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June 27, 2011

So I was looking at this umbrella

Because I want it – though I do like

At regionals I use a large golf umbrella to stay in the shade. I hate wearing sunscreen. Greasy and stinky and pore-clogging and gross. So this would carrying the parasol funner. Yes, that’s right: FUNNER.

I got an umbrella at the Goodwill that clips on to stuff; I got it for my bike. Never used it. Here’s a clip to do the same thing. Instead of a bell for your bike get a THUNDER HORN!

These ashtrays are cute, but would be cuter if they contained the ashes.

Cutlery and a wine cork in one.

Bike stuff: I like these skull lights, but you can’t really tell they’re skulls in the dark when they’re lit up. An alarm for your bike, I like this beetle bell!! Solar bike light makes sense in BRC. This is made for tables, but I can see clipping a cocktail onto my bike.

Huh…this looks kinda futuristic and would be pretty great for smokers, I’d think:

You smoke your cigarette inside it

So there’s no ashes to fall off/pick up. No more dirty, ashy hands/pockets…

Wireless doorbell to allow visitors into your camp. Ok, this light-up traffic cone would be fun! Could block off streets, make fake detour paths to nowhere…these lighted shoelaces seem to just be EL wire, no? But I guess the right length and battery box for shoes.