Mod squad!

Instead of a bike, what about a scooter?


Electric or otherwise. Wally World has some cool-looking ones, for cheap.

Except they take only up to 170 lbs, and are electric. Until I find that magical outlet tree…I wonder if the frame could be used, and convered to solar or gas? I wish I knew about that stuff. Or knew someone who did. We could make a gas-powered one.

Just a plain ol’ push scooter would work, too. Or not – I mean, seems like I would have seen/read about that, as easy and convienent as it seems (as a method of transportation on the playa).

This one’s probably a wee bit too fragile for my thugness, but it only takes 2 AA batteries!


This one holds up to 220lbs, and gets 40 min. to a charge (which would be fine at Tmus, but not enough on the playa, I’d think – and that whole no outlets in the woods issue).


This one goes four miles on one charge (not sure about mileage v. time per charge?).  And I like this one alot, with the storage box on it, but it dosen’t mention (that I saw) how many miles/time it gets.


Or whatever.

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2 Responses to “Mod squad!”

  1. Brody Says:

    If the scooter has a seat, it becomes a Vehicle, and needs to be registered with the DMV. Which means you’ll need to seriously alter it into an Art Scooter (structural mods, etc).

    If it doesn’t have a seat, and is gas-powered, people will hate you. They’re noisy and obnoxious as fuck and pretty much only douchebags use them.

    Just get a bike. Seriously. There’s a reason everyone has a bike… cheap, effective, easily customizable, good for the flat surface (particularly with wide tires).

  2. Runaway Says:

    I concur with Brody. On top of those reasons, little wheels on scooters mean that you’ll bog down in any soft spot.

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