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June 27, 2011

So I was looking at this umbrella

Because I want it – though I do like

At regionals I use a large golf umbrella to stay in the shade. I hate wearing sunscreen. Greasy and stinky and pore-clogging and gross. So this would carrying the parasol funner. Yes, that’s right: FUNNER.

I got an umbrella at the Goodwill that clips on to stuff; I got it for my bike. Never used it. Here’s a clip to do the same thing. Instead of a bell for your bike get a THUNDER HORN!

These ashtrays are cute, but would be cuter if they contained the ashes.

Cutlery and a wine cork in one.

Bike stuff: I like these skull lights, but you can’t really tell they’re skulls in the dark when they’re lit up. An alarm for your bike, I like this beetle bell!! Solar bike light makes sense in BRC. This is made for tables, but I can see clipping a cocktail onto my bike.

Huh…this looks kinda futuristic and would be pretty great for smokers, I’d think:

You smoke your cigarette inside it

So there’s no ashes to fall off/pick up. No more dirty, ashy hands/pockets…

Wireless doorbell to allow visitors into your camp. Ok, this light-up traffic cone would be fun! Could block off streets, make fake detour paths to nowhere…these lighted shoelaces seem to just be EL wire, no? But I guess the right length and battery box for shoes.

Ride of Passage – support Camp Stella and maybe win a bike!

June 13, 2011

Camp Stella will personally deliver this magical Playa Bike to one lucky Burner – on the playa!

“Celebrated San Francisco artist Ube Urban was commissioned to paint this delux comfort cruiser. This masterpiece includes a subtle swirl of sparkling sea foam and desert sky blue dusted with glittering gold. Hand lettered details tie into the candy red rims and grips.

Other accessories include a bell, a removable basket (big enough for two bags of ice), a deluxe kickstand, and LED light tubes.

Camp Stella is a Burning Man theme camp of clean and sober queer and queer-friendly folks. Some of us are active in AA and other 12 step programs. Others are not. Camp Stella hosts 5 open AA meetings during the week. All are welcome to attend.”

 A bike is on my list of problems. Right after how the heck I’m going to get there.

I see at least one problem with this…

January 13, 2011

I still haven’t seen Deathly Hallows. Some sort of clear fishing wire steering apparatus could be fun with this. A Golden Snitch bike would be cool. I really want to make my own bike to take this year…

August 16, 2009

Tangerine Treehouse can make you a custom “head badge” for your bike*, or you can purchase a nifty pret-a-porter ‘stache.


*I believe the head is the front stem part, so these things would go where the moustache is, wrapping around.

Which gives me another great idea…a huge, made of hair, curly moustache for my bike. Or, cover it with fake moustaches and combs for people to comb them.

These tube tops are something I didn’t see elsewhere,


Sellers says,

why you ask?
-protects your top tube from dings and scratches when locking your bike to a pole
-protects your groin and inner thigh when skidding on a fixed-gear bike

Ok, so there’s lots of tube top options…I like the sparkly one!

Queen City Craft’s also has a plaid one I like.

And Faceplant Wasted has one with pretty fabric


and an awesome shop name.

So look at me, learning words like “head” and “tube top.”

To be used in far, far different capacities than I am accustomed to (though still feasibly in the same sentence).

Bag Burrito makes tool kit holder thingies that roll up (like a burrito. S-o-c-k-s!) and go under your seat (or anywhere, I guess, I’m just going by the picture I saw):



3rdlife also has a clutch bag I added to my Wishlist:


Other than some basket liners and a bag or two, there isn’t much decor on Etsy. Citystreamers (sometimes you really do have to go through 24 of 25 pages to find something) has, well, streamers for your handlebars.

I do think I’d be fetching, parading about in this hat from Darkly Sewn:


Playa bike…

August 16, 2009

There’s a plethora of lighting options out there, if you have the money. Which I don’t.

The backside of CDs would work as reflectors during the day. Some sort of plastic rave toy could be easily duct-taped on.

I’m torn…there’s so many things I’d like to do. Like get a bunch of these

Different body parts, and wrapping the bike in them. Zombie bike!

Or making a unicorn bike.

It is a black bike, and I am thinking simple silver stars with some sort of other accoutrement…and a Day of the Deadish something, per my forte. Hmmmm…will have to see what I have fabric and shit-to-glue-on-wise around the house.

A hookah would be fun, a mini-hookah on the back.

I really hope it doesn’t get stolen. That would mega bum me out. This is the first bike I’ve owned! (As opposed to borrowed, yes, I have ridden a bike before.)

Most go the craft store route (fur, flowers, etc.) but I saw some today that were really something:


Do jellyfish bikes pay rent? NO.

Playaflies look beautiful in pictures, so I’m sure it is spectacular in person. Here is the how-to.

I wish to god (and it isn’t the first time) I knew people in town who were into such things. I have so many ideas and desires for learning.  And a lack of mechanical inclination/hand-eye coordination. And welding tools. Etc.

Commenters are the bestest!

July 7, 2009

I am also interested in making my own pimp coat(s) for BM, but have yet to find a pattern that will work.  Do you have a pattern?  Do you have a suggestion were I can find a pattern?  Any help would be great.  At the moment, I am looking at trying to bastardize a Santa coat (which isn’t my first choice).

No pattern for me. Way too time consuming. I magically found a wonderful coat at a thrift store. I’ll try to take a picture of it.

Any sewing/fabric store will have oodles of coat patterns, take your pic!

As I posted on tribe, I’d take a bathrobe and use that, just cover it in whatever.  If I was making one from scratch, it’d probably be a cape, anyways (which I am making, actually, just not a pratical one!). I don’t really dig the big furry neon “playa coats” – esp. as costly as they are. I’d never wear it anywhere else.

And, I’m not really convinced I’ll need such a monstrosity.  We’re told to be prepared for night temps of about 40, which isn’t that cold. Some layers, gloves and a scarf and I’d be fine. I’ve camped in colder than that, much less surrounded by body heat, generator heat, fire, etc.

If the scooter has a seat, it becomes a Vehicle, and needs to be registered with the DMV. Which means you’ll need to seriously alter it into an Art Scooter (structural mods, etc).

Excellent point, wouldn’t have ever thought of that.

If it doesn’t have a seat, and is gas-powered, people will hate you. They’re noisy and obnoxious as fuck and pretty much only douchebags use them.

And that is why I am so over-thinking everything…I refuse to be that guy. I don’t think I ever could be, really, but still.


Just get a bike. Seriously. There’s a reason everyone has a bike… cheap, effective, easily customizable, good for the flat surface (particularly with wide tires).

If I can find a cheap bike I don’t mind throwing away money on, I will. I wish they’d just downsize. 😛

Mod squad!

July 2, 2009

Instead of a bike, what about a scooter?


Electric or otherwise. Wally World has some cool-looking ones, for cheap.

Except they take only up to 170 lbs, and are electric. Until I find that magical outlet tree…I wonder if the frame could be used, and convered to solar or gas? I wish I knew about that stuff. Or knew someone who did. We could make a gas-powered one.

Just a plain ol’ push scooter would work, too. Or not – I mean, seems like I would have seen/read about that, as easy and convienent as it seems (as a method of transportation on the playa).

This one’s probably a wee bit too fragile for my thugness, but it only takes 2 AA batteries!


This one holds up to 220lbs, and gets 40 min. to a charge (which would be fine at Tmus, but not enough on the playa, I’d think – and that whole no outlets in the woods issue).


This one goes four miles on one charge (not sure about mileage v. time per charge?).  And I like this one alot, with the storage box on it, but it dosen’t mention (that I saw) how many miles/time it gets.


Or whatever.

I don’t want a pickle…

July 2, 2009

I just want to ride my…er, biiicycle…

I like the looks of this one, but don’t want to spend money on something that could get destroyed, or stolen.

I’d reaaallly love one like I saw at Preheat, this awesome pirate bike, with…well, awesomeness. Sorry I don’t have pictures.

I’ve been keeping an eye out on Clist, and thrift stores, no luck so far – plus, I gotta figure out what works best. Like, a little BMX? Skinny tires? Fat tires?