The Dusty Swan

As always, one ending is simply a new beginning. Out from the ashes of Ludo O’Dillo’s Publick House and Celtic Cinema arises

“Though the name has changed, all the fun remains, including cold beer on tap, A Guinness in exchange for your performed limerick, the best Irish coffee on any playa, classic (and not so classic) Celtic films, live Irish music, whiskey tasting, and much more.”

“…a swan with an arrow through it’s neck,and the motto “Transfixus sed non mortuus” or “Wounded but not dead.”

A beautiful, elegant creature (known for being a little crazy and violent) covered in dust…just like MEEEEE!! ha ha!

I recommended their fundraising mug last year (you guys had BETTER BE clicking on my LINKS!) and am doing so again this year.

Their beaner mugs are one of my playa and burn staples. Not to mention, they built a PUB, people. Doors and walls, tables and chairs, a fireplace, games – and truly some of the nicest burners you’ll ever meet. So gift yourself a mug, gift the playa some Guiness and Monty Python – I think I might get two, this year, they’re so handy! (and likeable, my Ludo’s was kidnapped at New Year’s…)

I am liking this logo and motto, fo’ reals. Y’all, it’s Monday morning and I need some music. Let’s do some u2-free Irish songs, shall we? Or maybe just some Cranberries, because I think they were under-rated and got a bad pop-rep, as so many “one hit wonders” do.

Heh, I like this comment:

“I’m proud of growing up on the 80s and 90s music. Good time… where lyrics meant something, and I didn’t have to listen to love advise from a 14 year olds….”

She/they wrote and played some of the best love/loss songs ever.

And I’m pretty sure it’s considered Un-American to mention Irish music and not

The Pogues are a band I got in trouble for. Them, the Cure…LIVE and the Dead Milkmen. For “rum, sodomy and the lash,” Head on a Door cover being “demonic,” song titles like “Shit Town” and a song being flippant about Vietnam. Ok Ok, one more. I got my record player hooked back up and my first choice was

And I was reading about the Chelsea Hotel, so

Oh and for pete’s sake, if I’m going to get all icons duety on you,

Now go get your mug.


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    […] SEWING???? What, you hadn’t thawed about it…yesterday I got my Dusty Swan mug (get yours) AND something I forgot I bought! The mug is great, of course. I’d forgotten how light they […]

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