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Last minute tips and reminders

August 22, 2011

– Pay all your bills. My first year, I forgot to pay my car insurance. Got home and continued to forget for several months. Luckily, Safe Auto reminded me before a cop did. 

– Take out ALL the trash.

– Clean out the fridge!

– I unplug stuff and turn off stuff to save on electricity drain. I also set the temp to …I’m thinking 86.

– Set away messages on emails as needed.

– Leave contact info with somebody! My camp leader has forms for each of us listing camp contacts, other playa contacts, emergency people, allergies, medications we’re taking, etc. I gave one to her, and I will prob. leave one in my tent. Having had to forage through someone’s tent, desperately seeking any form of identity (and I was only in the tent because he happened to be camped across from me – huge stroke of luck) for someone being airlifted to a burn unit…yeah. Have some ID and contact info in your tent. But the point of this was to leave contact info with someone – I give camp mates numbers and my travel itinerary to my mom.

Here’s the longest list I’ve seen! Good stuff. Crunchy Mama’s list is a classic, especially the tips after the intial list. My first year I read every last list I could find and copied and pasted things I needed – be sure to pack a notebook and pen for, if nothing else, making notes on what you didn’t use, wish you’d had, could do better, want to do different next year, etc. I find nearly-daily I have something to put on this list (“more Goathead and Ygmir” “sparkly lipgloss” “moisturize more!!”).

I am looking up TSA carry-on regulations, again. I’ll have to leave my sabre and snow globe at home, le sigh. I also just saw that gel inserts aren’t allowed…luckily I’m too cheap to buy those! Mine are just foam.

The TSA website states that you can carry on:

  • Beverages brought from home or purchased before reaching the security checkpoint in a 3 oz. or smaller container and in your quart-size, zip-top plastic bag.
  • Canned or jarred goods such as soup, sauces, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables and jellies – 3 oz. or smaller
  • Cheese in pressurized containers, Jell-O’s, pudding, whipping cream, yogurt or gel like food substances – 3 oz. or smaller

3 oz. pretty much counts off anything I’d bring. Last year I had my travel treat, curry cashews, and some raw balls. I certainly don’t have the room for this fanciness but I’d sure like to sit next to them. I have a Bumble Bar (I only buy them on sale for .99 or less – I have no Tasty Bits this year!! I never found them on sale. Makes me sad.) so far and the little bags of granola. I’ll probably make coffee Tuesday night to reheat Wed. morning, to drink on the way to the airport…I need food for pretty much all day Wednesday. Hm. I need to get on that. Filling, nutritious foods that take up little room won’t crush.

Back to learning.


We, the Blukis Camp, a group of Lithuania Burners, artists, and performers invite you to participate in the filming of our documentary! We’ll be carrying out a  Pagan ritual from Lithuania and other Indo-European countries of dragging a Blukis—a huge tree stump, symbolic of underworld spirits–through the various communities of Black Rock City in a symbolic gesture to free the sun. We’ll then burn the Blukis stump at the end of Burning Man. We hope to drag the huge (one passenger seated) tree stump (on wheels) through the Playa and various theme camps, role-playing in the spirit of the ritual, sharing its magic with others, while filming participants who would agree to take part in our performance. We also welcome you to join us at Blukis – Burning Stump camp (located on 7:00&Coming Out).

By dragging the stump, participants symbolically welcome the new light, burn their fears and emotional baggage, and are, in a sense, reborn through this ritual. If you and your theme camp would like to participate in the ritual and in the creation of our documentary, please complete this short survey so we know how to find you on the playa:

Blukis – Burning Stump Camp Team

Fairly interesting, the parallel between dragging the stump through town as a means for cleansing and forgiveness (that’d be Jesus, I’m talking about). Not as interesting if, like me, you’re aware of the rituals and traditions that cross faiths and cultures and centuries, but still. Neat. Lithuanian burners! I’ve always wanted to go to Lithuania.

They have a Kickstarter with very reasonable prices. I think I’m going to go for a patch.

$8 – I mean, a freakin’ airport bag of chips would cost that much! I’d rather go a little hungry and encourage people to create (man, Kickstarter could be so addicting!). People have been so kind to me, yet again this year, I really can’t keep it all for myself. The hand-knit shorts are…somethin’.

Oh! And look! Math and pretty things!! They’re so close to their goal, with only ten hours to go.

Back to learnin’. I’m not finding much on this alleged ritual but I am learning about Lithuanianm mythology. Similar, of course, to every other one!

Ethnological legends present a rather peculiar version of thc fall: after the creation of man, his body was covered with a shell-like coat. People did not experience any disasters or illnesses and lived forever. Later, however, when they transgressed (usually through laziness or neglect, although the reasons are not always indicated), Dievas took away this coat, leaving as a memento, only the nails on fingers and toes.
Lithuanian ethnological legends abound in number, but in many of them it is difficult to distinguish between Christian and archaic contents. The legends mentioned above seem to be sufficiently original and reflect the elements of ancient mythology.
Also, don’t forget about having $10 cash handy, so the hillbillies can take care of your trash for you!

Someone just had another one of my BRILLIANT ideas…

August 12, 2011

Tunna shared this on Google buzz:

Brady Forrest says: “Some friends of mine and I bagged premade 80 manhattans. Each is in its own vacuum sealed bag with a dried cherry. Those are going to be mighty good in the desert. 

That’s pretty great. Last year on the flight (2 and half days after the original one…) my new friend bought me a vodka tonic. “Next year,” I quipped, “I’m filling all my carry-on travel bottles with gin and tonic!”

Looking for a link to Tunna brought up all sorts of fun posts about what a GREAT time I had my first year!

I walked and walked looking – AGAIN – for somebody, something, anything.  I was walking away (from the burn) when it started. I had to pee. I was crying. My back to it. My brain turned to symbolism so maybe I’m not a burner. Another failed attempt at trying to find somewhere to belong. I just end up alone, again. Why do I leave my house? 30,000 people and I can’t find anywhere to go. My feet ache with exhausted hope.

Burning Man is just a big fucking rave. All you hear is techno. People FUCKED up wandering around. One DJ plugged his new album at Hookah Dome.

Chafed from the backpack, crinoline and fabric. Eyes burn. God, when I think how much MONEY this has cost me. I have no idea if I’m glad I did it or not.

I can’t fucking wait to LEAVE.

And some timely reminders like,

Remember how dirty you are...The amount of RVs is nuts. I really wish I’d made it back in the 90s…DPW = HOT. Hot cars, hot boys. – Clean up a bit, makes the Exodus sit a bit more comfortable. Also remember your pee funnel/jug, snacks and sunscreen.

Have that untouched bag of hotel clothes. Everything from underbits to a pair of shoes you haven’t worn in a week. I go with super simple cotton dresses and, this year, flip-flops (wearing my Docs around more was just too much!).

In second bummer news (the first being my boots that don’t fit), I am STILL on a quest to replace my missing hat.

I’m not a hat person. I don’t like wearing turtlenecks, either (god, I’m fascinating!). But that hat ruled. That hat kept my head warm. Covered up my bad hair. Made me look and feel kinda cute!! I got it by accident at the DSB Reunion….gosh, that was 2009. It was adorned with a simple Victorian-style brooch, awarded me by my captain.

Southern pirates say “yerrrrr…”

My fourth purchase does not work. Doesn’t cover my ears. SAD FACE. So, I still need shoes and a hat. Maybe some of these

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sportsman’s Warehouse. It’s always lil’ ol’ me in there with the rednecks.  Someone asked me most what I’d miss, if I moved. “Rednecks,” I replied.

The Ebaying is going pretty well. I will def keep it up – I’m not getting rich, but it’s covering things like Vitalyte, the compression bags and other items I can buy with PayPal. I recommend it. All I did was walk around my house and pick out stuff to get rid of. Now, about that hat…

One more thing…

August 10, 2011

I’m bummed the shoes won’t work.

My calves are too big. They usually are. If these are left totally untied at the top, they’ll work,

but I paid too much for half-assery like that. So who wants to buy a pair of boots! $50, includes shipping! Size 9.

So now I have to find a pair of boots (or just take the Docs I got last year. I used to buy a new dress for Easter every year, now I get a new pair of boots for Burning Man every year…). I went with two different compression sacks from DepartmentofGoods (I also spent a lot of time looking around there at everything, it’s so cheap!). I’d been looking at REI, since that’s the one I have that amazed me so much. However, these are waaaaay cheaper, as much as ten bucks less – and, they come in smaller sizes. I just need to squash clothes, not a whole tent or fat sleeping bag. I’m looking forward to the cyclone bag, as it squashes things cylindrically. IE, it’ll take up even less room in the suitcase (I’m hoping) because it is long and thing, rather than round and fat. The other one is more traditional/like the first one I used.

Unfortunately, this means I have to stave off finishing packing. Which means I need to just go ahead and decide what to get in the mail…if anything. So far it’s really just my fan, for my tent. I could just get another one when we stop at WalMart. I really like it, I got it for ’09. Pretty much slept with it next to my face! Makes a nice quiet white noise and you can suspend it from the top of the tent or prop it up next to you. In…two years and three burns, I’ve not yet had to change the batteries, either.

Now, the decision of today is: should I buy a fancy towel? Mostly to save space. Well, all to save space. The reviews are stellar and address some of my concerns, like paying thirty bucks for a towel (the two I usually use are…I have no idea where I got them from, but I didn’t pay for them).

There’s no way on Earth I’d ever consider spending this kind of money on a towel for my home, but for camping it’s an absolute Godsend. I was skeptical as to how well it would work to really dry off after a shower, but was not disappointed. 

I really, truly need to leave this job (before I run out screaming or get fired) so purchases like that aren’t exactly high on my list of priorities. But…it’d be so convienent! Take up SO much less space! I don’t dig the whole chamois feel of those sorts of towels, but the space saving and quick drying would be great.

Just for fun

August 5, 2010

The lists I’m working off, on and around

And drunken scribblings from the other night, when I came home full of tequila:

(the fringes

the quiet ones

who spend the other 300 days

tired and alone

who eke it out just to make it there

and go ignored because they don’t have hot girls and a dome

on the one hand, you feel as though life is worth living

on the other…what you return to is heavier and more opaque and you lose sight

you lose that smile

and you drown)

In which I reply to a comment

August 5, 2010

One veteran burner’s advice I received was to only take costumes and not bother taking regular clothes, or at least take the absolute minimum of regular clothes you’ll need (for the elements, wearing outside BRC, etc.)

I disagree. Costumes are my THING, and I packed a plethora of both costumes and practical clothes last year. I hardly wore any of the costumes. And when I did, there wasn’t much of a point to it (ie, it was night, and I had a coat and warm things covering it up).

This year, I am first packing practical things to wear. One pair of shoes, one pair of walk to the toilet shoes, one spare pair of shoes (same as the first, cheap little shrug boots).

Last year I had….three? pairs of boots…flip-flops, sneakers and slippers for around camp…if not more.  Between the elements and the need for mobility, when I did dress up I found I kinda wish’d I hadn’t. I mean sure, Prom Princess Hitler and the belligerent unicorn were sort of fun, but trying to ride a bike in all that tomfoolery = not so much.

And I mean, if you’re not a “costume-y” person?

Anyways. As I was trying to sort and pack I realized flying does have the advantage of forcing me to not only not have to choose between ghost pirate panniers and evil Alice, I can’t pack either! No wearing five different outfits in one day (like I was noticed to do last year at Alchemy) for me!

And…I need to be OK with that. But that’s me. As a veteran burner (I guess) and BM second-timer, who is trying to deal with flying (and not being able to take…um…five boxes? like last year…) be safe and practical, first, then see what kind of room you have.

Amazing things happened without me even thinking to ask…so now I’ve thought of something to ask for: hopefully someone will be able to loan me an air mattress/bedding and a cooler. The cooler is a pain because it doesn’t hold THAT much, as far as clothes or such, and it would have to be securely taped up and closed, and then whatever’s in it, when I get to Reno, has to get out! And the space that bedding would take up = one whole piece of luggage that could be filled with fun stuff.

Flying to Burning Man is way too complicated – on a budget, anyways. Sure, if you can fly in when you want, rent a car, buy stuff once you get there, wellllllllllllllll fucking great for you.

I can’t, though. I’m already overbudget (anybody want to buy a bento box? vintage Strawberry Shortcake glassware? my virginity?) and worried about that in addition to all this packing and and and and and and and

…I’m really glad I have this weekend off. Tonight I’m going to my friend’s house, hoping he’ll have another bag for me. He’s a rad-ass kayaker, and also has a water bladder he’s going to loan me. I don’t know if my idea of the belt and cloak will work, we’ll find out this weekend. I’m off this weekend (YES.). Then I work for seven days straight before my next days off.

Ok. Let’s stop whining and see what needs to get done:


packing up

packing things all in one place I can carry and put on a plane

figuring out the cooler situation

what food should I try to fly with?

what food can I get at the mystery grocery store?

Should I spend time on the camp gifts I want to make that I might not have room for?

Is the cloak and belt a waste of time?

Should I stop all the crafting and instead spend hours in evening exercising, both to lose weight and “get hot” and acclimate towards the miles and miles of walking I’ll be doing?

Ack. I got interuppted by work and lost my train of thought several times.

Better post and pics of boobies next time, honest.


July 28, 2010

I didn’t have any electrolytes last year. Just a lot of water. And no coke. Bah. Mmm…Jager…what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Vitalyte. I seem to have three options:

One of those makes one quart. The tub

is HELLA cheaper, but would take up more room. And it seems portable electrolytes  = good.

So then these would be the idealest

The tub is 80 servings for fourteen bucks, the individual ones are 48 servings for $53!!! I wonder about getting gel caps and making electrolyte pills….then there’s those NUUN tablets. I was going with Vitalyte cuz Brody told me too!

Ingredients: glucose, citric acid, potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, dibasic potassium phosphate, ascorbic acid, sodium chloride, magnesium gluconate, calcium gluconate, natural citrus flavor, and natural color (annato).

What the hell am I doing??

July 27, 2010

I have like, a month now to prepare!!

I still don’t know if I’m flying in on Monday or Tuesday, as I still haven’t been able to find a ride from the airport to a store to BRC – yes yes, the playa provides, just show up, but STILL.

I am still recovering from Transformus…my weekend of productivity turned into a weekend of drrrrrrrruuuuuuunk! Four days later, and my birthday celebrating continues.

Sushi (Well, sashimi. Sushi is just rice.)

THREE times in less than a week. And all the sake that goes with that…

Last night it was just me and three of my favourite men. And a waitress who brought me a tasty little ice cream thingie

and asked if we had “tummies full of yum.”

Then we went and drank beer and watched some It’s Always Sunny. And I got a fancyschmancy water bottle!

The Firefly Light Up Lid is this cool little contraption that allows you to light up most (including Nalgene, GSI, Cyclone, Bison, Stansport, etc.) standard sized wide mouth bottles, turning them into a cool and super handy lantern.

Gadgets that light up = great gifts for drunk people

The person I was dating that I’m not now but neither of like “ex” so we haven’t come up with something better gave me some GORGEOUS earrings

Hand-carved gorgeousness.

My mom made me a strawberry pie

Saturday I participated in a yard sale. Made 90 bucks! Even without the stuff that was in my trunk that decided to break that morning and not open! So, there will be another yard sale in a few months, after I use all the profits from this one to fix the trunk.


I did barter for this

Spanky’s! Last year Spanky’s Wine Bar was my beacon. Anywhere on the playa I could aim for their beacon of light and feel confident about making it to bed. They have a great site, with a comprehensive packing list you virgins should check out. I need to find mine from last year! It’s on this blog somewhere…


August 6, 2009

I can’t get anything done. I have a pile of stuff that needs to be packed. I have unfinished costumes – and ideas – that need a needle and thread. Yet somehow…I just don’t care. I think I might be overwhelmed to the point my brain went “Enough.” and left. Or the initial frenzied OMG I’M GOING TO BURNING MAN energy has worn off, leaving me back with my usual lazy-ass, melancholic ennui.

I have an official list, at least (which, to my annoyance, grows a bit every day), that I’m now working from.


Normal clothes.

Night (ie warmer) clothes.

Daily toiletries

Probably not needed medical stuff

Bus bag for the trip there and back

Stuff for my daypack

Dry food

Cooler food? (food is still frustrating me)




Spare tent?

Gifts? What kind? How many?

Ha! I like how costumes is the first thing that came to mind. Part of the problem is I’m trying not to drink, so my liquid motivation isn’t there…generally I can buckle down in the sewing room with my laptop (movies) and some gin and get shit DONE, son.

I hate that I need the distractions (I’d much rather listen to the Cocteau Twins and drink green tea).

Say, do you know how many kids  with ADD it takes to change a lightbulb?

Wanna go ride bikes?

I guess instead of posting the boring stuff inside my brain I’ll do this:

How to find me on the playa

Probably the easiest way is to look for my tattoo:


More fun would be to randomly yell DOOM!

Technically, I am Gloom, but DOOM! is a smidge more satisfying to scream at people. Even if you don’t get me, you won’t be disappointed.


I might be on this ship:

 (c’est moi on the right) But I don’t know. I have a sneaky feeling I won’t see much of people I actually know and love IRL, pirate queen I be or no.

If you’re fond of the yelling stuff, you can try hollerin’ “Tuki tuki!” (rhymes with took, took-ie). If you hear a reply, “kaw kaw, kaw kaw,” you might have found me – but again, if not, you won’t be disappointed.

My homebase is Big Puffy Yellow, at 7:30 and Chaos (you have NO idea how hilarious that is to me…). I’m not sure about camp décor…it is usually top of my list, but not for this trip.

Oh, and I’ve been pondering the whole vacuum-packing thing.

I was eyeballing the bags at Tarjay. It’d be super great for the trip there, no doubt, but then you’re still stuck with the same stuff, not compressed to more than half its size, for the trip back.

But, I thought, I will have a little more space, since food boxes and coolers will be (presumably) empty. And, if I take throw-away bedding (one very large packing component) that I donate somewhere on the way out…it might be a good idea.

Tip o’ the day:

Instant coffee = no need for a pot, no need to wash said pot, no need to worry about grounds (ie, moop)

Packing list down to two pages…

July 30, 2009

From four. My notes in italics, notes from my favourite ass clown and veteran playa-goer in bold.

  • Cornstarch for inner thigh chafing due to heat and walking
  • Emergen C
  • Coconut Water
  • Camelback
  • Goggles
  • bandanas
  • sunscreen
  • chap-stick
  • lantern
  • parasols big brimmed hat more helpful than parasol when a. biking b. dust a stormin, fyi
    i like having a parasol there, cuz i look so cute carrying it, but honestly only use it about once the whole event. HOWEVER I do have an amazing umbrella holder for my bike, and so i have shade anytime I’m biking!
  • respirator or particle/dust mask
  • headlamp flashlight
  • clean towels
  • AA batteries my little clock is all i’d need these for, so i’m not packing “a lot,” as the first list instructs
  • Blankets, sheets i’m taking my usual camp set, fitted sheet, sheet, heavier and a light blanket
  • Pillows, pillow cases
  • Pads, foam, air beds, etc and extra batteries. i’m debating taking a spare mattress. i hate to waste packing space, but i can’t sleep on the ground
  • Jammies, robe, slippers long johns and a wife beater! and good warm socks. that’s all i’ve needed, at night, to stay warm – and yes, i have camped in 40 degree nights (and colder)
  • Ear Plugs heavens yes. a whole bag of them.
  • eye cover mask or a random article of clothing lying around
  • Stakes, rebar with bent tops this i need to get – well, that and a tent
  • Rope, variety of weights/sizes not sure about this, will need to see what tent and shade structure i end up with
  • Something to cover rebar and stake ends such as plastic soda bottles, tennis balls, small stuffed animals etc (protect our feet!)
  • Something to mark stakes and ropes at night such as reflective ribbon, flashers etc (people run into them otherwise)
  • Bike lights, front and back (bike lights are a must!!)
  • Bike bell
  • Extra padding for the seat (do you like to ride nekkid?)
  • BIKE LOCK! (don’t be a statistic)
  • Bike pump
  • Spare tires and tubes (a must!)
  • Tire repair kit
  • Needles and heavy thread i always travel with a small repair kit
  • Super Glue good for cuts
  • Repair kit for your air bed/pad easier than another mattress, i guess!
  • Camera need to get one of these, too, as i’m not taking my “real” one out there!
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Non-scented shampoo and bio-soap bronner’s kids, dr. bronner’s
  • Lotion
  • Nasal spray for cleaning out those playa boogers
  • toilet paper the compact ones that come in mres are good if you can find them
  • Baby wipes for your playa bath. i’ve got some wipes made for camp bathing, unscented, don’t leave too bad of a film on your skin
  • Contacts, extra contacts extra ones a must have, i’m told
  • Extra contact solution
  • Prescription glasses
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hair brush, comb brushing the hair is a pipe dream! a good one, but the only time you’ll get teeth through your hair is when it’s wet and heavily conditioned. embrace playa hair!
    Hair ties and clips
  • Small mirror
  • Tampons, pads it looks like i’ll !#$^!@#$% need this, grrrr
  • Small day pack
  • External Hang Tag with your name and camp location
  • Your prescription meds (bring extra)
  • Band-aids, Ace bandage
  • Moleskin, blister packs
  • Tweezers
  • Rubbing alcohol, witch hazel in lieu of washing, can work
  • Aloe Vera for sunburns -which you won’t get, because you’ll stay sunscreened and shaded!
  • Aspirin, other pain killers especially “other”
  • Similsan Eye drops  hippie eye drops, can’t use if you have contacts like me
  • Old tennis shoes (bring extra comfy shoes)
  • Undies
  • Set of straight clothes for going home in a ziploc bag, not opened at all!
  • Laundry bag for dirty clothes since i pack everything in ziploc bags, it’ll just go back in the bag, and back in the tub
  • Garbage bags
  • Safety pins safety third! I always have safety pins on me. Good little punk girl!

Most of this I already have packed, from other trips. Just need to see how I can organize/compact it, and up some supplies (like contacts).  Other random tips from Deputy MONSTEREATSTARS! Wiggles:

$10 will get you only 3 days of ice- plan on having $40 and you can be pleasantly suprised when you don’t need it.

big brimmed hat more helpful than parasol when a. biking b. dust a stormin, fyi

And my first playa date! Well, the first person who wants to have a playa date with me.

She’s doing workshops at PEX, 2 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, I hope to be there! (I know better than to say I will. BST!*)


*Burner Standard Time. Much like Pagan and Gay Standard Time. IE, yo’ ass is LATE! If there at all.