EXTREME! costuming…

I love this lady.

“what is Extreme Costuming, you ask? 

It’s a slightly silly sounding name.  But aside from that, it’s a total immersion approach to costume and material culture. 
From a costuming standpoint, it’s the crazy projects that take hundreds of hours to complete.  It’s creating the things that make people say “I could never do that!”.  It’s the hand-sewn, the deeply researched, the complicated, the time-consuming.  The correct materials, the correct sewing techniques, and an understanding of the complicated tapestry of politics, trades, occupations, and fashion that surround every single garment. 

I love costume, but I want more – I want clothes.  I want to bury myself in the details that slipped past me when I was newer to costuming.  I want the challenge.  And if I do it wrong, I want to know how.  It’s costume research as a conscious choice.

I’m not the world’s greatest seamstress or embroiderer, but I love what I do – it makes me happy.”

I think I’ve shrunk about three inches since I start this latest flurry of sewing, and my fingers feel gnarled and stiff, I stay up too late and ignore invitations for brunch…(ok, I don’t get invited anywhere) and for what?  “I will never wear this goth piece of crap.” – me on the black back piece

…but I can’t help myself. I cut the dress in half,

to use the sleeves for a shrug and immediately start fooling around with the skirt.


I need to finish the cloak and hip belt before I start on this AFP wanna-be skirt. Yes, I did just spend an hour moving one little cup (as in, for my breast) half a centimeter left and right, trying to get it just so.

It’s done! Now, what to wear on the bottom…

How dandy are you?

The thing I got for the big zippered pouch does fit the water

And oh! I thought, that bottle holder thingie would be fine for the pee funnel…

So I pinned it to the belt

and walked around, wearing it. Sat down on the floor/couch, chair, did some quick movements, danced, etc. It’s pretty cumbersome.

Tough call…what feels fine after two days might not feel so fine after seven. It struck me that 2 one litre water bottles wouldn’t be any more cumbersome…and if I get the Platypus kind, they’ll be awfully light weight and easy to carry…so I might just do that. What do y’all think? I’d been going with the bladder because it seemed more efficient for carrying assloads (no pun intended, there, a-hahahahaha!) of water around, but…I’m no longer sure.

Remember those awful Tripp pants? (of COURSE you do!, devoted reader whom I adore!)

They’re cut up to hell,

but I’m going to turn them into the aforementioned AFP and me skirt.

At the Pig I spied

Smoked gouda bacon pimento cheese! WHAT?! Hell yeah.

It’s pretty disappointing…tastes pretty much like what it is. Smoked gouda and bacon, all creamed up with some pimentos tossed in. Nothing like my Palmetto soul pimento, nooooo sirrrrr. That shit’ll make you dig your grandmother up and slap her.  I need a sugar daddy to fund my DSB on-playa camp, so I can serve pimento cheese and pinders and moonshine and listen to Merle and tell all the ravers to fuck right off.

I know you guys also know I love to make CDs. I’m trying to come up with something to make for PWR…going for that end of the world, waste-land vibe.

Starting with a little Fight Club mix, going into some Agent Orange and Mission to Burma…maybe some DBT and Eddie Spaghetti…do I go full-on fuck your face punk rock, or make it moodier…or do a funny one, about fuckin’ and drinkin’…something in between the first two. Any song suggestions?

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One Response to “EXTREME! costuming…”

  1. N Says:

    I always enjoyed, “Sit on my Face, Stevie Nicks.” by the Rotters. Fairly accesible punk, I think.

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