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Don’t hate me…

July 28, 2009

Tents…driving me…mad…

I think part of the problem is my Subconcious is pouting, because I love my usual set-up. So, like I posted earlier, I’m leaning towards “f it, I’m going to get something from wherever and if it blows away and I hate it…too bad.”

From hundreds of bucks for an awesome dome, to Wally World, here we are:

Front door is only half-screened – but I think on the playa that’s good? Less dust?

Would have to see how easy it is to set up on my own. One of the more highly reviewed ones on the site. Nearly the same (4.5 out of 5 stars) rating on Amazon…interesting. Wenzel tents are fairly well-rated.

I kinda like this one, just because it is so goofy looking, but the odd way the roof sits like that…wind magnet, I’d think.

This one

Is tall enough for me to stand in (a primary must-have), and looks kinda nifty, but is awfully screeny.

So, Wenzel and Swiss Gear are the same company. Eddie Bauer tents, across the board (what board?) get terrible reviews. I’ve read bad reviews on Jeep (also Wenzel/Swiss Gear), but this one reminds me of my current hoo-ha (only more complicated):

Also eyeballing this one:

(the internets is freezing up and not letting me post pics n’stuff)

and this one:



June 19, 2009

Serious tents, this time. Not like last time.

I’m eyeballing this teepee:


But I fear it’d be too flimsy. Not a lot of reviews for it, or pictures detailing set-up.  I do have a tent, an actual tent, not the EZ Up but it is “The Bastard.” A pain to set up, and it’s an all-mesh dome with a rain-fly that prevents any sort of breeze.

I saw a pop-up thing at Sportsman’s Warehouse a la:

But I need to go back and see how it ties down.  And what the roomage is like. I was just joking, when I first saw it – I wasn’t going to the playa, yet.

I’m curious about these pop-ups.  I got the EZ Up because I hated dealing with poles (and it was on sale, and is so freakin’ EZ!) and all the rolling up and stuff.

I’m not even sure this comes with the floor, though. And “Sand pockets along the bottom for stability?” Like, there’s pockets, and I’m supposed to put sand in them? It claims to be 3-season (I’m still not sure what that means, really).

One of my all-time favourite burners camps in this tiny little thing, and I just fear I would be miserably cramped and claustrophic. Plus, I can’t afford the hundreds of dollars those Keltys n’shite cost.