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August 6, 2009

I can’t get anything done. I have a pile of stuff that needs to be packed. I have unfinished costumes – and ideas – that need a needle and thread. Yet somehow…I just don’t care. I think I might be overwhelmed to the point my brain went “Enough.” and left. Or the initial frenzied OMG I’M GOING TO BURNING MAN energy has worn off, leaving me back with my usual lazy-ass, melancholic ennui.

I have an official list, at least (which, to my annoyance, grows a bit every day), that I’m now working from.


Normal clothes.

Night (ie warmer) clothes.

Daily toiletries

Probably not needed medical stuff

Bus bag for the trip there and back

Stuff for my daypack

Dry food

Cooler food? (food is still frustrating me)




Spare tent?

Gifts? What kind? How many?

Ha! I like how costumes is the first thing that came to mind. Part of the problem is I’m trying not to drink, so my liquid motivation isn’t there…generally I can buckle down in the sewing room with my laptop (movies) and some gin and get shit DONE, son.

I hate that I need the distractions (I’d much rather listen to the Cocteau Twins and drink green tea).

Say, do you know how many kids  with ADD it takes to change a lightbulb?

Wanna go ride bikes?

I guess instead of posting the boring stuff inside my brain I’ll do this:

How to find me on the playa

Probably the easiest way is to look for my tattoo:


More fun would be to randomly yell DOOM!

Technically, I am Gloom, but DOOM! is a smidge more satisfying to scream at people. Even if you don’t get me, you won’t be disappointed.


I might be on this ship:

 (c’est moi on the right) But I don’t know. I have a sneaky feeling I won’t see much of people I actually know and love IRL, pirate queen I be or no.

If you’re fond of the yelling stuff, you can try hollerin’ “Tuki tuki!” (rhymes with took, took-ie). If you hear a reply, “kaw kaw, kaw kaw,” you might have found me – but again, if not, you won’t be disappointed.

My homebase is Big Puffy Yellow, at 7:30 and Chaos (you have NO idea how hilarious that is to me…). I’m not sure about camp décor…it is usually top of my list, but not for this trip.

Oh, and I’ve been pondering the whole vacuum-packing thing.

I was eyeballing the bags at Tarjay. It’d be super great for the trip there, no doubt, but then you’re still stuck with the same stuff, not compressed to more than half its size, for the trip back.

But, I thought, I will have a little more space, since food boxes and coolers will be (presumably) empty. And, if I take throw-away bedding (one very large packing component) that I donate somewhere on the way out…it might be a good idea.

Tip o’ the day:

Instant coffee = no need for a pot, no need to wash said pot, no need to worry about grounds (ie, moop)