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Shop Smart,

May 31, 2010

I won my first auction! I use parasols, to avoid sunscreen (greasy icky) and sunburn. I won a lot of three of them. One for me, two to give away!

They’re fairly unusual (as someone who has been a fan for, well…all my life. I keep an eye out on Amazon and Ebay…) – and fragile. Untreated paper,

nice red handles…!

Today’s fun find is another gas mask

The kicker (what does that mean, anyways?)? The description:

“This is a used instrument and has not been serviced, cleaned or tested for playability.”


November 17, 2009

This one time, I got drunk and pretended to be a high-society fur-wearing steampunk monocle lady.

I also got a very painful tattoo:

At this truck stop in…Nebraska? There was this tiny coffee shop behind it, selling way overpriced coffee and dried fruit nut M&M rice krispie treats.

Much tastier? Screaming Vegans. Well, in this case, Screaming Vegetarians (due to fake Bailey’s and Reese’s cups – my own little garnish):

Screaming Vegan:



chocolate soymilk

Screaming Vegetarian: add fake Bailey’s

SO good.