Let’s go shopping…

I might seriously buy this.

It’s a chamber pot. No fumbling for a pee funnel and pee jug. Or squatting over a large coffee can.

OH! Listen, I want to do a proper post with pictures and comparisons, but I haven’t had a chance, yet. The Pstyle is the best pee funnel EVER. If you are into pee funnels (…./sigh, somebody probably is…) you have to get one. It looks like their site is down…but I am considering getting a second one, in case I lose the first one. It exceeded my expectations. It’s fantastic. Get one for the ladies in your life.

Back to me.

Remember how I did a post about how fun it’d be to have a completely retro campsite? I don’t feel like looking for it…so go find it. In continuing with my love of all things old,

I could run this back and forth all over the ground:

Floggers? So passe. BDSM is so cliche.

I would beat your “rug” with one of these, however. I would love to be able to gift this to Retrofrolic:

We had a violet wand kit at the Castle…it’s pretty to play with.

Anybody know what this is? If money wasn’t tight I’d bid on it, just to get it and find out.

Heh. Megaphone up for bid. I’ve purposefully not bought one. Steali – I mean, having someone loan me their’s is just so much more…organic. Like, if I’m meant to tell people YOU’LL NEVER GET LAID IN THAT, a megaphone will find me.

I’d like to wander around in head-to-toe scuba gear, as I mentioned before, but some sherpa thing would be fun

And equally as hot and awful!

More parasols – oh! At Tmus I was walking across Broke-ass Bridge with my parasol I bought to give away. I was, seriously, thinking, “Man, I bought these parasols to give away, and nobody wants one.” I came through the clearing and was side-stepping the mud when someone called out, “I like your parasol!” So I walked up and handed it to her. Not even five minutes from my thought to her exclamation.

All together, there’s several hundred of these coveralls up for auction…

That could be creepy. I mean useful.

Hm. Should I go the extra mile and cost to do some costume donating?? I’m not sure I’d be able to get the bins of pirate shoes and fetish belts to Atlanta in time. Hrmph. My sparkling, positive personality will just have to do as a gift.

These I just like.

But not as “Snow Boots!”

Anybody a size 8?

I really like both of those…

Or a 70s hooker?


…Wookie…*insert Wookie growl*

There’s so much fur on the site. Heads on, tails on, white, grey, black, brown…last year’s bikini outfit was made entirely from a short fur jacket I got at the Goodwill.  You could sew a bunch of coats together for a blanket/throw, make a large cape…etc.

Still bored. And 5.5 hours of sitting to go…

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