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In which I sum up

August 5, 2016

Four years. Has it been so long? I had to resend my password and I’m staring at this template, trying to clear the dust off how to do all this. I haven’t stopped writing. My brain is an incessant hamster wheel spinning posts constantly. I just don’t write them down. Such is the grief of a writer, to find that magical balance between being a miserable lonely person and having the confident to think people want to read what you, such a wretch, think and feel.

I had so many questions. I did so much research. I tried so many things. I sewed like crazy!

I’m a different person, now. Experience and grief will change you. The world is a different place, Facebook is god. I have a cellphone. After five times and a gazillion more regionals, I feel pretty confident about what works for me, at the burn, and enough people have confirmed this that I feel like maybe striking up the ol’ blog.

Still written mostly for me (so it’ll be personal and rambly).

Thank you for reading and bringing some of that confidence back.