Gas masks

I had a crazy dream last night…my respirator came in the mail, but it was huge, more like a gas mask. And it was attached to these odd bags, and I was so excited!  It was like this all-in-one thing, and I was happy to have my bag problem also solved. Plus, it came with this big sleeping bag thing, and…anyways. 

It’s not letting me put a link here for some reason…check it out in the tags.

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One Response to “Gas masks”

  1. Kat Says:

    Hmm…Strange that the <a href= tags were not working for you. Anyhow, Im glad that some burners are finding this product useful. Like BM2007, Ill be back on playa with few models for me and my friends to wear while I test run them yet again for the playa.

    So far, it looks like the lenses and valves will take most of the beating. The lenses might have to be replaced should abrasion occur from a dust storm. The valves can be taken out for cleaning once off playa again.

    -Kat @ Wildgasmasks

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