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August 13, 2011

Mod Mischief asks,

I’m currently looking for recipes for making booze at home on the cheap. While not totally Burning Man related, it seems like the sort of thing you might know about (or at least support in concept).

PS: We’re keeping it legal, so no distilling, but otherwise we’re open to any and all suggestions for delicious home-brew concoctions (and associated cocktails).

PPS: Bonus points if you can point me in the right direction for awesome bottles or containers to store it in

I’m guessing you mean like, flavored booze recipes? Not from-scratch? The only thing I’ve really done (besides sangria) is bacon vodka. It’s pretty simple. Fry some bacon, put it in a jar with vodka, freeze. Freeze so the fat will become solid. Then, filter. Filter and filter some more. Otherwise, you’ll have bacon vodka with mushy fat balls in it.

I had planned to make several varieties: wasabi, ginger, peach, pepper…I have local peaches and hot peppers. Though I could add some wasabi powder and grated ginger…but since I’m not driving, none of that will happen. I might still try the peach and pepper…my plan is just to get a bottle of vodka and add sliced peaches/the whole pepper.

I do have a recipe for apple jack…mmm, apple jack! It’s Everclear + apple juice (I would use cider) + cinnamon sticks…delicious. Not Martha has been experimenting with “grapefruit tarragon infused” vodka.

 I love grapefruit, and it’s pretty. Strawberry is right up my alley, I LOVE strawberries. As you can see, it’s pretty simple to infuse vodka – I’m thinking, as I type this, about fig vodka. Make the water/sugar simple syrup + figs + vodka…that’s my kind of kitchen witchery!

I have a mead recipe at home I’ve yet to try, and a friend who makes all sorts of delicious wines – he has the implements, the big glass jugs, the curly thing, etc. I’m not so fancy, so the infusions work for me.

As far as containers, I’ve been hoarding misc. bottles that I bought, but you might also want to post on Craigslist/freecycle, and keep an eye out at thrift stores. Me being me, though, mason jars suit me just fine! If I had a vaccum sealer thingie, like those boys with the pre-made Manhattans, that could be super fun. Attach a little straw and hand out grown-up Capri Suns!