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Starting the final packing

August 8, 2016

Oh, to drive to Burning Man one year and have all my usual burn hear…I’ve reduced to what I think I might need in the desert. I’m going to try using this box (instead of ziploc bags), maybe it’ll be a bit more organized. Take up more space packing though?


I started with just “tent stuff:”

bungee cords



hanging basket

work gloves

shamwow – I use this in the tent for when I’m taking contacts in/out, to catch the saline.

solar lanterns – I’ve been beyond pleased with these.

But it was pretty empty so now it’s got more burn-only necessities (as opposed to what needs to be with me for the traveling):

4 goggles




another shamwow

spare ID

tent pee funnel

In all my burn gear I have a “playa only” set of stuff I hadn’t been through in a couple of years. I have four goggles!


The DeWalts are the best, the seal is rubber (not foam) and the wide lens gives great visibility. Unfortunately, after just one year, they are scratched to HELL.


Playa also ruined the glasses I took – and I only wear them around camp. Playa dust will fuck your shit up.

I hang the goggles from my belt with a carabiner. It’s cumbersome. The collapsible are cool for saving space, but have much more limited visibility.

I have a very special place in my heart for these because: in 2011 I flew into San Diego to drive down with a friend (the original DOOM). It was…that year. In addition to it being…that year, I misplaced my wallet on the drive down. I was physically, mentally and emotionally  non-existent and now I didn’t have any money or ID. Luckily they don’t check ID, when you already have your ticket. We stopped in Gerlach for some reason and I was killing time looking at the tables, while my friend did whatever we’d stopped for. The fella running this particular table was from…Wisconsin? He was there solely to sit at that table and sell goggles all week. He was doing his sales pitch when I said “I have no money, but I hope you sell out!”


“Well here, take these.” I cried and thanked him and they’ve been my favorite (albeit rarely worn) goggles since.

The white pair are snowboarding goggles I’ve never taken, but RHINESTONES.

The third pair are pretty OK, but they don’t sit *quite* right/form a seal across the eyes.

What’s your favorite pair? That doesn’t cost $300…

Gas masks

July 7, 2009

I had a crazy dream last night…my respirator came in the mail, but it was huge, more like a gas mask. And it was attached to these odd bags, and I was so excited!  It was like this all-in-one thing, and I was happy to have my bag problem also solved. Plus, it came with this big sleeping bag thing, and…anyways. 

It’s not letting me put a link here for some reason…check it out in the tags.


April 12, 2009

I have an aversion to googles.  It brings to mind ravers. And 4 Non Blondes. Which I DID like. Ravers, gravers and other idiots I’ve known who just liked to stick big goggles on their head for no reason.

The only mystery is why people watch your show.

But, I have a reason now to obtain my own pair. Sand storms. Brings to my mind Tatooine and Jawas, but it’s a serious issue on the playa.

Brad Horn-AP
Brad Horn-AP

Would the $20 standard military issue do fine ( ? I mean, they’ll sit in my bag until I need them. But…but…

the precious.  Some googles cost two hundred bucks – and they don’t even have night vision, or lasers. Swim goggles are five bucks. I wish there was a store I could go try some on in.

These seem alright, they’ve got the foam (which I’m told I want) and they’re only $20:


For twice the price there’s these “sand goggles,” , I can’t really tell a difference.  The first ones look a little more bad-ass to me, that’s about it. But perhaps, as technology goes, the smaller, thinner object is actually the more advanced and desirable one.

Another step up sees these sand goggles, with a fancy nose doo-dad .

Again, what’s the big difference? The $65 dollar pair comes with two different lenses, but again, they’ll be in my bag until I actually need them. My main concern is my contacts: without them I am bliiiiiind.

Too bad the boyf doesn’t ship out to the desert for another two years, or that L didn’t make it home, I could ask them what they prefer.