Thanks for making me laugh.


I went on the “I’m middle aged, sedentary, boring, shy….blah blah blah” self-abuse kick. Then I pulled it together for a month before slipping into the “I’ll die of heat stroke. What about this rash I already have? I’m going to burn and peel so badly it’ll be a medical concern, I’m a Canuck, I can’t take that sort of heat!” panic.

Almost talked myself out of going.
But I’m hanging in there.
So should you.
Be scared, but only enough that you spent more time thinking about your travel gear and going to see your dentist and doctor before August.

Besides, I need you blogster. You’re doing all my pre-shopping for me and saving me all that i-net searching for masks an’ food an’ stuff. *teasing poke*

Seriously, Chris, I needed that! Burns seem to bring out the best (Prom Princess Hitler) and worst (self-loathing and insecurity because I am so boring and untalented) in me.

Canada?? That is far away. I’m excited about the “heat.” If there is any. You need to prepare for 100 (or 60) degree days, y’know…we’ve already topped 100 here in the South – and we’ve got humidity to boot, so this desert shiite ain’t gonna be nuthin’.

Here’s a tip for you: spray sunscreen.

Generally I avoid chemicals and such, but I am white. So very, very white. Spray sunscreen is great for on-the-go (just walk away from crowds when you apply – or spray into your hand and rub on).  It is no more or less greasy (sigh) than creams.

This’ll sting your wallet once you factor in shipping but I can’t think of anything better for what you’re seeking.
I’ve got my red courdory (sp?) one and the only thing that has me unsure about taking it is that it uses a lot of luggage space when it’s not being worn. Maybe the softer fabric models are less bulky?

Mmmm…men in kilts…hraghgagh…


I do plan on maybe making something out of some cargo shorts, but a)I can’t afford a utilikilt b) I ain’t a man. c) That is way too much fabric, ha ha ha! I really need to just set aside everything I plan on carrying around, and see just what I need…I keep saying I’ll do a test run at Transformus (IN TWO !$%^!@#$%!@ WEEKS AAAAAUUGGGH) but I don’t even have that stuff together, yet.

Really, I gotta figure out what in the world I’m going to wear…and then see if I need a belt, a bag, what have you…

I got my flatware, but I can’t figure out how to fold it up (to be usable).

I have a tin of herrings I will be giving a test run at Tmus. And, I asked the previously mentioned favourite burner for her Burning Man secrets (I can’t abbreviate…I don’t really want to know anyone’s “BM” secrets…) so maybe she’ll help me whittle down my ever-growing list.


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One Response to “Thanks for making me laugh.”

  1. Issa Says:

    Are you taking a Camelbak or similar? Since I’m already going to be carrying around water, carrying my other stuff in the same backpack works best for me. The first year I went to BM, I carried around a full-size backpack, convinced that if I wasn’t *super-prepared* for *everything*, I would be miserable. Now, though, that’s quite pared down. I’ve got one of the “lots of water, low cargo room” backpacks, and that works great.

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