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October 8, 2009

I suppose I feel lonely and mopey, so I’m crawling back down inside myself – it looks rather unlike the outside. Though I find entertainment and amusement in ….well, according to other people, “sick,” “abrasive,” “insane,” “weird” shenanigans, I take comfort and seek solace in beauty – esp. that of simplicity. So, here is what I’m poking around today:

I’ve learned there’s a whole “tiny house” or “small house” movement. Me, I have always (no, seriously, since I was a child) yearned to be a gypsy (racism!). Like these house trucks.

Somebody at Alchemy had the sweetest little white trailer/camper, small and round.  Ever since I saw Kitchen Stories I’ve been sort of intrigued by that particular shape of camper.

(How sweet is that pram??)

My little car wouldn’t pull something like that, though. At best, perhaps when my sassy little bug gives up the ghost, I’ll get something I can camp out the back of. Someone I know has a…boxy car thingie. He puts the seats down for a mattress and covers the rear end with an EZ Up, walls of pretty fabric, et voila. It grows evermore tiresome to do all this packing and unpacking and setting up and tearing down and repacking blah blah blah by myself.

So sleep in a hammock!

Uh, no.

…nevermind. I am so horrible about personal blogging. So I’m going back to faerie tales, gypsy trailers (or vardos*, as they are actually called. I love me some learnin’. Maybe one day I will meet someone who can help me build a small one.), hobbit homes and midsummer’s night dreamings.

*Heh, one site joked about the “period police.” No, not people that wander around making sure tampons are in place. People who say things like, “A 14th-Century lady most certainly would NOT have worn a whalebone hoopskirt in lieu of an empire waist – that brocade’s thread count is WRONG!”**

**Yes, I actually say things like that. Just in my head, and not to other people.

I think one thing that draws me to the SCA – and burners, come to think of it – is their love of doing things just for the sake of doing them. Like the guys with the “vardo” links, admitting the vardos aren’t period, but a “bender tent” is. And here they are, making one. I mean, who does that?? When you can set up a few poles and some nylon and be done with it in a few minutes? Who spends every day of a year working towards something that will be around for a few days, and then gone forever?

Awesome people, that’s who.  And hey, they live in Georgia somewhere!

Not to mention burly men in kilts, mead and fire. Heck yeah. Next year, Pennsic. BRC can have itself. I’ll take the Renaissance over a rave any day!

I think I have an art project.

October 7, 2009

Inspired by my little forest of doom, Coil and the Wonderdome. I don’t know where my head will be next year, or if I’ll be able to find people to help me bring it together (all the electrical sound/noise/lighting, I can make props and plan it all out), but here’s a few of the songs inspiring it:


I think this year I will try to invest in a projector of some sort. I so do love film, the cinema, movies, la la la, and projecting Haxan into the woods would be so fantastic….

Maybe, first, I should clean my house. Make sure the floor is still there under piles of fabric scraps and laundry and to-do lists.

Alchemy’s Effigy: Shock and Awe

October 6, 2009

…so there was no conclave before the effigy burn, which I loved. There was a clearly defined perimeter, held very, very strongly. Sometimes there is a marked border of caution tape, usually just a ranger or few pacing back and forth, asking people to mind the invisible line.  This effigy had a bright red line of lights and a good…dunno, I heard it was to be 50 people in matching t-shirts and berets, spaced at arms’ length making an actual human perimeter people could not get by.  Not even fire safety people, in their astronaut suits, were allowed to enter the perimter around the effigy.

And here, people, is why:

“The big explosions were 5 gal. of gasolene put into 10″ pipes with 1Lb of ffA black powder in the bottom mixed with about a tablespoon full of titanium added to ignite the gas cloud.”

 Though we on the perimeter were allowed to turn around and watch, once the air raid signal indicated as such, I held my perimeter position for the most part (I was asked to keep an eye on the crowd and not let anyone through, so that is what I did.) and thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing people’s reactions. I had a nice mix of “virgins” and old-timers in front of me, both parties were shocked and awed. It was utterly delightful, watching their faces – epitome of “jaw dropping.” People’s minds were buhlown. It was awesome! All of it. Alchemy is awesome.

The end.

DOOM! dome!

August 20, 2009


Ah, life has been kind. Well, the internet and dead people have been kind. Dead people make me money, and donate shit to the Goodwill, like this beeeyouuuteeful ensemble:

playa 001

Black and white checks (NOT gingham, mind you) with flowers of ungodly yellow and pink.

Not to mention….DOOM! dome:

playa 009

After we FINALLY @#$%^ got it set up (five people, three people more than they insisted it would take). 1.5 hrsish.

George asked me what its named was. “Hadn’t thought about it…” I cocked my head.

A while later, eating inside, marveling at its wonder, I laughed, “DOOM! dome,  of course that’s it!”

Not dome of doom. DOOM! dome. Get it right.

So…we’ll see. It has a floor. Should be sturdy enough. Has the big nail stakes, not sure if I should get the similiar ones with plastic pull tops, or some of the almight rebar (google “burning man rebar” and have fun)(Just kidding about the fun).

Clear, plastic windows that come with a pocketed curtain are AWEsome:

playa 010

L to R window with curtain, one to three doors, uncovered window.

playa 011

Circle (no mesh) in top middle, zipper pulls dangle down. Nice bright purple nylon.

Was suggested I put a fan up there. Not sure. Wondering if rain fly would be too stiflely, or if having it atop the poles would do that layering thing…like create a cool air zone between it and the tent.

I mean dome! DOOM! dome!

Ha ha, I just realized I’ve now got DOOM! dome and Camp CAMP!

So that’s it, folks. Domicide mission accomplished. I’m not even going to set up the other tent I purchased to try out. Done and done.  I’m not thrilled about not being able to do it by myself, so it won’t be an every burn thing, but it is pretty neat.