CFM? The F is for FASHION!

Well, I finally did it. I finally put something on Ebay!

I have LOADS more to list…cross your fingers for me!!

Last year was a whirlwind of sewing for me me me me me. So far this year, I ain’t made shit for myself. And I’m OK with that! After last year’s 82 pound suitcase debacle, wearing normal clothes is ever more appealing. Howevah, two lovely Eplayans and blog readers took faith in me and asked me to make them some outfits. Just whatever I wanted…and I did! First on the runway,


His camp mascots include Superman and a pink flamingos. What we see here is a black slip with pink flamingo appliques on the front and “retro” in t-shirt ransom note letters on the rear. He likes slips, sarongs, and little Polynesian-style loin clothes.

A little loincloth with hand-braided hair belt and matching beauty queen sash. Lazerfox requested some cute little skirts to hoop in, so we have a flouncy one

and one I really like, sort of woodland fairy-y – with a pocket!

I can’t wait to hopefully see that one shimmer in the hot hot sun. Funds will go to acquiring Vitalyte, perhaps that aforementioned towel, two Platypus water bottles, my favorite travel toothbrush

Y’all know I collect free samples

 year round; why buy “travel-sized” stuff when you can get free samples? One catch can be the de-mooping.

Oops, I forgot to crop and adjust the levels before posting. C’est la vie! Last night I actually half-heartedly started something for me to wear. A bustier from the $1Goodwill with the black ruffles removed and the tie up I cut off some other something…

I chose it for the Regency-style cups. I’ve got some shiny fabric to cover it with

and I’ll call it done. So much of what I spend so much time on just isn’t comfortable out in BRC. I might lengthen the back (in addition to widening it) and add a train/bustle…

I did etch some of the shot glasses for Raiders Night! I can’t even stand how much that’s going to be – what to wear?? I’m thinking maybe my Waffle House shirt

Now, back to add more stuff to Ebay!

One Response to “CFM? The F is for FASHION!”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    I love, I mean LOVE that waffle house shirt comic book narrative post!!

    And hey I made it on to your blog!!! WOOO!!

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