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June 9, 2010

I find myself without my partner-in-crime, this summer.

She of the stove, and French press.

I’ve never camped with a stove, I bring food that doesn’t involve cooking. I wander the fields, in search of a decent cup of coffee. However, I’ve been spoiled, my last few excursions, by having neighbors who bring such luxuries as “coffee” and “stoves.” Sitting around camp in one’s skivvies, without having to put in contacts or on shoes and drink coffee until cognizance ain’t so bad.

So, then, I need a camp stove and a French press.

Less dishes to wash. I am all about not washing any dishes.

“Soto OD-1R Micro Regulator Stove”

2.6 oz, 4.5 out of 5 stars at REI, not a con listed.



Jetboil, jetgoil…I’m gonna take you ’round the world…if you’re singing along, we should hang out.

It has a little loop on the handle, you could beaner it to something. And it comes in colors, ooo, shiny! And with a coozie

…a translucent drink-though lid that lets you check on the contents of the cup so you’ll know precisely when your water begins to boil

  • Translucent measuring cup with easy-to-read lines unsnaps from the bottom of the cooking cup, giving you a convenient tool for preparing meals and hot drinks (sweet! I had this problem with some powdered eggs, not thinking I’d need to measure how much water to add)
  • … integrates the personal cooking cup and stove for fast setup and compact storage (so no stove, pot and cup, just this thing)
  • And did I mention

    Fuel = “Butane/propane canister”

    Not sure what that means. At $100 it’d be the most indulgent camping purchase I’ve ever made (tents included). But self-suffiency is priceless n’ junk. There’s a “personal” version, I’m thinking it’s just bigger (holds 1L). No, they both hold 1L. I guess the Flash just has the fancy stripes on the side, indicating when it’s boiling.

    I dig the idea of being able to hang it in a tree. This kit is the flash cup stuff, plus the french presser and a little coffee sampler. Jetboil even has a recipe’s page. I’m always more inclined to go with products made for the people, by the people (who saw a need, made the product, and made it good).

    What y’all think?