I don’t want a pickle…

I just want to ride my…er, biiicycle…

I like the looks of this one, but don’t want to spend money on something that could get destroyed, or stolen.

I’d reaaallly love one like I saw at Preheat, this awesome pirate bike, with…well, awesomeness. Sorry I don’t have pictures.

I’ve been keeping an eye out on Clist, and thrift stores, no luck so far – plus, I gotta figure out what works best. Like, a little BMX? Skinny tires? Fat tires?

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One Response to “I don’t want a pickle…”

  1. Brody Says:

    Fat tires. Full-sized bike (you won’t want to ride a tiny one- uncomfortable! You’ll be putting miles and miles on it every day, most likely). The cruiser bikes work best, it’s flat, you won’t need gears. (More to go wrong!).

    Just bring a lock, and lock it to itself or to a light pole or something when you go out. Most people steal bikes because
    a) they’re high and think it’s their bike (it helps to highly customize yours with fur/decoration/lights, to cut down on this
    b) there’s an unlocked bike there, and they’re an asshole

    So as long as a bike is locked up, even to itself (unrideable)…it most likely won’t be stolen.

    That being said, don’t bring anything to Burning Man that’s irreplaceable or has sentimental value. A good beater bike that’s been inspected by a bike shop, with extra bike tubes that you bring along, will be all you need.

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