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Packity Pack Pack

August 20, 2011

Well, I’m not using either of the two compression bags I got, despite overloving the first one. My new phone took awful pictures, but the final result was a huge brick

Just like the plastic bags. Last night I took everything out and redid it the normal way and freed up a lot of space. I’m feeling pretty ok on space, but not on what’s in there. I feel I need more sensible (read: boring) stuff, but I don’t own any!! I don’t even really wear jeans, IRL. I am, thanks to Mod Mischief (whose lamps would be a gorgeous, gorgeous night time installation piece, imagine hundreds of them all over deep playa), experimenting.

Local honey, local peaches, some peach pie spices and vodka.

I went to the $1lbGoodwill, found some sparkly jeans to size down

(that went amazingly well)

Tried to work more on the sparkly top…

My priority was to try and find some fabric to enlargen the Perfect Coat I bought in Asheville months and months ago. Black wool, cherry red lining, nips in at the waist and then flares out…and of course too small. And what did I find…

A perfecter coat except for the non-cherry red lining. I thought it fit…it’s also too small so there was that saga (making it bigger). FINALLY got that figured out and started on patches. How ’bout that collar, eh?

I totally feel like Captain Harlock when I wear it.

So, I just learned this, finding that link:

 In Japanese culture, the number 42 is associated with death (the numbers, pronounced separately as “four two”, sound like the words “shi ni” — meaning “to death”).

Did Douglas Adams know that?? Is that his secret meaning, the true meaning of life is death? We all live, to die.

That reminds me, I forgot to pack a towel…

Goodwill finds

February 4, 2011

So that mask I got as a prop, that I ended up wearing several times in storms, got me thinking about getting a lighter one…like this one.

 This thing goes for over 200 bucks retail, and the bid with 8 hours left is $6. Firefighters use it:

” My AV2000 just endured a 4th alarm fire with temps well into the 1000s range.”

Quite tempting. As is it’s older brother

Adding a helmet would be stifling

but hilarious to ride around in.

This could be a nice travel bar

Slimmer than most. Swap out those utensils for some snacks. Salt shaker = margarita salt. Or do coffee, slip it on your back and ride out to deep playa for a little coffee klatsch.

There’s a discussion on how to keep warm going on, if you’re thinking “playa coat” don’t. If you’re still thinking “big and bulky,” shopgoodwillorg has a never-ending supply of fur coats of varying lengths, colors, styles – starting at a dollar. You just saved $899!!


would make a great “gift.” Love is a rite of passage, non? “First love?” And you can strap it to stuff with that little loop. Not a beaner, but a lanyard, mebbe. I’m not sure what you’d chain the end of


Speaking of gifting and practical things, when people gift you food because hey man, the playa provides, you can thank them by using this spoon

This is like a anti-drug commercial’s dream,

LET’S GET HIGH AND STAB EACH OTHER!!! It’s going for $102, whatever it is. I truly prefer this one

“I want to go back to the Shire!”

It’s broken, but this

hand-crank sewing machine could be fun. Set up a little table and offer repairs. In all my many years of antiquing, junking, costuming, etc. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a ladies fez

Hm…several hundred of these discretely rebarred into the playa all over…especially a few leaning against The Man.

“2 Hand Saws for the Home Meat Butcher”

I’m totally going to keep an eye on this auction

(it’s a flask)

If you’re not trying to hide the boozin’, then fuck yeah go for this

Often, perusing auctions is entertaining just for the auction descriptions. I learned a new word today, “mantique” (Manly antiques) and “Pro Action Poncho!”  I mean, who wants a poncho that is anti-action?

Just for Gary:

Bersted’s Eskimo 2 Speed Vibrator Model 750

For bust enhancement! Constipation! Men after shaving!

for the front of your bike. This is pretty creepy but you could get it and take the head off.

Ladies and gentlemen, thus completes our tour of today’s finds.

In which I go shopping for you

April 8, 2010

Playa coat

That hip and happening band leader military lookish

funky-ass hard backpack

(so, you can link on the pics to get to the item)

Seems a bit meshy to work against whiteouts, but pretty

’nuff said:

size 10 comfy shoes! (I have several friends w/ 10 & 11 feet, so I’m always on the lookout)

Steampunks love their props

Collapsible top hat is good for packing

A rug for the yurt I wish I could camp in

Smokers are a moop catastrophe. At least do it in style.

Whores! The lot of you.

I would need to wear this on my head somehow…

Commenters are the bestest!

July 7, 2009

I am also interested in making my own pimp coat(s) for BM, but have yet to find a pattern that will work.  Do you have a pattern?  Do you have a suggestion were I can find a pattern?  Any help would be great.  At the moment, I am looking at trying to bastardize a Santa coat (which isn’t my first choice).

No pattern for me. Way too time consuming. I magically found a wonderful coat at a thrift store. I’ll try to take a picture of it.

Any sewing/fabric store will have oodles of coat patterns, take your pic!

As I posted on tribe, I’d take a bathrobe and use that, just cover it in whatever.  If I was making one from scratch, it’d probably be a cape, anyways (which I am making, actually, just not a pratical one!). I don’t really dig the big furry neon “playa coats” – esp. as costly as they are. I’d never wear it anywhere else.

And, I’m not really convinced I’ll need such a monstrosity.  We’re told to be prepared for night temps of about 40, which isn’t that cold. Some layers, gloves and a scarf and I’d be fine. I’ve camped in colder than that, much less surrounded by body heat, generator heat, fire, etc.

If the scooter has a seat, it becomes a Vehicle, and needs to be registered with the DMV. Which means you’ll need to seriously alter it into an Art Scooter (structural mods, etc).

Excellent point, wouldn’t have ever thought of that.

If it doesn’t have a seat, and is gas-powered, people will hate you. They’re noisy and obnoxious as fuck and pretty much only douchebags use them.

And that is why I am so over-thinking everything…I refuse to be that guy. I don’t think I ever could be, really, but still.


Just get a bike. Seriously. There’s a reason everyone has a bike… cheap, effective, easily customizable, good for the flat surface (particularly with wide tires).

If I can find a cheap bike I don’t mind throwing away money on, I will. I wish they’d just downsize. 😛

If you’re into the furry hot chick look

July 7, 2009

(Which I am not. Ladies, be forewarned, no matter how cool in idea, intricately created, mind-blowingly unique your costume is, one skinny chick in a fur bikini with a hoop walks by, nobody cares about you.)


Bunny Warez has featherless playa boas and animal costumes that could be pretty warm at night.

Playa coats

July 4, 2009

I’m making mine (several, actually), but if someone was going to give me one, I’d take this one:

From Ninedeep.

hELla cool…

July 2, 2009

hELla…EL wire. I have two firm projects I want to do, involving clothing and EL wire. There are many more in the recesses of my brain, I’ve been in love with the stuff since I first saw it. My lack of tools, skills, knowledge, etc., has thus far prevented me from accomplishing any of them.

HowEVAH! One involved my infamous Day of the Dead getup I love so dearly…a skull of some sort on the back of my playa coat (more on those later!) I just found this. I can cut it off and sew the whole thing on, I think. Add some muertes decor on my own.

Maybe get this thing, and sew it on something.

The other is a dress I found, that is red, orange and yellow, like a flame. So, I want to do some flames – something I’ve been planning to do on SOMEthing, eventually…it’s kinda cool to wear in the day, on its own, though. Dunno.