Provisions

August 18, 2011

“I shall go on shining as a brilliantly meaningless figure in a meaningless world.” 
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned 

Got a spammy comment, but the product’s pertinent (my penis is plenty big, my prescriptions are covered by insurance and I know how to meet Russian single ladies, da?)

Hard not to like someone with a cartoon, Star Wars menu and an innovative idea – not to mention, to my surprise, the prices are COMPLETELY reasonable.

Pork Posole – $55.00 (Five 12 oz. Portions)
Pork Braised in a thick rich smokey tomato broth with hominy and onions – Cabbage lime and radish on the side

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo – $45.00 (Five 12 oz. Portions)
Chicken thighs with andouille sausage cooked with herbs, spices onions, celery and green bell peppers

They should deliver me some granola (they don’t deliver) to review, moo hoo ha ha.

Quinoa Granola – $25.00 (Five 4 oz. Portions)
Quinoa flakes, almonds, sugar, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, grapeseed oil, maple syrup, vanilla (Gluten Free!)

They have packages that come prepacked in an ice chest you keep, and list/sell everything you need to heat the meals up. Pretty darn nifty if you ask me.

As someone who has totally, completely lucked out with a wonderful camp chef who goes beyond out of his way to include and accomodate her, I haven’t experienced the hassle of meal planning, prep and execution but it seems Playa Provisions would def be worth it for other travellers like me, who need a simple, compact way of eating well while in BRC. Man, that was a long sentence. But you know what I mean, not everybody can travel with a full kitchen set-up. Pot. Heat source. Water (melted ice). Spork – eat it out of the bag. Done. Pretty cool.


August 13, 2011

Mod Mischief asks,

I’m currently looking for recipes for making booze at home on the cheap. While not totally Burning Man related, it seems like the sort of thing you might know about (or at least support in concept).

PS: We’re keeping it legal, so no distilling, but otherwise we’re open to any and all suggestions for delicious home-brew concoctions (and associated cocktails).

PPS: Bonus points if you can point me in the right direction for awesome bottles or containers to store it in

I’m guessing you mean like, flavored booze recipes? Not from-scratch? The only thing I’ve really done (besides sangria) is bacon vodka. It’s pretty simple. Fry some bacon, put it in a jar with vodka, freeze. Freeze so the fat will become solid. Then, filter. Filter and filter some more. Otherwise, you’ll have bacon vodka with mushy fat balls in it.

I had planned to make several varieties: wasabi, ginger, peach, pepper…I have local peaches and hot peppers. Though I could add some wasabi powder and grated ginger…but since I’m not driving, none of that will happen. I might still try the peach and pepper…my plan is just to get a bottle of vodka and add sliced peaches/the whole pepper.

I do have a recipe for apple jack…mmm, apple jack! It’s Everclear + apple juice (I would use cider) + cinnamon sticks…delicious. Not Martha has been experimenting with “grapefruit tarragon infused” vodka.

 I love grapefruit, and it’s pretty. Strawberry is right up my alley, I LOVE strawberries. As you can see, it’s pretty simple to infuse vodka – I’m thinking, as I type this, about fig vodka. Make the water/sugar simple syrup + figs + vodka…that’s my kind of kitchen witchery!

I have a mead recipe at home I’ve yet to try, and a friend who makes all sorts of delicious wines – he has the implements, the big glass jugs, the curly thing, etc. I’m not so fancy, so the infusions work for me.

As far as containers, I’ve been hoarding misc. bottles that I bought, but you might also want to post on Craigslist/freecycle, and keep an eye out at thrift stores. Me being me, though, mason jars suit me just fine! If I had a vaccum sealer thingie, like those boys with the pre-made Manhattans, that could be super fun. Attach a little straw and hand out grown-up Capri Suns!

Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans Snack Mix – and booze

April 9, 2011

Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans Snack Mix are tasty.

Naturally sweet (I love pecans) and peppery…

“Black-peppered pecans, sweet cranberries and a touch of orange zest,” skrait from the bag. Snack food but I found I wasn’t eating a lot, the flavors were pretty satisfying (unlike, a bag of Cheetos, which must be consumed in its entirety). I got them at WalMart, where I saw

Coincidentally, those are the two flavors I tried. Total waste of money.

“Grab a handful! These pouches go right from the store to the freezer…and come out as something truly unique. The taste, consistency, and refreshment of a frozen blender drink…without the blender…the clean-up…the noise! You rip open the top and pour a slushy cocktail, created by America’s premier cocktail experts…into your glass, or right into your mouth.”

And only 5% alcohol. I actually froze them, though I don’t like frozen drinks. The slushiness is inconsistent (IE, you end up with mostly slush). The margarita flavor was pretty margaritary in that straight-outta-the-bottle unnaturally green margarita way. I don’t like those. The strawberry one was pretty good, tasted just like an Icee. Couldn’t taste the booze in either of them. I like the taste of booze. Drink Kool-Aid and roofie yourself if you’re just drinking to “loosen up.”

They’d be cute for novelty gifty purposes (like an ice cream truck, but hand out these instead of popsicles), but not as cute as homemade booze popsicles – like the chocolate bourbon ones I tried to make – and too MOOPy.

for your amusement

February 4, 2011

Here’s 10 things you can make with a coffee pot. You can get a propane-powered one (Coleman makes them) – though you’ll need two, unless you don’t drink coffee. In college, I used a Rival pot in a similar fashion. Takes up less room than a camp stove. But not a little burner. But it’d be more steady than one of those.

NASACAR (Non-Accredited Sport Centered Around Rednecks) exists because of bootlegging – so does Mountain Dew (well, moonshine). Somehow, the idea of Burt Reynolds runnin’ from Smokey in a horse and buggy amuses me.


June 9, 2010

I find myself without my partner-in-crime, this summer.

She of the stove, and French press.

I’ve never camped with a stove, I bring food that doesn’t involve cooking. I wander the fields, in search of a decent cup of coffee. However, I’ve been spoiled, my last few excursions, by having neighbors who bring such luxuries as “coffee” and “stoves.” Sitting around camp in one’s skivvies, without having to put in contacts or on shoes and drink coffee until cognizance ain’t so bad.

So, then, I need a camp stove and a French press.

Less dishes to wash. I am all about not washing any dishes.

“Soto OD-1R Micro Regulator Stove”

2.6 oz, 4.5 out of 5 stars at REI, not a con listed.



Jetboil, jetgoil…I’m gonna take you ’round the world…if you’re singing along, we should hang out.

It has a little loop on the handle, you could beaner it to something. And it comes in colors, ooo, shiny! And with a coozie

…a translucent drink-though lid that lets you check on the contents of the cup so you’ll know precisely when your water begins to boil

  • Translucent measuring cup with easy-to-read lines unsnaps from the bottom of the cooking cup, giving you a convenient tool for preparing meals and hot drinks (sweet! I had this problem with some powdered eggs, not thinking I’d need to measure how much water to add)
  • … integrates the personal cooking cup and stove for fast setup and compact storage (so no stove, pot and cup, just this thing)
  • And did I mention

    Fuel = “Butane/propane canister”

    Not sure what that means. At $100 it’d be the most indulgent camping purchase I’ve ever made (tents included). But self-suffiency is priceless n’ junk. There’s a “personal” version, I’m thinking it’s just bigger (holds 1L). No, they both hold 1L. I guess the Flash just has the fancy stripes on the side, indicating when it’s boiling.

    I dig the idea of being able to hang it in a tree. This kit is the flash cup stuff, plus the french presser and a little coffee sampler. Jetboil even has a recipe’s page. I’m always more inclined to go with products made for the people, by the people (who saw a need, made the product, and made it good).

    What y’all think?