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So talking about bikes…

January 14, 2011

My bike in 2010¬†from the Kinetic Cab Co. was just perfect. I wanted to label it MINE and keep it forever. I’m hoping to find somebody in town to help me with my bike…it’s been leaning against the same tree since I unpacked it off the car in 2009. Until then, let’s talk accessories. Mmm….gadgets.

¬†This one seems like it might offer a modicum of dust-freedom for it’s contents (if you covered it, of course). I like the panniers, this wire one has a kinda retro feel. Sing some Newsies and shit. I think they’d be crazy easy to make. Go to the thrift store, buy a couple of messenger bags, sew’ em together and throw it on your bike.

Here’s some lights for $300 freakin’ dollars.

This thing creates a “sphere of eye-catching movements,” but they need to show it on a bike. Doing whatever it does. Onto Etsy:

Show some love for the Death Guild

I don’t take bike tools, because I wouldn’t know what to do with them if I had them. However, I would certainly want one of these to keep them in


I don’t use a bell, either (that’s what megaphones are for) but these are snazzy

Bike Bells

And this is just cute.


Soak up some butt sweat!

August 16, 2009

Tangerine Treehouse can make you a custom “head badge” for your bike*, or you can purchase a nifty pret-a-porter ‘stache.


*I believe the head is the front stem part, so these things would go where the moustache is, wrapping around.

Which gives me another great idea…a huge, made of hair, curly moustache for my bike. Or, cover it with fake moustaches and combs for people to comb them.

These tube tops are something I didn’t see elsewhere,


Sellers says,

why you ask?
-protects your top tube from dings and scratches when locking your bike to a pole
-protects your groin and inner thigh when skidding on a fixed-gear bike

Ok, so there’s lots of tube top options…I like the sparkly one!

Queen City Craft’s also has a plaid one I like.

And Faceplant Wasted has one with pretty fabric


and an awesome shop name.

So look at me, learning words like “head” and “tube top.”

To be used in far, far different capacities than I am accustomed to (though still feasibly in the same sentence).

Bag Burrito makes tool kit holder thingies that roll up (like a burrito. S-o-c-k-s!) and go under your seat (or anywhere, I guess, I’m just going by the picture I saw):



3rdlife also has a clutch bag I added to my Wishlist:


Other than some basket liners and a bag or two, there isn’t much decor on Etsy. Citystreamers (sometimes you really do have to go through 24 of 25 pages to find something) has, well, streamers for your handlebars.

I do think I’d be fetching, parading about in this hat from Darkly Sewn: