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Packing list down to two pages…

July 30, 2009

From four. My notes in italics, notes from my favourite ass clown and veteran playa-goer in bold.

  • Cornstarch for inner thigh chafing due to heat and walking
  • Emergen C
  • Coconut Water
  • Camelback
  • Goggles
  • bandanas
  • sunscreen
  • chap-stick
  • lantern
  • parasols big brimmed hat more helpful than parasol when a. biking b. dust a stormin, fyi
    i like having a parasol there, cuz i look so cute carrying it, but honestly only use it about once the whole event. HOWEVER I do have an amazing umbrella holder for my bike, and so i have shade anytime I’m biking!
  • respirator or particle/dust mask
  • headlamp flashlight
  • clean towels
  • AA batteries my little clock is all i’d need these for, so i’m not packing “a lot,” as the first list instructs
  • Blankets, sheets i’m taking my usual camp set, fitted sheet, sheet, heavier and a light blanket
  • Pillows, pillow cases
  • Pads, foam, air beds, etc and extra batteries. i’m debating taking a spare mattress. i hate to waste packing space, but i can’t sleep on the ground
  • Jammies, robe, slippers long johns and a wife beater! and good warm socks. that’s all i’ve needed, at night, to stay warm – and yes, i have camped in 40 degree nights (and colder)
  • Ear Plugs heavens yes. a whole bag of them.
  • eye cover mask or a random article of clothing lying around
  • Stakes, rebar with bent tops this i need to get – well, that and a tent
  • Rope, variety of weights/sizes not sure about this, will need to see what tent and shade structure i end up with
  • Something to cover rebar and stake ends such as plastic soda bottles, tennis balls, small stuffed animals etc (protect our feet!)
  • Something to mark stakes and ropes at night such as reflective ribbon, flashers etc (people run into them otherwise)
  • Bike lights, front and back (bike lights are a must!!)
  • Bike bell
  • Extra padding for the seat (do you like to ride nekkid?)
  • BIKE LOCK! (don’t be a statistic)
  • Bike pump
  • Spare tires and tubes (a must!)
  • Tire repair kit
  • Needles and heavy thread i always travel with a small repair kit
  • Super Glue good for cuts
  • Repair kit for your air bed/pad easier than another mattress, i guess!
  • Camera need to get one of these, too, as i’m not taking my “real” one out there!
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Non-scented shampoo and bio-soap bronner’s kids, dr. bronner’s
  • Lotion
  • Nasal spray for cleaning out those playa boogers
  • toilet paper the compact ones that come in mres are good if you can find them
  • Baby wipes for your playa bath. i’ve got some wipes made for camp bathing, unscented, don’t leave too bad of a film on your skin
  • Contacts, extra contacts extra ones a must have, i’m told
  • Extra contact solution
  • Prescription glasses
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hair brush, comb brushing the hair is a pipe dream! a good one, but the only time you’ll get teeth through your hair is when it’s wet and heavily conditioned. embrace playa hair!
    Hair ties and clips
  • Small mirror
  • Tampons, pads it looks like i’ll !#$^!@#$% need this, grrrr
  • Small day pack
  • External Hang Tag with your name and camp location
  • Your prescription meds (bring extra)
  • Band-aids, Ace bandage
  • Moleskin, blister packs
  • Tweezers
  • Rubbing alcohol, witch hazel in lieu of washing, can work
  • Aloe Vera for sunburns -which you won’t get, because you’ll stay sunscreened and shaded!
  • Aspirin, other pain killers especially “other”
  • Similsan Eye drops  hippie eye drops, can’t use if you have contacts like me
  • Old tennis shoes (bring extra comfy shoes)
  • Undies
  • Set of straight clothes for going home in a ziploc bag, not opened at all!
  • Laundry bag for dirty clothes since i pack everything in ziploc bags, it’ll just go back in the bag, and back in the tub
  • Garbage bags
  • Safety pins safety third! I always have safety pins on me. Good little punk girl!

Most of this I already have packed, from other trips. Just need to see how I can organize/compact it, and up some supplies (like contacts).  Other random tips from Deputy MONSTEREATSTARS! Wiggles:

$10 will get you only 3 days of ice- plan on having $40 and you can be pleasantly suprised when you don’t need it.

big brimmed hat more helpful than parasol when a. biking b. dust a stormin, fyi

And my first playa date! Well, the first person who wants to have a playa date with me.

She’s doing workshops at PEX, 2 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, I hope to be there! (I know better than to say I will. BST!*)


*Burner Standard Time. Much like Pagan and Gay Standard Time. IE, yo’ ass is LATE! If there at all.