Sew it begins!

GET IT? I’m SEWING???? What, you hadn’t thawed about it…yesterday I got my Dusty Swan mug (get yours) AND something I forgot I bought! The mug is great, of course.

I’d forgotten how light they are – stainless steel, the clip weighs more than the mug! Clip on, clip off – the only thing I don’t like is how cold it keeps my drinks. Makes it cold to hold! Just like my heart. Nah, there’s nothing I don’t like about it.

Finally having a night alone (it’s so hard to be productive when you have someone madly in love with you who wants to spend every breathing moment with you, feeding you sandwiches and making you delirious with pleasure) meant time to get sewing. Been ideaizing and gathering materials, time to get crackin’!

Gin, check! Whatever else is going on…sure, check. Oh, hi ChaCha

If you could just…over there…I’m trying to…can’t you see….oh, ok

I’ll just start something else…

My job is very boring and I have spells where I exhaust the internet, including Ebay. “Shemale” is a very disappointing search term, FYI. I scored

Rubber cone armor bra…thing…to add to my collection. It needs more….well, coverage, obviously.

Straps. Etc.

I’m going to be listed a brand new corset when I get my Ebay store going…it’s gorgeous.

Black and black rose brocade striped,

steel-boned, of course. Sadly, my stupid short torso means “underbust” = half bust.

Grr. It’s also a little large for me – I’m a 14-18ish (fuck women’s clothes, for reals) and it laces closed on me. Just too small=chested to really make it work.

“Black Synthetic Silk with Floral Brocade and Solid Black Satin Trim made up of 26 flexible spiral steel stays, steel busk, 4 steel bars supporting the back grommets, and 2 steel bars adjacent to the front busk. The corset is made from three layers of fabric. The two inner layers are heavy cotton twill which is laminated to the outer for extra strength and durability.”

And it has garter loops. Retails $100, so make me an offer if you’re interested.
ETA: Just found a better photo of the armor I already have.

4 Responses to “Sew it begins!”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    I wish I was as creative as you!

  2. Risky Says:

    I just got my Ludo mug in the mail this last month. Now obsolete, but still loverly.

    • J Says:

      That’s funny, I guess they have surplus to sale. I left mine at the SE Decomp – it’s in a safe place, but I might just have to get another. They’re so handy and light-weight, I love them. Some people got one with a lid, I didn’t – and they all lost their lids. 😛

  3. All Signs Point… Says:

    […] Those who know call this a “Rubber cone armor bra…thing…” […]

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