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Shipping, movies and music

July 1, 2011

Marwencol is stunning and deserves every ounce of flawless praise it’s garnered. I woke up with Lisa Stansfield in my head, now I’m listening to Shabazz Palaces

The first lines give the best – at least most succintly encapsulating –¬†definition of a sparkpony I think I’ve heard:

” Take a minute to think, take an hour to dress.”

Other bands I am going to check out:

Fucked up

The Body – see below

We are scientists

Jeff the brotherhood – Eh. Rock and Roll to a fault.

Puro instinct – I liked them when they were called Mojave 3/Belly/other pop-gaze 90s bands

 Shabazz palaces Рlike

The felice brothers – one of the more affable throwback group bands (see also: Magnetic Zeros, Old Crow Medicine Show, Avett Bros., et al)

Cass McCombs – I think I’ll stick with Bonnie Prince Billy

The Amygdaloids – I am going to like them just on principle.

Big Freedia – When will “sissy bounce” be the next big music wave? Dubstep is so 2010. You read it here first, kids. (seriously, click on the link)


Ice Age – found the one I was looking for (actually Iceage) but even more importantly found the one that’s an all-female Swedish metal band

They need to be more famous.

Painted Angels is a sparse, sombre Western – sort of like Deadwood from the prostitutes’ P.O.V. – with non-stop wardrobe eye candy. I’m bored enough to be working through my queue, next up is The Red Baron.


I found some The Body…mostly looked up because of their picture in TONY. They look like my sort of boys.

I like the music, but I just can’t like metal vocals like this. But, since they don’t feature prominently in the song (which is always nice, when ALL the elements of a song comprise it, rather than just lead singer + instruments playing notes – and it’s not soley sludgely ol’ metal stuff.

Miranda Sex Garden in a good mood.

I like them and I”d go see them, but I wouldn’t listen to it on a regular basis. Just not my gig.

And nevermind about the Red Baron. It might be great. I don’t know. I just want to watch some Louie and go home.