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Someone just had another one of my BRILLIANT ideas…

August 12, 2011

Tunna shared this on Google buzz:

Brady Forrest says: “Some friends of mine and I bagged premade 80 manhattans. Each is in its own vacuum sealed bag with a dried cherry. Those are going to be mighty good in the desert. 

That’s pretty great. Last year on the flight (2 and half days after the original one…) my new friend bought me a vodka tonic. “Next year,” I quipped, “I’m filling all my carry-on travel bottles with gin and tonic!”

Looking for a link to Tunna brought up all sorts of fun posts about what a GREAT time I had my first year!

I walked and walked looking – AGAIN – for somebody, something, anything.  I was walking away (from the burn) when it started. I had to pee. I was crying. My back to it. My brain turned to symbolism so maybe I’m not a burner. Another failed attempt at trying to find somewhere to belong. I just end up alone, again. Why do I leave my house? 30,000 people and I can’t find anywhere to go. My feet ache with exhausted hope.

Burning Man is just a big fucking rave. All you hear is techno. People FUCKED up wandering around. One DJ plugged his new album at Hookah Dome.

Chafed from the backpack, crinoline and fabric. Eyes burn. God, when I think how much MONEY this has cost me. I have no idea if I’m glad I did it or not.

I can’t fucking wait to LEAVE.

And some timely reminders like,

Remember how dirty you are...The amount of RVs is nuts. I really wish I’d made it back in the 90s…DPW = HOT. Hot cars, hot boys. – Clean up a bit, makes the Exodus sit a bit more comfortable. Also remember your pee funnel/jug, snacks and sunscreen.

Have that untouched bag of hotel clothes. Everything from underbits to a pair of shoes you haven’t worn in a week. I go with super simple cotton dresses and, this year, flip-flops (wearing my Docs around more was just too much!).

In second bummer news (the first being my boots that don’t fit), I am STILL on a quest to replace my missing hat.

I’m not a hat person. I don’t like wearing turtlenecks, either (god, I’m fascinating!). But that hat ruled. That hat kept my head warm. Covered up my bad hair. Made me look and feel kinda cute!! I got it by accident at the DSB Reunion….gosh, that was 2009. It was adorned with a simple Victorian-style brooch, awarded me by my captain.

Southern pirates say “yerrrrr…”

My fourth purchase does not work. Doesn’t cover my ears. SAD FACE. So, I still need shoes and a hat. Maybe some of these

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sportsman’s Warehouse. It’s always lil’ ol’ me in there with the rednecks.  Someone asked me most what I’d miss, if I moved. “Rednecks,” I replied.

The Ebaying is going pretty well. I will def keep it up – I’m not getting rich, but it’s covering things like Vitalyte, the compression bags and other items I can buy with PayPal. I recommend it. All I did was walk around my house and pick out stuff to get rid of. Now, about that hat…

Wednesday night

October 14, 2009


Right-o. So, here’s some more pictures from Alchemy 2009:


Wednesday morning. The “critical infrastructure.” (Ha.). Center Camp and Lamplighters Camp – and “First Camp,” there on the rightest side. The blue and white bus I drove to Burning Man in. It is a far cry from the first year, when Thursday morning was just the stage – that you can’t see in this picture, for all the finery and doo-dahs. Nary a tent.

Lamplighters really came together this year, with a big ol’ tent, lovely robes, flaggery and really beautiful graphic work, courtesy of NatX.



I helped too! Screwin’ and nailin’  – and then I helped APW build stuff!


We are all The Man.


Welcome to Alchemy! Now get out.

The Effigy had minions:



They were well supervised, of course:


These kids really worked hard –


who knew teenagers had the capacity to not be self-serving little shits (aside from any parents who might be reading this…your kids are sooo great!)?


Wednesday night was the mini burn. Leftover effigy scraps reattached into a mini effigy, courtesy of one Mr. Tunna Kerosene.


It was also drag night, but I was the only one who got the memo.


Or who had time to comply, at least. Wearing warm clothes with pockets was pretty great! Down the road, in LaFayette, there’s a lost and found baggage store. It is way over-priced, but chock-full of randomness. You can totally tell when one person lost a suitcase, there’s a rack of similiar stuff – like at a thrift store, you can tell when someone died and the family donated everything…back to fire.

One of the DSB mainstays built a great couch:



NatX, when not lighting lamps and making flags, had his face in a camera all week:


Chesire is to his ___ as NatX is to his camera…


I actually went to bed fairly early…my last chance for a full night’s sleep!