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Public Service Announcement

July 27, 2011

 – Sir Mitchell

AND my kitteh wants to be just like mama, wear flouncy things

and go to work

I made fig preserves – mom is a jam-making machine. She’s got strawberry, peach, peach pie, grape, habanero, four-pepper, her own fig…raspberry habanero…I did fig.

Still going through books…just in case I get to move far away soon.

“It’s like killing off my children,” I told Jet. Most of the philosophy books in the bathroom (Emma Goldman essays, Johnny Rotten bio, Either/Or, Bertrand Russell, etc.) are in the sell box, so here’s the new bathroom reading:

Had women’s history, feminist theory, poetry all together, now it’s split up. 


But I got the bookshelf nearly clear…

Even the one shelf that’s just journals going back to the third grade

I consolidated the Burning Man museum/altar on top, opened the savings bank

A dollar here, a dollar there, loose change in the pocket = $196 for travel money (cab, food, drinks at the bar while I wait two days for a flight that actually leaves…). It’s a good system, you really can save a lot just setting aside the loose bits.

Got some bites on my CL ads, and listed more on Ebay – not getting rich yet, but…hopefully it’ll be something. Even without BM I still have massive student loanage and an old, old house with two working outlets and original wiring from 1942…still no idea what to wear.  Or now, how to get to and from the airport and who I can trust to take care of my cats!!  I have LESS THAN A MONTH. I still need to buy a suitcase, for pete’s sake…let’s go back to kitteh.

My friends are taking me to Harry Potter tonight, and I’m pretty darn excited and looking forward to two solid hours of pure fantastical escapism.