I want to camp here!


I mean…what the heck is not to love???

German-influenced.  “…inventors and innovators, drinkers and dancers, builders and breakers, barkeeps and bar rats, merrymakers and motorcycling miscreants and all that lies in between.”

On their membership application:

22.Muppets or Fraggles?


Also, I just got some serious cold feet. I feel as overwhelmed as all get out, incredibly not cool enough to bother going, and other variables.


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2 Responses to “I want to camp here!”

  1. Chris Says:


    I went on the “I’m middle aged, sedentary, boring, shy….blah blah blah” self-abuse kick. Then I pulled it together for a month before slipping into the “I’ll die of heat stroke. What about this rash I already have? I’m going to burn and peel so badly it’ll be a medical concern, I’m a Canuck, I can’t take that sort of heat!” panic.

    Almost talked myself out of going.
    But I’m hanging in there.
    So should you.
    Be scared, but only enough that you spent more time thinking about your travel gear and going to see your dentist and doctor before August.

    Besides, I need you blogster. You’re doing all my pre-shopping for me and saving me all that i-net searching for masks an’ food an’ stuff. *teasing poke*

  2. Brody Says:

    I know several of those people. They’re awesome. Yes, you do want to camp there…although they’re gunning for Center Camp ring placement, and camping around Center Camp can be pretty overwhelming.

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