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Random – and kitten free

June 14, 2011

This morning I”ve been enjoying Worn Through: Apparel from an Academic Perspective.  Some of the more academic and fashion-specific articles might not be of interest to the average reader, but in between are pertinent news bits. I was looking for “burning man man” images to make a little sign for Skip And Get Naked, one of Sparklepony Lounge’s signature beverages. It led me to

Denise Green and the Men of Burning Man

Under the guise of serious research she attended Burning Man to study men and fashion.

“I found that the experience of experimenting with alternative styles and fashions, and then wearing these outfits publicly, had a significant impact on men. When men returned to their everyday lives after the festival, many actively changed their wardrobes. For some, these changes were immense, but for most the changes were subtle. Some men would start wearing brighter colours, occasionally don a necklace or other jewelry, while other men might start wearing skirts or make-up publicly…Many men told me that Burning Man was their first opportunity to experiment with such a wide-range of fashions and that once they had a taste it was hard to go back to slacks and a polo shirt. I found that the Burning Man experience was transformative, and men returned home after the festival feeling very differently about their bodies and appearances.”

Same goes for women, too – but I understand that from a mainstream socio-gender perspective, a man feeling better about their body is more noteworthy.

(“…that was sarcasm.”)

I’ve got to hustle today to do a week’s worth of school work in an afternoon, but I will watch Somewhere in Between, the documentary that evolved from her BRC trip.

“Through the interwoven stories of five men, this short documentary reveals how experimentation with dress and bodily modification at the festal gathering may facilitate re-conceptualizations of masculine appearance style in more plural or open-ended terms. The act of styling and experimenting with the body becomes a way of thinking through and performing cultural anxieties about identity, and gender in particular.”

Unrelated, here’s two different kinds of sweet potatos:

Some wine I really wish I could buy cases and cases of:

And one of the hats I made to give away in SP:

I just had those little mini cowboy hats lying around in the pile of “I can totally use this”! chaos that was my sewing room. I sewed on some gift wrapping bows (also in the chaos) and some hair clippy barrette thingies (chaos!). Crazy easy. Sadly I only had three of them.

I have some hilarious costumes planned…involving vikings and mohawks and rainbows….mwa ha ha…!