I have an aversion to googles.  It brings to mind ravers. And 4 Non Blondes. Which I DID like. Ravers, gravers and other idiots I’ve known who just liked to stick big goggles on their head for no reason.

The only mystery is why people watch your show.

But, I have a reason now to obtain my own pair. Sand storms. Brings to my mind Tatooine and Jawas, but it’s a serious issue on the playa.

Brad Horn-AP
Brad Horn-AP

Would the $20 standard military issue do fine (http://www.uscav.com/Productinfo.aspx?productID=7277&TabID=548) ? I mean, they’ll sit in my bag until I need them. But…but…



the precious.  Some googles cost two hundred bucks – and they don’t even have night vision, or lasers. Swim goggles are five bucks. I wish there was a store I could go try some on in.

These seem alright, they’ve got the foam (which I’m told I want) and they’re only $20: http://www.botachtactical.com/bolatgog.html


For twice the price there’s these “sand goggles,”  http://www.cabelas.com/prod-1/0034375523201a.shtml , I can’t really tell a difference.  The first ones look a little more bad-ass to me, that’s about it. But perhaps, as technology goes, the smaller, thinner object is actually the more advanced and desirable one.

Another step up sees these sand goggles, with a fancy nose doo-dad http://oakley.com/pd/3608 .

Again, what’s the big difference? The $65 dollar pair comes with two different lenses, but again, they’ll be in my bag until I actually need them. My main concern is my contacts: without them I am bliiiiiind.

Too bad the boyf doesn’t ship out to the desert for another two years, or that L didn’t make it home, I could ask them what they prefer.

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2 Responses to “Goggles”

  1. Brody Says:

    I bought some ski goggles a year or two ago on sale at REI. They work fine. You won’t really need DARK goggles (some suggest one yellow pair for night, one dark pair for day), because when there’s a dust storm, the light is pretty diffused anyway.

  2. Goggles redux « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] By J I pondered goggles last year (here) and ended up borrowing some – they’re on my must-have list. It was very nice to be […]

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