Commenters are the bestest!

I am also interested in making my own pimp coat(s) for BM, but have yet to find a pattern that will work.  Do you have a pattern?  Do you have a suggestion were I can find a pattern?  Any help would be great.  At the moment, I am looking at trying to bastardize a Santa coat (which isn’t my first choice).

No pattern for me. Way too time consuming. I magically found a wonderful coat at a thrift store. I’ll try to take a picture of it.

Any sewing/fabric store will have oodles of coat patterns, take your pic!

As I posted on tribe, I’d take a bathrobe and use that, just cover it in whatever.  If I was making one from scratch, it’d probably be a cape, anyways (which I am making, actually, just not a pratical one!). I don’t really dig the big furry neon “playa coats” – esp. as costly as they are. I’d never wear it anywhere else.

And, I’m not really convinced I’ll need such a monstrosity.  We’re told to be prepared for night temps of about 40, which isn’t that cold. Some layers, gloves and a scarf and I’d be fine. I’ve camped in colder than that, much less surrounded by body heat, generator heat, fire, etc.

If the scooter has a seat, it becomes a Vehicle, and needs to be registered with the DMV. Which means you’ll need to seriously alter it into an Art Scooter (structural mods, etc).

Excellent point, wouldn’t have ever thought of that.

If it doesn’t have a seat, and is gas-powered, people will hate you. They’re noisy and obnoxious as fuck and pretty much only douchebags use them.

And that is why I am so over-thinking everything…I refuse to be that guy. I don’t think I ever could be, really, but still.


Just get a bike. Seriously. There’s a reason everyone has a bike… cheap, effective, easily customizable, good for the flat surface (particularly with wide tires).

If I can find a cheap bike I don’t mind throwing away money on, I will. I wish they’d just downsize. 😛

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