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A long, rambling, scattered post

August 6, 2010

I had 12 messages in my inbox this morning, all me drunk-texting myself stuff to remember to blog about.

“Neil hamb tony clifton hot”

“Tallahassee lassie chassis”

Let’s go back to Wednesday night. I’m trying to create a wasteland, raider-y wardrobe, right? So I got some brown hues of misc. linen…using my Lip Service thingie

as a pattern/idea

I cut a lining out of the nice red jersey. Soft and cool and dries quickly. Cut off the waistbands of the skirts and shorts

(intentionally leaving the book in the shot so I’d remember to recommend the Outlander series)

and set to pinning

I do want it to be nice and fitted, showing up my hourglass (more time on the bottom…) figure off, but comfortable and wearable. It was going smashingly until I broke my FAVORITE SEAM RIPPER 😦 😦 😦

I swear, I can go through some seam rippers…it unscrewed and you could put thread/needles/pins, etc. right innit. I found it on clearance at Joanne’s one day, a whole bunch of Generation T accoutrements. I also enjoy the magnetic pin box. It’s a nice combo between a wrist one and a pin cushion.

Anyways. Pinning and sewing, strip by strip…

Right now I’m trying to finish up the back. Debating suspenders. Onto the next project, this dress

(google is not being my friend today, I couldn’t find links to the seam ripper or the needle box or the look in my head for this dress)

Sort of an overcoat/duster thing, buttoned @ the waist, open and flared at the bottom. As you can see, though, it’s teeny – I used to be Molly’s size, and if it’s too small for her, it’s WAY too small for me.

Solution (it’s handmade and easy to do this with): add panels to the skirt, increasing waist size and giving it fullness and that swoopy look I want

I love my table, I totally splurged on it last year with the intent that if I had a dining room table, I’d have dinner parties (wrong) and it’d be a nice, large flat surface for getting all these damn projects done (mostly right). It can also be handy as a cutting guide

The green fabric there is a triangle insert to go under the arm, because the bodice part is too tight – it doesn’t need to fit over my chest, since I’m only buttoning at the waist, but it needs to look right

Not all wonky and puckered across the chest.

That leaves us with three unfinished but started projects: cloak, belt, corselet, overcoat – FOUR! NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!

Here’s the view from my front door:

This weekend I am going to clean up a bit, before I continue with any sewings!!

Last night I went over to the aforementioned awesome friend who kayaks and is loaning me stuff’s house for dinner/a looksee. He’s the reason I had an inbox full of drunk texts to me.

While he worked on dinner,

(I don’t mind snappings beans at all, but shelling crowder peas = noes!)

I started drinking.

I’d tried that beer (it’s gluten-free) back when it came out, and it was so bad I actually tried to return it to the beer store. I must have gotten a bad batch, though, because it’s actually pretty good (for a non-stout/porter).

Really good.

“Counter bottles comforting”

There’s something comforting about waking up to a counter full of empty beer bottles.

Dinner was smoked pork chops, green beans and cheater’s jambalya (Zataran’s with shrimp and vegetables added):

Was it good?

A-no duh.

We watched Greenberg while we ate. I was very much looking forward to this movie, and I very much didn’t care for it. It reminded me of Seinfeld. A bunch of unlikable characters I don’t care about at all…but still kinda watchable. Ben Stiller as a carpenter was laughable. The like, TWO scenes where they showed him doing carpentery stuff (carrying wood, measuring a wall to hang a little picture) were stupid. I like Rhys Ifan, though…the leading alternagirl was just pathetic, “Oh, I am so awkward and shy but so full of love for the right person! I’m lonely, would you like see my new thrift store tee shirt?? I just didn’t find anything likeable about her. Whiny and pathetic. Just like Ben Stiller’s main character. And every other character he’s done…anyways.

K loaned me some bags!

There’s another Army bag, a large rubber kayaking bag, a nifty black canvas backpack…the red thing is an air pad (that you can turn into a chair), the blue thing is a water bag, and the yellow thing is basically a thick space blanket.

I think the kayaking bag is bag #1, now,

because it’s lighter than the  Army canvas one. I’d really like to use the smaller Army one as my carry-on, but I think it’s too big

I measured my suitcase, too

but I’m not sure what 14 inches long, 9 inches wide, 2 inches deep means. And I know I can take a carry-on, like a small suitcase, and some sort of personal bag. I mean,  women today have purses bigger than what I pack for a whole weekend+…

And I was so drunk and excited about the bags and the progress I packed my first bag

Underwear! Knickers! Oh my stripes and garters!

Oh, after Greenberg was over he popped in some Midnight Special. It was AWESOME. The Andy Kaufman episode. His guests were Slim Whitman and Freddie Cannon (the Tallahassee guy).  You can watch the whole episode in parts, on youtube. He’s a genius.

Slim Whitman sang “I Remember YOOOOOOUUUUUUU” (not the real title) and I knew it was a movie’s theme song…and I was right, it was in House of 1,000 Corpses.

I love everything I’ve seen Andy Kaufman do. It struck me last night the similarity between Tony Clifton

and Neil Hamburger

Who is probably my favourite current, living comedian (now that Zach G is a big ol’ movie star).

He’s the only non-friend I followed on Twitter.

Aaafter the Andy Kaufman, it just happened that Mad Max was on the teevee. That movie’s pretty bad-ass. I’m not sure I’ve seen it.

Me: “There’s motorcycles and crazy people and a lot of leather, right?”

K: Yup.

Me: “Why do they kill his wife and children?”

K:  Thats what they do, thyre one-percenters.

So maybe I haven’t seen Mad Max? BAD BURNER!!

It did make me want to figure out how to get my armor there, though…!!

The end.