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Shit I like on Etsy

January 23, 2011

I am so, so, soooooooooooooooooooooooo borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred at work. I can’t watch Netflix any more, so now I really, literally, have nothing to do.

Pocket belts appear to be all the rage I WAS THERE FIRST! Some kids at Alchemy even had the same design as the one gifted me by a former? reader…I love that thing. I love the one I made even more, of course, since it’s just for me and what I need. Sandalmoon has some pretty cute designs, some truly lovely; can’t speak for the practicality but she has 100% positive reviews.

Still like the bones tails. And their banner:

I think if you use “burning man” as your search word on Etsy, you get a pretty good idea of everything that’s wrong with it: furry leg warmers, light-up goggles and tutus. And a lot of shit with feathers, that shouldn’t be taken to the playa because feathers, sequins, etcetcetc = MOOP. “Tribal” crap and goddess dresses. Cheap-ass goggles you can get anywhere for like, ten bucks. Slap some paint and the word “steampunk” on it and sell for sixty bucks. This is a cute idea, however

Keeping your bum warm IS important. Nighttime is all about layers. What’s good for a two-mile walk from camp to Root Society is not good for dancing in a sweaty crowd of 2,000 people. What’s keeping you cozy at Midnight Popcorn Palace near a burn barrel will not help as you cruise deep playa, the night breeze (aka frigid air) in your face. So make sure to keep your butt warm.

Let me go ahead and tell you what I hate. You’ll have to click, I’m not even going to put a picture on my blog. The good thing about those stupid hats, though, is that I can completely avoid anybody wearing one, no questions asked.  Arm warmers crack me up. Buy some socks. Cut the toes off. Cut a hole for your thumb. Done. I like using toe socks, just snip the tips off. One last thing I like:

I know hip kids like the holster look (especially DPW) but you can’t really carry much. Until now

Six pockets, total (snack, chapstick, sunscreen, pen, contact info cards, pee funnel, ___). D rings to clip on everything else (goggles, mug, maybe a lighter or chapstick, etc.). Want. The only problem for me with that would be how to carry water.

Say, in another description she lists exactly what you can do!

“Fill this belt’s 4 pockets with everything you need for your burning man adventure! Small flashlight, lighter, stash, stickers, candy, compass, program, jewelry, condoms, you name it. Also D-rings and clips for more places to attach things and stuff.

Pockets have the >'< burning man logo subtly set on the lids (with cowhide fur accent). People who know will recognize, and those that don’t know yet, will still think it looks fly.

Not only does the buckle ensure a comfortable fit… The lacing and eyelets allows for maximum adjustability. When ordering, be sure to tell me your hip size! Each is made custom fit.

Starbust design is standard, ask for a different configuration of studs if you feel inspired. Keeping each one unique is part of the appeal.

Go take a dust bath!”

We like her. Him. Them. You REALLY can tell who’s been and knows what’s needed, and who just glues spikes onto goggles.

And the penultimate:

Clippity-pockety-linkyadeedoo EXTRAVAGANZA! I could clip my water bottles to the back

Bearing in mind I mean my Platypus bottles, not Sigs or metal clanky things. Remember what I said about the difference between people who KNOW how to roll in BRC, and those just trying to profit from us? (also, Regretsy’s Compare and Save is great, showing you how low the standards of Etsy have fallen)

“Are you a fire spinner? Do you feel safer having an extra pair of quick links? Upon request, the lower pocket pulls can come equipped with exactly this.” Also, THIS:

Excellent for crushed cans, no doubt. I’m surprised there’s not a built-in grill for bacon on-the-fly; this best actually is, as claimed, BAD-ASS. Ok, she just needs to quit. I can’t afford an engagement ring to offer, right now. I have a BM ticket to pay for!

Let’s do some tutorials. What do you want, but can’t afford, that I could show you how to do cheaper?

Let’s go shopping…

July 31, 2010

I might seriously buy this.

It’s a chamber pot. No fumbling for a pee funnel and pee jug. Or squatting over a large coffee can.

OH! Listen, I want to do a proper post with pictures and comparisons, but I haven’t had a chance, yet. The Pstyle is the best pee funnel EVER. If you are into pee funnels (…./sigh, somebody probably is…) you have to get one. It looks like their site is down…but I am considering getting a second one, in case I lose the first one. It exceeded my expectations. It’s fantastic. Get one for the ladies in your life.

Back to me.

Remember how I did a post about how fun it’d be to have a completely retro campsite? I don’t feel like looking for it…so go find it. In continuing with my love of all things old,

I could run this back and forth all over the ground:

Floggers? So passe. BDSM is so cliche.

I would beat your “rug” with one of these, however. I would love to be able to gift this to Retrofrolic:

We had a violet wand kit at the Castle…it’s pretty to play with.

Anybody know what this is? If money wasn’t tight I’d bid on it, just to get it and find out.

Heh. Megaphone up for bid. I’ve purposefully not bought one. Steali – I mean, having someone loan me their’s is just so much more…organic. Like, if I’m meant to tell people YOU’LL NEVER GET LAID IN THAT, a megaphone will find me.

I’d like to wander around in head-to-toe scuba gear, as I mentioned before, but some sherpa thing would be fun

And equally as hot and awful!

More parasols – oh! At Tmus I was walking across Broke-ass Bridge with my parasol I bought to give away. I was, seriously, thinking, “Man, I bought these parasols to give away, and nobody wants one.” I came through the clearing and was side-stepping the mud when someone called out, “I like your parasol!” So I walked up and handed it to her. Not even five minutes from my thought to her exclamation.

All together, there’s several hundred of these coveralls up for auction…

That could be creepy. I mean useful.

Hm. Should I go the extra mile and cost to do some costume donating?? I’m not sure I’d be able to get the bins of pirate shoes and fetish belts to Atlanta in time. Hrmph. My sparkling, positive personality will just have to do as a gift.

These I just like.

But not as “Snow Boots!”

Anybody a size 8?

I really like both of those…

Or a 70s hooker?


…Wookie…*insert Wookie growl*

There’s so much fur on the site. Heads on, tails on, white, grey, black, brown…last year’s bikini outfit was made entirely from a short fur jacket I got at the Goodwill.  You could sew a bunch of coats together for a blanket/throw, make a large cape…etc.

Still bored. And 5.5 hours of sitting to go…

Playa coats

July 4, 2009

I’m making mine (several, actually), but if someone was going to give me one, I’d take this one:

From Ninedeep.