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Name it. Claim it.

August 8, 2016

As you’re packing, be sure to write your name and location on/in EVERYTHING. Back of your headlamp. Bottom of your water bottle. On your backpack. I’ve had my 3 favoritest hats EVER outright stolen, when I set them down with my coat inside a bar. Won’t help that. But if you do lose something (I’ve lost my pee funnel, even), having a name and camp location will increase the odds of it being returned. If they don’t feel like finding you they might turn it into Playa Info , which keeps a running list of found items.


Sunscreen on a plane?

August 8, 2016

As of this writing I have around 20 things of sunscreen, from small travel tubes to big spray cans and everything in-between. I hate wearing sunscreen – I don’t even use lotion so covering myself with stuff feels gross.

Not as gross as being sunburned, though, which my pale skin does if I *think* about the sun.

But it’s aerosol. Seems flammable or combustible and something the TSA won’t let you fly with. Congrats! You can have spray sunscreen in both your carry-on AND your checked bag.  Note, though, that it has to be a certain size for carry-on. Normal size cans of sunscreen are bigger (mine are 5 and 6 oz) have to go in checked bags. Still! I don’t have to waste my precious pennies on more damn sunscreen!