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So…anybody else go to Burning Man?

September 22, 2009

bmthere 001

ChaCha wanted to go.

bmthere 003

BOING! I always, when I travel, check out the fridgadaires at gas stations to see what sort of native beverages there might be.

Want to see a magic trick?

bmthere 004

Ta-Da! Spot the six differences…

bmthere 010

My first playa-bike!

bmthere 006

bmthere 005

DuffDuff had a box simply labeled “Everything Fur.”

I’d scored my first piece of ass before we even left the driveway:

bmthere 008

We had a lovely send-off, complete with a serenade.

What is really, truly astounding about this footage is how CLEAN the bus is. How bright and green the carpet is, how shiny and black the dashboard be.It was a tough drive…

bmthere 012


all the way around the corner to a Mexican restaurant.

Then, we were officially officially on the road!


For all of maybe two hours!!

And then this happened on a dark, dark highway outside of Chattanooga!

bmthere 013

Yeah…that’s a tire.

Well, was.

bmthere 014

People, pack your rebar away, m’k?

Our first night on the road was spent…on the side of the road. Waiting for a guy to come and change the tires. Strangely, on the otherside of the highway some sort of accident had occurred. Fire trucks, ambalances and cop cars a-flashing. A little taste of the playa, already (blinkie lights).

Someone calculated later we crossed nine state lines in about two hours.

It was the same two states, but still. Look at us go!