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Strike one

August 4, 2009

Here’s the tent I set up yesterday.

tents 001

tents 008

I uploaded a bunch of pics at once, and now I can’t type captions with them, so I’ll just list the flaws:

– too seamy. Even the mesh had seams. The floor is sewn to the tent, and the walls are sections, all sewn together.

– the windows don’t unzip all the way down

-the door is funky, two seperate zipper tracks for screen or full-on open door, more to get tangled up, caught on fabric, etc.

– overall material was chintzy – but it is only eighty bucks.

– the stakes were cool, they had tips that fit into grommets, so no shoving anything up the end of it

– the rainfly hooked on with a…um…thingie. Clicked into it – like a clip on the waistband of a backpack. So that was also easy. It was very easy to set up, imussay.

We sat around in it…sweating our eyeballs out. I ain’t keepin’ it. Didn’t get to set the second one up, tequila got in the way.


From the Target site:

Comfortably Holds 5 People – “Yeah fucking right.” – my friend who helped me set it up and sat in it with me


The BEST 1:28 of your life.

That long plastic thing hooks to the outside of the tent, a little mat. Nice thought, not terribly practical. Adds more stuff to put a hole in the fabric, for one thing.