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Somewhere In Between (a mild review)

June 15, 2011

Just finished the previously mentioned documentary “Somewhere In Between.”

“Everybody struggles to define what Burning Man is. It’s impossible to describe because it is what you want it to be.”

 My take, and it’s an obvious one: Burning Man is a big deal to people because it’s the one place they can be themselves. Maybe that means sitting around camp all day with a few close friends. Maybe it means sitting behind a glory hole all day. Doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want. It’s the security of the freedom, the relief from the anxiety of social conformity that appeals to people. It’s what life should be like. That’s the appeal. Regardless of what your personal interests are, we as humans share that one need to have fun and feel accepted and vital (both to ourselves and as a member of a community).

 Somewhere In Between is as much just about the clothes as any social/gender theories. Interviews hop around from philosophical musings on identity and transformation to how larger shoulder profiles will make a man look bigger; a hippie wearing plain cotton skirts (and trying not to look like a cross-dresser) onto  the inventor of the furkini musing on the sicence of darts and CET (crotch-enhancing technology).

“I would like to embody the greater spirit of humanity, not what an American male is.”

I did enjoy when the hippie worried about looking like a cross-dresser relayed his discovery that women love a guy in women’s clothing. It simply portrays confidence, a quality appealing across all genders and sexual preferences.

I probably enjoyed it most for seeing how such little things as a plain cotton baby-doll tee can change someone’s life. Last night I went to the $1 a lb to stock up for the Sparklepony Lounge. My priorities were:

  1. Awesome stuff
  2. Large stuff

I go out of my way to get stuff at least a size 14. I ended up with about 20 pounds. One year, for BootyTique, I had like 60lbs! I could hardly get it in my trunk. I want some SparkleClydesdales, man!

In one of those little tricks of providence, I had the Spacebags I’d gotten for BM last year and planned to return because they suck but I didn’t because I a) procrastinate b) have trouble leaving my house sometimes. So I managed to get the 20lbs+décor into some reasonable little airless bricks. Sure, I’d love to be able to make every person something heart-felt and individualized but hey, I can’t have you all running around looking as fabulous as I do!!

I’m taking some waterless shampoo/body washes to hopefully test. Some BM costumery to test out. Highs are going to be in the mid-upper 90s (we’ve been in the 100s already) so it’ll be just like Home.

Except for all the beautiful lush mountain greenery and shade.

Any picture requests?